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How to Optimize Your Business Page on Twitter

How to Optimize Your Business Page on Twitter

If you don’t know how to maximize your business Twitter account in such a way that it aligns with your goals, it will be difficult for you to get any tangible result from the account. If you currently face this challenge, be assured that you’re not alone in it. While so many businesses have found their way out with the solution, I’m going to give now; others are stuck with Twitter pages that yield no result for their business. Here are tips that will help you to optimize your business page on Twitter. 

1. Open up your Twitter DM

If you want to make your brand accessible to existing and potential customers, you have to optimize your accessibility and remove privacy from your direct messages. To do this; 

  • Go to the Setting page on your Twitter account. 
  • Tap/click on the “Privacy and Security” tab. 
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click the direct message option
  • Check the mark for “Receive Direct Messages from anyone.”

2. Let your Bio be impressive

Your Twitter bio is your one chance to convince visitors on your profile to hit the follow button; it should encourage them to want to learn more about your business. You have to be precise as you can only use 160 characters, but while being specific, ensure that you don’t sound cutesy or funny but inviting and compelling. Use hashtags and super relevant keywords. If you want to use hashtags in your Bio, be aware that the hashtag is clickable and can take visitors away from your profile when they click on it. Make sure you’re not driving your visitors to your competitors if they indeed click on your Bio, as such, I’ll advise that you stick to hashtags that are beneficial to your business, or use a branded hashtag. 

3. Use a suitable profile image

As a business brand, you should use your most recognizable logo. Make sure the image size is right. 

4. Use a Header Image

Your header image is like a magazine cover, and you should replace it monthly to match your monthly editorial calendar. You should feature a visual or promotion about what your brand is up to that month. For example, your header can be the picture of your latest product release, book launch, a trade show, or the marketing team of the weak. Ensure that you optimize your Header image by saving the image file name with branded keywords to increase its chances of being found in an image search. 

How to Optimize Your Business Page on Twitter For Marketing

5. Use Customer Service Twitter Tools

Since a high number of customer service requests happen on Twitter, it’s no surprise that brands are leaning into optimizing their customer service on Twitter, and you also should. 

You can use tools like Buffer etc. that help with customer survey messaging and direct message deep links. If you use these tools, they’ll help you to respond to your customer’s demands faster. If your Twitter also handles customer service, then you should list service hours in your Bio, that way they’ll know when to expect a reply. 

6. Use Hashtags

Studies have shown that if a business sends out a tweet with a hashtag, its engagement rate is 50% more than messages without hashtags. However, your hashtag should not be more than one as multiple hashtags get a lesser result; one or two hashtags have more engagement than three or four, as such, you should focus on a hashtag that you think will get you the most comments and re-tweets. 

Don’t involve your brand in a hashtag that is on religion, politics, sex, or death, as doing so may harm the acceptability of your brand. If you optimize your Twitter reach with any trending hashtag, it may have a crash and burn impact that will result in negative news coverage for your brand. You can use tools like, Hashtagify, or Rite tag to research the best hashtags to match your news and messaging. 

7. Engage with your follower and customers

Being active on twitter doesn’t just involve opening an account and posting out information. You have to engage with your customers by re-tweeting their tweets, greeting them on special occasions, and acknowledging their feedbacks. Share exciting content that will make your followers interested in engaging with you, and when they engage with you, make sure you reply. This goes great with buying more Twitter followers to make your page explode with popularity.

to make your page explode with popularity.

8. Use Emoji’s

Social media experts believe that an emoji is worth a thousand words. Today, you can hardly engage in a social media conversation without using emojis. Research suggests that the use of emojis by brands for marketing increased by 775% in the last four years. Brands are finding the perfect emoji to match their marketing moods, and you also should. When you use emoji’s, personality, expression, and emotion come to life as these emojis optimizes our character in ways words can’t describe.

You can use emojis as a part of your customer service messaging. Using a smiley to acknowledge a happy customer will go a long way than short words will do. 

9. Use pinned tweets on your Twitter cover image

Pinning a tweet is an easily overlooked optimization method, but it works like magic. You should strategically pin tweets that include relevant keywords, strategic hashtags, a clear call to action, strongly visual, and a link back to your blog or website for more detailed information. 

When a user visits your profile, the very first thing they will see in your Twitter stream will be your pinned tweet, as such, make sure it is captivating. 

Audit your Twitter profile

Audit your Twitter profile every three months. Customers see your profile as a reflection of your business, and as such, you have to ensure that it grabs attention, and it is unique.

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Published on: 6 December 2019
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