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Is Devumi a Scam? We Reviewed Them First-Hand

Devumi has closed its doors

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With Devumi being one of the more popular Twitter promotions services in search engines, many people have asked whether it might actually be a scam.

The simple answer to whether or not Devumi is a scam is NO. We did several test purchases and reviews of its services in the past. We found out from these tests that they delivered high retention followers that worked well for boosting the popularity of our test accounts.

Devumi Twitter Follower quality

Compared to scammers giving only low-quality followers, or none at all, Devumi went the extra mile. They provided other Twitter marketing services, such as retweets and auto-engagements. These services added a lot of value to their follower packages, making them really effective.

They also offered 24/7 support for US customers and a 100% money back guarantee. It’s really no wonder that Devumi received a lot of positive feedback from customers, making them an industry leader in their time.

No longer selling Twitter followers

frowny faceSadly, Devumi is not selling followers anymore. Due to recent changes in their business model, the company dropped their Twitter Followers service. Luckily, there are a host of other providers that are good alternatives to Devumi. Here are some of the best ones around:

  • AudienceGain: Has decent quality followers at a good price, and has a very responsive customer support team.
  • BuyCheapFollowersLikes: At a starting cost of $6 for 1000 followers, it is one of the most affordable providers around. They still manage to deliver good quality followers even at that price point.
  • TweetAngels: This provider offers country-targeted followers and a 1-year retention guaranteed for its services.
  • Media Mister: They have plenty of geo-targeting options and a host of great guarantees, such as cash refunds for incomplete orders.

Check out the full list of alternative Twitter follower services that will suit your needs by clicking the blue button below, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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