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How To Get More Twitter Followers During The Boring Quarantine

How To Get More Twitter Followers During The Boring Quarantine

COVID-19 has grown rampant over the last few days. Spreading across several countries and infecting hundreds of people within a matter of days, the coronavirus strain issued several quarantines with its adverse effects. Although not as deadly as SARS or any pandemic that had severely diminished the earth’s population like the Black Plague, COVID-19 cases are slowly getting neutralized at a somewhat comprehensible speed. 

However, news had spread that although people are quarantined, students are still given school works for them to work on while at home. Unfortunately, due to the number of students disliking homework, the app was abruptly stopped. 

Twitter is one of the biggest names you’ll find on the internet. The capacity of more than 300 million active users in a month enables people to communicate and deliver information on the platform. As quarantines persist, Twitter has exponentially inflated in users. So why not consider this sudden increase on Twitter users an advantage to increase your fanbase?

Factors To Consider In Increasing Twitter Followers 

Since most people are fleeing the streets and are bunkering up on their homes, electronic devices are the safest and fastest way to get outside information. With the introduction of COVID-19, there has been an increase in social media platform users on the internet. The sudden inflation of users is the perfect time to accumulate followers, viewers, and users on your Twitter account. Here are some factors your Twitter account needs to have to increase followers.

Consider Your Number of Tweets

When you compare Twitter from the other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you will notice the accessibility of posting tweets. According to an analysis made be CoSchedule, Twitter posts can reach anywhere between three to seven tweets each day. This number may seem small; however, what you’re after is maximizing engagement. More prominent companies and brands resort even to have more than 15 tweets per day. This makes a better analysis report, to which posts are getting better engagement and on what time of the day are your posts more visible. 

Acknowledge Your Scheduled Posts

Quantity on tweets is essential if you want to force your posts on your audience’s timeline. However, quality is must never be overseen. To do this, create content that could captivate your audience and schedule them based on the analysis made using SEO tools. Planning your post will also provide your tweets with a better presence online. Keep in mind that most companies tweet their content during weekdays in the early to late afternoons. Putting this into perspective, most people love to spend their time surfing Twitter after work. And due to the outbreak, users on Twitter’s platform would have more time in doing so.

Always Use Attractive Content

As mentioned before, quality is vital to keep your users on your page. Likewise, useful and purposeful tweets can attract potential users and followers to your Twitter account. To do this, you must consider creating visually enticing posts. Use images together with a relevant caption for your tweets. Also, include videos about your services or products if you are an influencer or marketer. Moreover, people would more likely click and engage your posts if you use memes and GIFs. 

Practice Adding Hashtags

Now that you know what kind of posts most users would like to see and when they want to see them, another way to increase your Twitter followers is through hashtags. Harnessing hashtags to your posts gives it a better chance of appearing on your target audiences’ wall. Use competition analytic tools to recognize your competitors’ strategy. Hashtags are potent phrases that are similar to keywords or commonly searched terms. The advantage of adding hashtags to your tweets is that Twitter’s platform can push your tweets to other potential followers, thus increasing your fanbase.

Engagement Is Key

Another way to increase your followers on Twitter is through a quick response. Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of followers, they will more or less comment down on your tweets. Take this time to communicate and make engagement with your followers. This will help increase your credibility for your page. With a better social background supplied to you by your followers, other users on Twitter’s fanbase will be more eager to check out your tweets and content. Also, responding to negative comments will create a significant impact on increasing your Twitter followers. The response you create will reflect on your page, thus garnering a better presence. 

Gather Followers Elsewhere

Did you know that Twitter is not the only place for you to get followers? You could connect other social media platforms to your Twitter page. Putting links that redirect to your business page on Facebook or business account on Instagram, you get a better niche community to increase your followers. Another way is to advertise your services on other platforms like YouTube. In addition to this, if you’re starting your Twitter account for a business, buying real followers is the best option. Legit vendors like Buy Twitter Followers Review offers you a multitude of options to increase your followers.

The Bottom Line: Is Having More Followers Significant on Twitter’s Platform?

Yes, that is when you consider the number of users online and surfing the net. With a vast line of opportunities online, marketers and influencers have used social media platforms to their full extent. From promoting services to thorough means of communication to their customers, you will find that increasing your follower count is essential. Not only will you have a better-looking and famous page, but you will also drive more traffic to your business. 

If you are searching for the fastest way to reach a higher number of followers, try purchasing them at Buy Twitter Followers Review. You’ll get a sustainable amount of real Twitter followers that will help you boost your tweets and profile to a better spot in online visibility. 

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Published on: 2 April 2020
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