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How To Use Twitter To Improve Your Career

How To Use Twitter To Improve Your Career

In 2019, the number of users on the world’s most renowned microblogging site was a startling 330 million. Half of these users use this site daily. These figures might seem inconsequential until you compare them with the population of some famous countries. Britain has only 70 million people, Canada has 40 million, and Australia has less than 30 million people. Yes, you look better when you have lots of Twitter Followers. This is why people buy Twitter Followers to increase their online Clout on Twitter, to have more Twitter Followers!

In the world of business, these figures mean a lot because there is so much “strength in numbers.” Today, individuals and companies are utilizing these “numbers” to their benefits, and if you are a career person, here is a piece of good news. You can use Twitter to build your career by following the steps below. Check them out, and thank us later.

How To Use Twitter To Improve Your Career 2020

Step 1: Use Twitter to find New Job Openings

If you have a cellphone, a Twitter account, and access to the internet and still complain about unemployment, then you are to blame. With over 300 million users on Twitter, there is no shortage of network and networking opportunities for you. Well, if you are not unemployed but looking for a change of job or an upgrade to your present job, you can still find these opportunities within your network on Twitter. Follow people, organizations, and businesses that share similar interests with you. Join communities that are within your industry. Almost all professional organizations or individuals use social media sites like Twitter to shop for talents daily.  Whatever job or opportunity that you are looking for, the chances that you will find them on Twitter are incredibly high if you know where to look.

Step 2: Use it for Advertising your Skills and Results 

One of the best places to build your career is on Twitter. This assertion may sound plausible to a non- Twitter user, but it wouldn’t, and it shouldn’t to an old-time user. Twitter was designed to serve as a marketplace for those who are serious enough to put their skills on display, starting with their bios. The bio page on Twitter was specifically designed for you to tell your followers and the public in general about your skills and proficiencies. If you build your bio in a way that contains all you can do and you buttress this by advertising your skills through daily or weekly tweets, you will find individuals or organizations that need your skills. If you are a writer, ensure that you state that, if you are a painter or a graphic artist, include that in your bio and tweets and watch what will happen. 

Step 3:  Search Twitter to share Industry Content    

Have you ever heard this famous wise saying, “how much you know determines how far you go”? Well, if you haven’t, this might be your first time. Interestingly, most people have heard or seen this quote, but only a few understand it. It simply means your progression either in your career or in life generally is dependent on the quantity of information you have gathered. Twitter contains lots of information that is beneficial for progress in your career. Regardless of how true this is, only a few people know, and only a few people can take advantage of this opportunity. From feeds to hashtags and many other aspects of Twitter, you can get all the information that you need if you know how to find it on Twitter. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, your next promotion is dependent on the information you acquire on Twitter. Instead of keeping up with the latest gossip online, you can source for valuable contents that will be beneficial to you and your organization.

Step 4: Use Twitter to Build your Career Profile in the Industry

Twitter is one of the best tools that young professionals can use to build their resume, personal brands, or portfolio. Twitter might restrict word counts to 160 characters, but it allows users to post links to their content. The good news about Twitter is that despite the number of users of the site, consistent post of your content will eventually get the attention of the “target audience.” 

 The best way to build a profile is not by posting frequently but by posting contents that are reasonable, educative, and consistent with the description on the bio page. If your bio reads sports writer ensure you always tweet, retweet, and interact with contents that are sport related. If you are indicated, beauty and lifestyle bloggers build your profile by tweeting and retweeting beauty and lifestyle-related content daily. Once people notice this consistency, you will become a rallying figure in your chosen field or industry. 

Step 5: Use Twitter to Promote your Project or Company

Generally, no tool is more effective for self-promotion like social media. Knowingly or unknowingly, posting your picture, updating a status, or retweeting a content promotes you or your brand. Some people know this, while others do not. As a career person, you can use your Twitter account to promote your company or even promote a project that you are working on. To promote effectively, ensure that the words, images, or other forms of media used are clear enough to pass the message you want to pass effectively and efficiently. When promoting either a project or your company, ensure that you are strategic enough to know when to post and “whom” to post to (target audience). When promoting, learn to build anticipation and reward every promise you make. There is no doubt that you will be rewarded for promoting a project or your company.

Step 6: Use Twitter for Career Networking

“Your network determines your net worth.” The wisdom in this quote is relevant for self- employed individuals and others on the career path. Twitter is an effective tool for building your network (personal and professional). With Twitter, you can make friends, establish contacts, and ultimately build useful networks that can benefit you during your career. The benefits of a network include better information, opportunities, and much more.


it will be career suicide to ignore the role that Twitter plays in building your career. From helping you build your network to helping you promote your product or your company and even assisting the user in sourcing for better opportunities. There is no doubt that having and using your Twitter account will build your career in many ways than you can ever imagine.  

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Published on: 18 February 2020
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