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Gaming and Esports: Twitter Insights for the First Half of 2020

Gaming and Esports: Twitter Insights for the First Half of 2020

There is no doubt that Twitter has a conversational nature. So, regardless of whether you are celebrating the SKATE’s return or coordinating turnip sales with Elijah Wood, Twitter is the right home for you.

The conversations on Twitter revolving around gaming hit an all-time high in the first half of 2020. During that time, there are more than one billion tweets sent on the platform. 

Gaming and Esports: Twitter Insights for the First Half of 2020

Furthermore, gaming conversations in many countries has been massive. Gamers all around the world were coming to Twitter to talk about the latest trends and topics. 

Here is a list of the countries that had the most gaming-related tweets so far:

1. Japan

2. USA

3. South Korea

4. Brazil

5. Thailand

6. France

7. UK

8. India

9. Spain

10. Philippines

2020’s Most Followed Gaming Topics

The social media giant and organically growing real Twitter followers Platform launched the Topics feature in its app last November. This feature made it easier for users to keep up with all their favorite gaming conversations. 

When you opt to follow a topic in the Topics section, you will see tweets from an entire host of accounts that are fans, experts, or anyone who has a large interest in gaming. Don’t miss the top 10 best sites to buy Twitter followers from that share these topics!

Here are the most-followed topics about gaming in 2020 so far:

1. Gaming

2. Esports

3. Animal Crossing

4. Call of Duty

5. Playstation

Gaming and Esports: Twitter Insights for the First Half of 2020

6. Nintendo

7. Fortnite

8. Xbox

9. Minecraft

10. Pokemon

10 of the Most Popular Gaming Titles and Esports Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered people unable to get out of their homes and do the things they usually do. For this reason, most of them had a lot more time to check their social media accounts and do the things that they used to do in their free time then.

Furthermore, competitive gaming has always been popular even before this year. Yet, there is a recent notable development in money and industry that revolves around esports games. Part of this development is because various online game streaming platforms have emerged. So, there is no more space for gamers to show their talents in their chosen field. 

As mentioned, Twitter has a conversational nature. For this reason, a lot of gamers go to this social media platform to share their interest with people who have the same interests as them. 

Gaming and Esports: Twitter Insights for the First Half of 2020

Now, here is a list of the top 10 esports organizations and games that owned the gaming conversations on the platform during the first half of 2020:

1. Animal Crossing – @animalcrossing

2. Fate/Grand Order – @fgoproject

3. Final Fantasy – @FinalFantasy

4. Disney: Twisted-Wonderland – @twst_jp

5. Fortnite – @FortniteGame

6. Ensemble Stars – @ensemble_stars 

7. Knives Out – @GAME_KNIVES_OUT

8. Apex Legends – @PlayApex

9. Identity V – @IdentityVJP


On the other hand, here are the most talked about esports teams on Twitter:

1. FaZE Clan – @FaZEClan

2. MiBR – @MIBR

3. G2 Esports – @G2esports

4. paiN Gaming – @paiNGamingBR


6. Flamengo Esports – @flaesports

7. T1 – @T1

8. Cloud9 – @Cloud9

9. 100 Thieves – @100Thieves

10. FURIA Esports – @furiagg

Top Digital Gaming Events on Twitter

The majority of the top digital gaming events happened in June and July this year alone. 

1. The Future of Gaming on PS5

Last June, The Future Gaming on PS5 event was hosted by Sony. Quickly after the event, it became the most tweeted about the gaming event of the year so far. This was a title that Animal Crossing: New Horizon formerly owned when it was launched. 

Moreover, Sony’s event caused an 82 percent increase in the gaming conversation on Twitter. The record was benchmarked against the past 30 days of conversation.

Furthermore, the most tweeted about the game during The Future of Gaming on PS5 event is Spiderman: Miles Morales. On the other hand, the two other most talked about games next to Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

2. EA Play event from Electronic Arts

This one was another major gaming event that happened last June. The EA Play event drove massive volumes of conversation. Part of it is excitement due to the announcement of the return of the Skate franchise.

During the  EA Play event, the most tweeted about games were Skate, Madden NFL 21, and FIFA 21.

3. #UbiForward Event by Ubisoft

In July this year, the #UbiForward event hosted by Ubisoft showcased some upcoming titles. The titles both came from existing and new franchises. During the event, the most tweeted about games were FarCry 6, Watch Dogs Legion, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. 

4. Xbox Games Showcase

The Xbox Games Showcase took place just last July. The event provided gaming fans worldwide with the first gameplay from the first installment of the Hero franchise. Also, the return of a new edition of Fable was announced. 

What’s Next in Games This Year

There is no doubt that the gaming conversations on Twitter will not slow down as many people continue to stay at home this pandemic. In fact, there are plenty of esports tournaments and gaming events that fans should keep up with for the rest of the year. 

A few weeks from now, the Gamescon 2020 will feature Opening Night Live. Geoff Keighley will host this. Besides, IGN will have full coverage throughout the rest of the show. 

After the Gamescon 2020, the next event that fans should look for is PAX Online this September. Furthermore, the year would be closed out with The Game Awards.

There are many more content and conversations from Overwatch League, Blizzard’s Call of Duty League, and Riot’s LoL Esports in terms of esports. 

2020 has a lot to offer for gaming enthusiasts. For this reason, there is no surprise that conversations that revolve around gaming have been prevalent. Besides, with the growing number of gaming fans out there, esports and gaming will surely become more.

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