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Gender Diversity: What a Woman can Achieve Beyond Supposition in the Martech Industry

Gender Diversity: What a Woman can Achieve Beyond Supposition in the Martech Industry

Throughout history, women are often considered lower being than men. Many come up with the conclusion that women can’t do what a man can. They receive unequal treatment base on their gender. Despite all of this, some women rise above to destroy this concept. Nowadays, women serve a significant role in our world. But some women don’t need to stand behind a successful man. They stand themselves up and achieve success.

Gender Diversity: What a Woman can Achieve Beyond Supposition in the Martech Industry

It is not easy to be part of the Marketing Technology Company. It sometimes brings stress to both men and women if not handle well.  And being a leader, there is more complicated. But five amazing women overcome all the hindrance that they encountered along the way. Let’s take a moment to hear the stories and perspectives of The Five Great Women leaders from the Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP).

Five of the Greatest Twitter Women in Data Martech

Yoli Chisholm

Yoli Chisholm is one of the aspiring women who brings a unique approach to businesses. She is now the Vice President of Marketing at Sprinklr, a company that provides entities or business organizations an excellent customer experience management software. Moreover, Ms. Chisholm is considered the forefront of the companies revenue growth strategies. Recently, she became the founding advisor of the STEAM Role. Regardless of the immense responsibility that she handled, Ms. Chisholm still manages to impact the lives of everyone through her expertise in a positive way. 

There is no doubt that she also became one of the well-known authors. Her books became an inspiration to everyone to work hard and achieve the success they are aiming for in this corporate world they belong to. 

Besides, Chisholm became the leader of enterprise marketing teams at eBay, Microsoft,, and, in the US and Canada.

Vic Miller

Vic Miller is one of the empowered women who contributes a lot to the digital consumer intelligence company through her expertise. This amazing woman named Vic Miller,  the Vice President of Global Comms. Her dedication and hard work to her chosen field make her successful. She also ran a B2B PR and marketing agency and shares her expertise with the business for almost 18 years of experience working in a mix of agency, in-house, and consultancy roles.

Jamie Gilpin

Jamie Gilpin is Sprout Social’s, Chief Marketing Officer. Her strategic integrated marketing efforts elevate Sprout’s brand position and driving customer acquisition, retention, and growth.  In addition, she is the chief marketing officer at Envoy. She was also the vice president of marketing and branding at CareerBuilder. 

Gender Diversity: What a Woman can Achieve Beyond Supposition in the Martech Industry

Gilpin finished college at Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She took her MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur and Adweek are some of many media outlets that covered her insights and advice.

Sehra Eusufzai

Sehra Eusufzai is vice president of Dataminr, brand strategy communications, and content marketing. Notably, Dataminr is a global AI company that is based in New York.  A versatile change agent and problem-solver. 

Sehra has delivered culture change at technology, brand and revenue growth, professional services, client success, and professional services, and telecommunications companies in the US and South Asia. She held leadership roles in marketing, brand, and communications at IBM in her previous work. Sehra also previously work for MCI Telecommunications. She started her career as a management consultant at Accenture. She received her M.S. in Mass Communication & Journalism studies from the University of Denver.

Diana Helander

Each woman has unique features. Dianna Helander is the Director of Marketing on Twitter. She also leads the marketing team of Twitter’s Data & Enterprise Solutions.

 Helander rejected society’s discrimination among women and proved that empowered women could contribute to the productivity of one institution. She’s one of the many who became an inspiration to deliver the best service through meticulous works toward the organization’s success. 

Moreover, Helander’s team aims to support a wide range of third party solutions that could help businesses and researchers tap into the vibrant, public conversation on Twitter. 

Recently, Dianna worked on product marketing for Revinate and Lithium Technologies. Furthermore, she also takes various positions at Adobe, including the making of strategies, games application, and lastly, some operational tasks.

The Essentiality of Women in the Success of a Business

Have you ever imagined what the world could be if we don’t allow women to take charge of anything? Women receive critics that they don’t deserve because of their gender identity. Their strength and intelligence in work are often underestimated. Through times they proved that they could also do what men can. Hence, sometimes their work is even better than men do. 

Gender Diversity: What a Woman can Achieve Beyond Supposition in the Martech Industry

However, the truth is women are more patient than men, which leads them to make a clearer and much reliable idea. Also, most women are cautious in making the decision. This leads to more trustworthy decisions and fewer problems along the way.

The women mentioned above brings a positive vibe whenever they go. Their inspiring leadership motivates others to perform better. Women are also more effective communicators than men. Now, women are gathering more Twitter followers as they lead the way to the future.

Women tend to be good listeners, as well as good at reading and responding to non-verbal cues. They tend to be better at balancing work and life regardless of whether women are single or married, have children or not. Gender diversity is an important thing. The fantastic qualities that women bring to the workplace help to congeal our role in the business world and to make that world progressive and innovative. Through these good traits, qualities, and skills, the workplace can be more productive, peaceful, team-oriented leading to positive results. 

Women like Yoli, Vic, Jaime, Sehra, and Dianna prove that women’s determination and power can lead to success that not every man can be achieved. 

Another good thing is that the world now sees men and women equally. Women are no longer treated as lower beings that men. Besides, they now receive the same opportunities in the line of business. 

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Published on: 9 September 2020
Posted by: Joy P
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