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How Buying Twitter Followers
Can Help Your Business

Twitter for BusinessA fair (and typical) question we get is about buying Twitter followers for a business is how those followers can help them. It’s easy to understand the benefits of buying Twitter followers if you’re a Twitter personality or fashion icon, but the benefits for business owners can be just as useful, especially if executed properly. Building a loyal community base as a business owner is always going to be advantageous, and buying Twitter followers can help jumpstart your growth.
Let’s get started – here are a few of the ways that a large Twitter audience can help your business!

twitter reputation

You Can Manage Your Digital Reputation

Arguably one of the most important reasons to build up your Twitter account is reputation management. When someone searches for your brand name, they’ll see that the top results include both your website and your powered-up Twitter account. Instead of allowing a competitor or bad review to sit on top of your businesses search, you’re preemptively building your positive reputation, while also developing a secondary sales opportunity for people who don’t make it to your website.
When you accumulate a track record of success by buying Twitter followers, you encourage customers to engage with you. By making an informative resource available on Twitter, you are giving discerning buyers to get a feel for you and your company before buying – building customer trust is a huge factor for digital success.
According to industry experts, social signals also now factor into your Google ranking results. This means that building a positively engaged Twitter following, and pushing out regular, relevant content will help increase your site’s natural ranking in Google – perhaps giving you the juice you need to dominate some competitive keywords.

Increase Social Proof

social proof twitter followersEven if buying Twitter followers is just a shortcut to building real growth, the effects of your initial following are very real. The boost provided by your new found perceived value creates a positive first impression for new customers, and the popularity you are enjoying will tempt the curious to dig deeper into what makes you so special – just some of the effects of positive social proof. Because you built the impression of success, people will be more likely to interact with you, and far more likely to jump on the bandwagon.
Social indicators are another factor to consider when considering buying Twitter followers. If you can display on your site that thousands of other people have seen and enjoyed your service or product, people already on your site are far more likely to engage or convert. Social markers serve as a symbol of trust. If thousands of other people have already worked with you, you must be worth working with.

twitter influence

Influence the Industry

Depending on your industry or niche, you may need to interact with a community of like-minded people to achieve your goals. If your niche doesn’t already have such a community, one of the best ways to increase your success is to serve as the magnet that pulls a group together. By becoming an industry influencer, you become the top expert in your field – with all the respect, attention and trust that that position holds, but no one will be able to consider you an expert if you only have 98 followers.

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Understand What Consumers Truly Want

Hand in hand with the ability to build a community comes the ability to use that community as a sounding board for your future business moves. If you’ve got a captive audience of fans and customers who you want to cater to – try asking them what they want from you! You can keep your finger on the pulse of everything that matters to you, your industry, your clients and your future – because you’ve built a great reputation. The fluidity and feedback you can get by maximizing this fact could be the most important factor to consider when purchasing Twitter followers. In the information age, knowing what your target customer wants could be worth millions.

Start Leveraging Your Followers

Recent studies have shown that upwards of 25% of people on Twitter have purchased followers at one point or another – and it’s easy to see why. Celebrities, personalities, bloggers and more can all immediately benefit from an increased follower count, but that doesn’t mean that you as a business owner are left holding the bag. With some clever thinking and strategic work, you can leverage a small boost to your Twitter into a set of sizeable benefits for your website or business – both fiscally and otherwise. No need to be a small fish in a big pond, embrace your potential and learn to love the growth – soon, you’ll be king of the “Shark Tank”.
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