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How You Can Get 10,000 Twitter Followers Using These Five Tips

Yes, you have read it right. You can get 10,000 followers for your Twitter account by optimizing your Twitter strategy. You might be thinking that this is difficult to do. There are several simple, straightforward, and handy steps to hack your way to enormous popularity on Twitter. 

Besides, you might be thinking that it is better to target Facebook since it is the biggest social network. However, Twitter is still included in the top social networks as of today. In fact, it has more than 330 million active users. And, this platform is not as overcrowded as Facebook. So, it could be the best step to connecting with the most significant possible number of audiences.

But before knowing how you can get a massive number of Twitter followers, below are some essential points:

Why Twitter followers are important 

True enough, Facebook is the largest social network with billions of active monthly users. Still, Twitter is a platform that must not be underestimated. Almost one-fourth of Americans regularly use Twitter. This means that 79 percent of Twitter’s user base consists of international users. So, when you utilize Twitter, you are connecting easily with a wide range of audiences around the globe. 

Besides, data suggests that 40 percent of all American millennials are hooked to Twitter. This is a much more significant percentage of users in comparison to all the other generations. As a matter of fact, the emergence of the millennial generation has molded the world of marketing into a completely different shape. Millennials have a strong focus on videos, the rise of influencer marketing, and look for an emphasis on emotional connection. Needless to say, the reason why Twitter is so great for marketers is the fact that it provides 100 percent reach. 

However, when you post on Twitter, your tweets will only be visible to your followers or when it is shared by other people’s followers. Yes, you have a hundred percent reach, but only to your followers. So, when your followers are not your target audience, this reach will be irrelevant. 

Five Steps to Acquire Twitter Followers Fast

Conduct a Twitter profile optimization

The first thing you need to do to acquire followers is to create and optimize your Twitter profile. 

Your display photo is the centerpiece of your Twitter account. Most probably, your display photo is the first thing that your target audience will notice. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a photo that is relevant to your business and brand. Regardless if you are using a professional picture of yourself or your brand’s logo, you have to ensure that the most essential elements appear in the center of your display picture. 

Also, it would be good if you will resize your photo. Because Twitter allows you to put your display picture in a round shape, your photo does not need to be any more significant than a 400px by 400 px square.

Furthermore, creating a strong profile with a credible display photo, header photo, and a bio that includes relevant keywords is the initial step to getting your target audience’s trust.

Interact and engage with your followers

The number of followers you have is an edge to the cutthroat world of social media marketing. But a significant amount of social media marketers are now starting to focus more on engagement than followers. As a matter of fact, the idea that engagement is more important than follower count is supported by the Incite Group’s State of Corporate Social Media Survey.

According to the survey, there is no real correlation between follower count and engagement. This means that a large number of followers does not necessarily mean more engagement. However, when followers interact and share your posts, their own followers will see that engagement, which will trigger their curiosity and check your profile. Therefore, this engagement will serve as an endorsement.

Moreover, it is safe to say that engagement is one great way to increase visibility and get more relevant followers. So, if you are serious about growing your Twitter audience, then you should have an active engagement with them. You can respond to their replies to your tweets or reply when they send you a direct message.

Stay Active

Having an active profile is very important to gain followers. On Twitter, posting a few times a week will not work. Not tweeting consistently will lead you to lose your hard-earned followers.

For a reason mentioned above, you must post curated content at least three to seven times every day. Apart from these curated content, you should also tweet your original content, making the number of daily tweets a total of 15. 

However, it will be challenging to do this if you are not in front of your screen 24/7, right? But to make it possible, you can automate and schedule your tweets using the available tools out there.

Furthermore, your daily routine on Twitter must include the following and unfollowing other users, replying to messages and mentions, as well as commenting back to the comments on your tweets.

Moreover, your weekly routine must focus on broader and long-term aspects of your social media marketing.

Lastly, your monthly efforts should be something that will render big results. Such includes networking with influencers to help you increase your reach and visibility.  

Ensure the value of your tweets

If you want to get more followers and engagement, you have to make sure that you post in times when most users are active on the platform. According to Social Sprout, the average global engagement on Twitter is at its peak every Friday, starting at 9 AM to 10 AM.

However, being active when your followers are is not enough. Instead, you also have to make sure that your tweets are valuable and engaging. With the overcrowded competition on the internet, your content needs to stand out. When your target audience see that your content is valuable, they will more likely connect with you and your brand. 

People prefer informative and educational content. In this regard, you can post an infographic, a series of tutorials, or even coverage on current events.

Connect your Twitter account to your other social media and website

This method may seem to be diverting your Twitter audience to other platforms. However, this method can help you bring traffic to your site. And more traffic means more possible conversion.

However, you cannot just drop a raw link of your profile to your website. You have to make it look neat and professional. You can opt to embed your profile’s link to an icon. This allows your audience to visit your profile easily. Besides, promoting your Twitter profile to your other social media can possibly drive more people to follow you. 

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Published on: 8 May 2020
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