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Content Creators’ Guide to Twitter’s Fleets

Content Creators’ Guide to Twitter’s Fleets

The purpose of Twitter is to serve public conversion. In fact, some conversations became so popular after a tweet sparked them into the public’s eye. 

To help people disseminate more information on the platform, Twitter has launched a new feature called Fleets. This feature is a new and creative way to begin and contribute to particular conversations. 

Content Creators’ Guide to Twitter’s Fleets

According to Twitter, Fleets only stay within the platform for 24 hours. For this reason, there will be lesser pressure for users to create the perfect post. Also, there will be more opportunities for them to share casual and momentary content. 

What Makes Fleets Different From Tweets

Unlike tweets that stay on the platform unless you delete them, Fleets are ephemeral. This means that they will disappear from the platform after 24 hours.

In addition, Fleets are sequential, so they appear in the order they are posted by users.

Everyone can reply or interact with tweets. What makes Fleets different is that they are contained. So, while replies are still functioning for this feature, only private replies will be accepted via direct message. 

Lastly, Fleets is visual as it provides an optimal location for full-screen media formats. 

Content Creators’ Guide to Twitter’s Fleets

Creating a Fleet can feel awkward at first since it is a new feature. However, it will not take long for users to get used to this new feature and build good fleets. 

To help you familiarize yourself with Fleets, below are some of the ways that you can use the feature in your content strategy.

Behind the Scenes

As mentioned, tweets are both visual and ephemeral. These two qualities make Fleets perfect for sharing event-specific content relevant at the moment.

For instance, you can use Fleets to show “behind the scenes” footage of athletes or fan celebrations, photos from making a film or a TV show, or exclusive footage from a breaking news story.

Use Fleets to Share A Tweet

When sharing a tweet in your Fleets, you have the power to add your comments quickly. On the tweet that you want to share, tap the share icon, and then choose “Share in a Fleet.” When viewers tap on your Fleet, they will be prompted to the original tweet. This is perfect if you want to feature hot takes, highlight your favorite tweets from fans, or even elevate your tweets. 

Twitter Takeover

This is an excellent way to raise engagement and awareness about your brand. Moreover, Fleets is the best place for you to host these time-bound activations. For instance, you can invite a guest who will host a Q&A about you and your brand or create a Fleet about an upcoming event.

Real-time Fleets

Fleets provide users with a sep4arate and contained space for everything, including real-time commentary about a TV premiere, championship game, or breaking news event. For this reason, your followers will not be overwhelmed with so many tweets when they open their accounts. Besides, you will not clutter or take up too much space on their timelines. 

Personal Expression

Your followers know that you are an athlete, musician, activist, photographer, journalist, or whatever profession you have. However, are they aware that you are an expert in the kitchen, a cat lover, a woodworker, or a modern-day Picasso? With Fleets, you will be able to tell your followers about the more personal side of yourself. 

Content Creators’ Guide to Twitter’s Fleets

More About Twitter Fleets

As mentioned, the purpose of Twitter is to serve the public conversation. However, the social media giant received some feedback that tweeting is uncomfortable because it feels so public and permanent. Also, some users feel the pressure that they need to gain retweets and likes for growing Twitter followers

To help Twitter users feel more comfortable, the platform decided to work on a lower pressure to talk about what is happening– Fleets.

Basically, the purpose of Fleets is to share momentary thoughts and conversations that only stay for 24 hours. The social media giant conducted tests for Fleets in Italy, Brazil, South Korea, and India. This test found out that users in those countries found Fleets as an easier way to share their thoughts with others.

Moreover, you can Fleet reaction to tweets, text, photos, videos, and even customize your Fleets with different text options and backgrounds. Your followers will be able to see your Fleets at the top of their timeline. Those who can see your entire Twitter profile can see your Fleets there as well. Besides, anyone who can send you a direct message will be able to reply to your Fleet. 

On the other hand, if you want to reply to a Fleet made by the people follow, tap on it to send a direct message or an emoji reaction to the author. This will prompt you to start a conversation in your DM. Authors of Fleets will be able to see whoever views their Fleets, including those accounts with protected tweets. To do this, all you need to do is tap on your Fleet and then click on the “Seen By” option located at the bottom.

Similar to tweets, Fleets must abide by the rules set by Twitter. If you have seen a Fleet that you think is offensive or must be taken down, tap the “v” icon located at the top of that Fleet to report it. Also, you can mute the author who posted the Fleet from here. According to Twitter, it will take action to reported Fleets once it found out that it violated its rules. There will also be some cases when you are asked to tap through a warning before you can view a Fleet. 

The format mentioned above may be familiar to you as it is similar to the protection format for tweets. Twitter said that they found out that people feel more comfortable joining conversations with this ephemeral format. For this reason, everyone around the globe will be able to access Fleets for both Android and iOS.

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Published on: 3 February 2021
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