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How to use Periscope for Your Business

use-periscope-for-your-business-on-twitterPeriscope is the future of social media. With the click of a button you can view a train in Paris, a snake charmer in Eygpt or a bonfire in Alberta. Breaking news won’t come from CNN or Fox, it will come from @realmedia or @john316. The technology allows anyone with an iPhone (soon to be Android as well) to broadcast live video anywhere, any time.
The ability to stream live video to anyone who wishes to watch it has almost unlimited possibilities for businesses in any niche. Even if you business is not actively using social media (even though it really should!) you can leverage this new technology into new customers and sales in a lot of creative and interesting ways. Here are 5 ways you can use periscope for your business.

1. Create a “peridiscount”

If you have a retail store, you can literally walk through your store showcasing everything you have for sale, announcing new and exciting inventory items as you walk the isles and give special discounts to anyone who periscopes in your store. Imagine 20-30 people streaming their sales within your boutique because you give them 10% off. Those people each have the potential to reach thousands of people in your area, all of whom will be watching in real time purchases within your store and wanting to get in on the action. The “Fear of Losing Out” will drive them to want to join in the fun of live broadcasting their experience as well. This is all absolutely free marketing that you would have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for on T.V. or internet ads.

2. Live Q&A

There are inevitably going to be questions your current and potential customers have about your business. What better way to interact and engage with them than by having a live Q&A with a representative within your company. A live audience is a captive audience and your business will be on the forefront of technology interacting with your customers in a way that was previously impossible.

3. Event Streaming

Own a bar or restaurant with live music? Show the world what they are missing by not being at your business. Do you attend trade shows or hold conferences? Give your customers a behind the scenes look at what your company does to stay ahead of the competition. Any insight that you can provide to how your business is better than your competitors can make the difference between a buying customer and a potential customer.

4. Product demonstrations

Live infomercials about your product is one of the absolute best ways to announce new features or show off a new product to the masses. Why pay for expensive T.V. time or be relegated to 2am on Spike T.V. when you can broadcast to the entire world for free, live on periscope.. but wait, there’s more! You can even capitalize on your Twitter followers to bring them into your periscope by using sponsored mentions or buying more twitter followers.

5. Company Tours

Do you have an interesting job like a sewer repair company or a window washer? Show people the amazing things you see on a daily basis live. Imagine seeing 100 stories down from your perspective, it will be out of this world for someone, but mundane for you. Proof at last there is no alligators in the sewer! You can leverage these fun and interesting locations to promote your particular business on periscope.
Using periscope for you business really comes down to thinking outside of the box and embracing a new technology to promote your business. You can showcase your products and services, have interviews with your employees or display the amazing vistas you see every day. The bottom line is you can gain new customers or clients if you use periscope for your business. Don’t forget to utilize your twitter followers and Facebook friends you already have to get viewers on your periscopes.