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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website using Twitter in 2020

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website using Twitter in 2020

Knowing how to drive traffic to your website from Twitter in 2020 is a crucial goal. The same happens when running a blog. The more visits your blog has, the better your chances of reaching your goals – increasing sales, getting people to subscribe to your newsletter, or increasing the number I followers.

With a blog, the chances of making significant earning are less when getting started. You struggle to get more visitors, which makes it less likely to reach your financial goal. Fortunately, the use of Twitter can help you to some extent.

With billions of users and millions of daily active followers around, it’s easy to push your article to the right audience. However, to do so, you need to master the right strategy, so you don’t end up using your Twitter profile for interacting with just family and friends.

The key to generating more traffic using Twitter is what we are talking about today in the tips listed below. Remember that these tips won’t just help you generate traffic but also increases the number of followers you have if done right.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website using Twitter

Optimize Your Profile on Twitter

The new Twitter profile offers many possibilities to attract the attention of potential followers. Of all of them, the one that will help you generate traffic to your blog is the addition of links to your profile. For proper optimization, ensure you fill the bio session with enough information about your website. You will most likely have to tell your followers the idea your profile propagate as well as what they stand to gain following you.

For brands, it’s better to put a logo as your DP rather than the picture of a face. The reverse applies to individual profiles. Secondly, your username should be short, catchy, and easy to memorize. If you want to use the account solely for your blog, you’re better off giving it the same name.

Use Sharable Visuals In Your Tweet

When Twitter just surfaced, users using only text but that has changed completely. Most tweets come with GIFS, images, and even videos. It’s one thing to attach a copy to your post and making it sharable is a different thing entirely.

Since the introduction and visuals, several users have taken advantage of this, and it had led to improved engagement- This means more retweets, comments, and likes. Ensure the visual you choose is of high quality. Try as much as possible to minimize blurriness.

Improve titles

It’s quite essential to use titles that will attract your visitors at once. Mere looking at the headline, users should be tempted to click, and their interest in any subject matter Should skyrocket. Mind you that your title has to be short, springs curiosity, and one that makes your audience feel they’re missing out on something if they didn’t read it.

Hashtags Are Big in 2020

Twitter hashtags are one of the essential elements of Twitter and, if well used, can be very useful for traffic. To use hashtags well, follow these tips:

Do not abuse them (no more than 2), and they have to relate precisely to the subject of the tweet.

The best hashtags are those that are easily read (short and meaningful).

Hashtags are social so that you can use existing ones.

Add Quotes To Tweets

Before posting a tweet about your blog, ensure your headline is carefully crafted and easy to remember. The addition of quotes can add more spark to your post, thereby increasing engagement. The idea isn’t about going overboard or making the whole sentence too vague for your audience to understand.

Instead, insert a few quotes in the middle of the sentence. If your tweet is a short one, you should add just one Quote but ensure the one you go for is concise and equally coherent with the rest of your sentence.

Again, Don’t limit your tweet to just the title of your post. Tell your audience what the blog post is discussing. Then, the audience has an idea of what to expect before landing on your website. Posts with quotes perform better on Twitter. With 54% of them likely to be retweeted.

Drive Traffic To Your Website using Twitter

Facilitate People to Follow You

One of the best ways to send traffic to your site is to encourage your visitors to follow you whenever they read an article. Apart from that, you can also ask them to use the share button if they found your article useful. This way, you will be able to generate organic content as well as backlinks from other sites.

Include a Link in Email and Newsletter

If a few Twitter users know you, how will they follow you? The first thing you should do is make yourself known. You should have a link to Twitter in the signature of your emails and the newsletter. You can also utilize the likes and Facebook and Instagram to build your network if the numbers on twitter aren’t encouraging.

Publish Information More than Once

On Twitter, everything is moving at a speed of light. Tweets posted a few minutes ago are hard to find when you decide to view them for the second time. Thousands of tweets are published every second, so move fast. To ensure your Followers don’t miss any of your information, post the articles more than once on different days and times. However, ensure you do not spam the follower’s feed; hence, they might stop following you.


To generate a lot of traffic requires using several media. Due to the number of users on social media platforms like Twitter, it’s crucial to take advantage of the names to generate more visitors.

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Published on: 3 January 2020
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