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How to Manage A Twitter Professional Page

How to Manage A Twitter Professional Page

Are you managing your Twitter page effectively? If you think you are, then why is it not meeting up with your expectations? Here are some tips on how to manage your Twitter page: 

1. Keep Track of Engagement

If you want to manage your Twitter page effectively, you must keep track of engagements. You should always keep tabs on your post to know if your followers are interacting with your post or not. Are you getting retweets as often as you need to achieve your goals? 

Analyze the content that got the highest engagement and the ones that did not. Focus on the content with the highest retweet and consider posting topics in that line as often as possible. You should re-think your titles if your posts are getting low engagements. Check your Twitter analytics as often as possible; this will help you to keep tabs on your tweets. 

How to Manage A Twitter Professional Page Optimization

2. Use Awesome Hashtags 

When it comes to participating in online conversations, finding a target audience, and getting new people to see your content, hashtags play a significant role. Tweets with hashtags get more engagement than those without a hashtag. However, if you want to use hashtags, you have to understand the rules that guide them.

3. Be selective with new followers

Growing your Twitter followers is essential, but it becomes meaningless if the new followers aren’t interested in your industry and what you sell. Thankfully, some tools let you search for the demographics of users. For example, you can search for people who have a particular keyword in their bio, or tweet in a specific language. The bottom line is that you should endeavor to gain followers that have an interest in your content, and as such, will interact with your tweets. 

4. Pin your best and most recent content to your Twitter feed

Twitter allows you to pin a tweet to the top of your timeline; this allows your followers to easily see the post when they go to your Twitter stream. When you pin your most captivating post, it comes among the first set of tweets that your visitors will see, and you know what they say about the first appearance, right? 

Also, you can pin GIFs, and they will automatically play when anyone visits your timeline. 

5. Set up Twitter Lists

You can use lists on Twitter to organize and reach out to influencers. You should first make lists to arrange your Twitter feed. To do this, go to an account owner’s profile, then tap on “Settings,” then select “Add or Remove from lists.” You can choose to create new lists. If you want to create a new one, you can organize it based on: 

  • Competitors
  • Customer relationships
  • Trends
  • Industry leaders
  • Your biggest fans
  • Events
  • Blogs you like
  • Team members/employees 

After using lists to arrange your Twitter feed, you can also use lists to find influencers in your sector/ area of interest. Once you open a profile, you can see the ones that they are a part of when you tap on “List” then select “Member of.” When you go through the list, you will be able to find other influencers with ease. 

6. Reshare Your Content! 

If you have old tweets that you think are relevant to your audience, you can reshare them. Twitter is an excellent platform for sharing evergreen content, and you should do this often since some of your followers may not be following at the time you originally sent out that tweet. Also, your old followers could be busy on other things the first time the Tweet was sent out, or they could have seen it but have forgotten about the Tweet. 

You should create a calendar for resharing old and relevant tweets; it helps a lot. 

7. Clean up your account 

You will gradually get lots of inappropriate and fake followers as time goes. Thus you should clean your account at a scheduled time. It could be once a month or every three months. Remove followers with spammy tweets and without a profile picture. Also, remove followers with one or two followers of their own. You can use a tool like to detect and remove those types of accounts. 

8. Monitor your Keywords

It worth keeping track of keywords that are related to products, brands, or services if the page you’re managing is a business page. If you do an excellent job of keeping track of those keywords that you consider relevant, it can improve your ROI and Keyword success. 

Some tools can help you to monitor keywords, see reactions, and posts related to a particular keyword. Just spend a little time on a good search engine, and you will find a lot of these tools. 

8. Use Direct Messages

Although sending a DM to someone you don’t know is often considered as spam. If you use it effectively, you will get a positive result. 

If you want to use DM for marketing, You must segment your audience, and you should ensure that the message you want to send is particular, and relevant to your users. For example, you can send them messages to promote promos, events, webinars, etc. 

Another way to make your DM campaign successful is by personalizing the message to include the person’s first name. Don’t use words like “click here” or “free” because users tend to associate those words with spam. 

9. Schedule your Tweets

Scheduling your posts if you’re managing more than one Twitter account or if you’re too busy to be online always. You can use a tool like Postcron to schedule your tweets when most of your audience is online. 

You can test when your audience is most active online by sending out tweets on the same topic at a different time of the day, then check which post your audience react to the most. You should try this method multiple times before concluding on the best time of the day for sending out Tweets. 

10. Check for Growth or Decline in your followers

You should check if your Twitter followers and growing or declining then decide to either dump or continue your current strategy. 

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Published on: 14 December 2019
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