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5 Creative Twitter Marketing Techniques You Can Use Right Now

Twitter is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable internet marketing tools a business could ever use. Aside from helping brands connect with a highly targeted audience, Twitter also helps them stay updated on all the latest trends.

With a little creativity, you can maximize Twitter to raise brand awareness and broaden your marketing reach without spending a fortune.

Despite not being able to grow their overall user base in the 2nd quarter of this year, Twitter’s ad revenue still far exceeded everyone’s expectations. If that doesn’t convince you of Twitter’s marketing potential, we don’t know what will.

Twitter is bursting at the seams with valuable marketing information you can’t easily get elsewhere. If you’re creative enough, you can get a lot of use out of Twitter without spending a ridiculous sum of money on ad spend.

Here are five clever and creative ways you can do just that.

1. Tweet In Real Time

Back in 2015, Twitter partnered up with Google to make tweets more visible. Google agreed to list the most popular tweets in their search results, which expands a post’s reach even to logged out users and non-users. You can use this to your advantage when leveraging live events that are relevant to your niche.

In 2013, Beats by Dre posted live updates from the VMAs. They tweeted photos and videos of celebrities as they walked down the red carpet, adding their own little commentary and occasional edits.

Beats by Dre had a simple yet impactful strategy that resonated with their music loving followers.

You can recreate their success by posting live tweets from your own events. You can even take advantage of trending topics and incorporate the hottest hashtags on your posts as long as they’re relevant to your brand and audience.

2. Positive Marketing

Emotional advertising is one of the oldest yet most effective tricks in the marketing book. To this day, even the biggest brands work hard to come up with a compelling marketing message that evokes the right emotion.

Twitter is a great platform to kick start a campaign that focuses on delivering a positive message. Use your platform to brighten someone’s day and make the internet less negative with your marketing message.

Dove is a brand that’s no stranger to positive marketing. Back in 2015, they took things to a whole new level by tweeting plenty of messages that were inspirational and encouraging, directly to specific fans.

Being positive on Twitter won’t cost you anything, so why not brighten up someone’s day with an uplifting tweet or two?

3. Post Videos

If a picture can paint a thousand words, imagine how much you can say with a video. Videos are considered rich media because they’re highly visible and they generate more engagement compared to text and link-focused posts.

Incorporating more videos into your campaign is a fast and easy way to boost your engagement, and they give you more room to be creative with your marketing messages.

Avocados From Mexico knows how valuable videos are on Twitter. They regularly release humorous content that gets a lot of attention from users — regardless of whether they like avocados IRL or not.

After creating videos for your campaign, you should take things up a notch by purchasing a few thousand Likes and Retweets from a reputable provider.

An impressive number of Retweets and plenty of engagement will make you appear more noteworthy in the eyes of organic users, helping you earn the traction your content deserves at a more rapid rate.

4. Become a News Source

People rely on Twitter to get their dose of real time news and updates that are most relevant to them. As a brand, you can take advantage of this phenomenon by becoming a news source for your followers about topics that are most relevant to them.

By becoming a news source to people within a specific niche, you’re transforming your brand into a thought leader — and people pay close attention to thought leaders.

Over the years, General Electric used online platforms to turn their brand into a more credible source of information about topics related to technology and industrial engineering.

General Electric makes sure their posts are not only timely and relevant but also factual. Their clear strategy has earned them an authoritative presence on a fast-paced platform like Twitter.

You too can turn your brand into a thought leader by investing your marketing resources in putting out content that is both factual and informative to the kind of users you want to attract.

5. A Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes

People are naturally curious and they’ll jump on a chance to get a glimpse at something that’s not usually available to the general public.

Giving them a sneak peek of what’s happening behind the scenes can help them become more invested in your brand.

You should give your followers a chance to see how your brand operates, what your office looks like, and to get to know the faces behind your brand name to raise awareness and familiarity.

Vayner Media is a digital publishing company that posts photos of their employees’ desks on Twitter. They also accompany their posts with helpful blurbs about productivity, time management, and other topics that are relevant to their target audience.

If you want your followers to be more invested in your brand, let them get to know you. Give them a tour of your office or share a photo of your cluttered desk on a Monday to make your brand appear more relatable to your beloved followers.

Make The Most Out Of Twitter Today

You can do more with Twitter and get more out of it just by being more creative. By pushing the boundaries of a single tweet, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the competition.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to maximize Twitter and its marketing benefits. A successful social media campaign isn’t solely measured by how much money you spend, but by how wisely you spend it.

Give yourself a running start on Twitter by purchasing a few thousand Likes, Retweets, and even Followers from a reputable provider. Along with a creative post, bought social signals can help you turn more heads and appear more credible to more users.

Creativity can take you places where ad spends can’t — so be as creative as you can and tweet away!

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