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Houseparty: Made More Fun With Fortnite Mode

Houseparty for Twitter Followers: Made More Fun With Fortnite Mode

Both 2020 and 2021 have been difficult times for everyone, thanks to COVID-19. The global health crisis has changed the way we live. More often than not, it prevents people from doing the things they love. No dates, no field trips, and no parties – that is the pandemic life, the new normal. 

Needless to say, people are constantly searching for ways to interact with each other. They need it to beat the sad feeling of isolation. Thankfully, this is also the computer age. We have the internet, and more importantly – we have social media platforms.

Houseparty: Made More Fun With Fortnite Mode

What do Twitter Followers Think About Houseparty Now?

With social media, staying connected despite being apart is not much of a problem. People can message and call each other. They can stay updated with each other’s lives. 

It is also a good thing that these platforms care. They have been making efforts to make life during the pandemic more manageable. Several new features popped up as a result. For instance, you can now buy items from Facebook or Instagram without leaving the website.

The pandemic also caused the emerging of new social networks or made already existing but underappreciated ones more popular. One of these is Houseparty- a social networking service released way back in 2016. It is now picking up steam thanks to its group video chatting features. In fact, it won “Breakout of The Year” in the 2020 Webby Awards.

Houseparty Could Be Another App To Earn More Twitter Followers

There are so many apps available to download and try, one surely has to wonder which ones are going to be best for getting more followers on the only platform that actually matters – Twitter! Sure, this app is a lot different than any other app you may have ever used. Absolutely, it’s free like most other apps are. And yes, it is readily available on Android and iOS. Naturally, it’s also available on all the common namesake app marketplaces that you and your wonderful phone can use to get this app or any other.

What is Houseparty?

Group video chats are not new. People have been doing them even before the pandemic. But, the global health crisis undeniably increased the popularity and demand for this feature.

Companies and schools started using Zoom and Google Meet to hold meetings, conferences, and classes. It led to accelerated growth. Zoom, in particular, became the fifth most downloaded app in 2020. The problem is, people now attribute them to formal discussions. 

That made people look for other platforms that offer a more casual experience. And that is what Houseparty does. 

Houseparty allows people to video chat with up to 7 of their friends in one room. Moreover, they can have an infinite amount of rooms, and they can easily float between them. 

Houseparty is excellent for connecting with friends because it will inform you when friends are online and ready to chat. And chatting is not the only thing you can do on this social media platform. The app would not be called “Houseparty” if you can’t have fun while on it. There are games in Houseparty you can play with the other participants of the video chat. It makes the calls more interactive and brings in the fun of in-person gaming. Perhaps, it contributed to Houseparty reaching rank one on the Social Networking category on the iOS App Store in April last year.

Fortnite Mode Gets You Twitter Followers and Fortnite Friends

In-person-gaming experiences are indeed something people miss during the pandemic. That’s why live streaming of games on Facebook, YouTube, and of course, Twitch skyrocketed in popularity. But if you are looking for a more private version of that, you can turn to Houseparty.

The social media platform has announced the capability to pair with the worldwide phenomenon, Fortnite. You can now stream your gameplay to Houseparty for your friends to watch. Note that it will shrink your game screen by a little bit. A side panel will be added, displaying your Houseparty friends and Fortnite party participants live. But don’t worry, the side panel will not get in the way of your game screen. You will be able to play as you usually do.

This feature will give you an experience that feels like gaming with your Playstation while your buddies sit beside you on the couch. It is something you would definitely love. 

Houseparty: Made More Fun With Fortnite Mode

Your playmates aren’t the only ones that will enjoy the session. You can also broadcast the stream to Houseparty, allowing your other friends to watch. Your friends will be notified when you are streaming and vice versa. That’s another cool feature. With it, you’ll never miss the chance to make memories with your friends. That is important during the pandemic. 

How To Link House Party And Fortnite Together

Hearing what is said above may have made you overcharged with excitement. That’s understandable. News of collaboration between one of the most popular games around the world and an award-winning social media network is, indeed, stimulating.

So, what should you do to get the party started? The steps are provided below. Note that these steps need to be done in chronological order to make it work.

The first step is to open your Houseparty app. Next, open settings or the TV icon to connect to Fortnite. If you don’t have the app yet, download it from the iOS or Android Store. You will see a notification pop up when you open the app. Enter your Fortnite login in there. 

After that is set up, join your friends on a video chat like how you usually do. Or, you can invite them yourself. Then, launch Fortnite on your PC or console. If you are on mobile, make sure to position the device to frame your face thoroughly. And there you have it. You’ll be able to talk to your friends and see them while you are playing the game.

Fortnite Exlusives? Always a Pain!

Unfortunately, you can only do this with Fortnite. Houseparty has not reached out nor partnered with your other favorite games. You literally have no other choice. If Fortnite is not quite your speed, you would not be able to enjoy the feature as much as others would.

Houseparty: Made More Fun With Fortnite Mode

Still, you can have fun by watching and supporting your friends that do. That is something they would very much appreciate. Besides, this mode is not about the game, really. Instead, it is about the quality time you will spend together and the memories that you’d make. Those are rather hard to get during the pandemic when you are not allowed to be closer than six feet apart. The global health crisis has not ended yet. It would be best to learn how to appreciate features like these. After all, they are made to brighten up our days. 

Now that you know how silly of a game Fortnite is, and how wild of an app Houseparty is, you have to put all of this knowledge together. Ask yourself if it’s worth what little time you have to invest on a daily basis to get more Followers. You can try it out for only a few minutes per day and see if you get more followers per minute than you normally would on Twitter alone. The answer we will give you in three-second will shock you. Our brutal truth will make you cringe that you even made it this far into this very article. Why?

You already know the inevitable answer if you are a frequent reader of ours.

This app is already a dead app, drifting in the water, and there is no way you will ever get followers on Twitter using this app. It had the potential to get really big, really cool, and really revolutionary when it launched. They used a variant of the Facebook false sense of exclusivity when they enabled the invite-only methodology.

The ruse is up, the competitor apps have already added the unique functionality of the app to their own. This is especially true with Twitter. They literally made the entire app in a week and added it for free for all Twitter users. There is no reason whatsoever to use this app, but they have already made a huge impact on the world of social media. They demonstrated how many users are interested in joining the audio rooms of their fellow followers and just communicating like normal.

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Published on: 19 November 2021
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