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Why did Jack Dorsey unfollow Mark Zuckerberg

Why did Jack Dorsey unfollow Mark Zuckerberg?

Why did Mark Zuckerberg ignore Twitter? Did Facebook take the bait on Tim Cook’s use of Mark Zuckerberg’s image on the Tim Cook debut? Did Facebook pursue alternative AI projects that spurned Mark Zuckerberg? And then there’s Mark Zuckerberg’s unexplained departure from Facebook last year. Two WhatsApp employees pitting their own company’s business strategy against Mark Zuckerberg’s.

The story is complicated, and the truth is that Facebook and the people who made it happen are at the heart of every decision every day on Facebook.

Jack Dorsey unfollow Mark Zuckerberg

The Great Twitter Unfollowing Of Giants

 His unfollowing on a major company or institution doesn’t seem particularly smart. He’s one of the richest men on the planet and has probably heard a lot of talk about his strategies for thinking through social media.

Dorsey was ousted as Twitter CEO after a report in The New York Times that he misled investors about the company’s financial health. Later, his well-regarded personal-finance site was hacked and an undisclosed number of his accounts are missing.

Jack Dorsey is a not-so-smart guy. He can be a bit rude and abrasive, and his sales methods can be very confusing. But then again, so could Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Both had the skill and vision to do something groundbreaking, but the stories of them doing so, in essence, speaks volumes of their ability.

Differences and Similarities

As Mark and Jack celebrate Facebook’s IPO, which they helped orchestrate with Peter Thiel, they both now sit at the apex of Silicon Valley’s power and wealth. But then again, neither Mark nor Jack are at the head of a natural megacity of equal wealth and power.

Is he secretly a troll? Either way, he’s now demonstrating that this isn’t just a bunch of social media nerds getting rich from the tawdry side of tech. A community that understands what’s going on and are actively trying to make things better. That is not to say we shouldn’t all get along and even care about the side we don’t personally agree with.

For years, many Silicon Valley tycoons have stood behind Zuckerberg, going so far as to build buildings on the Facebook campus. This has become a hallmark of his career. Dorsey, who prefers to think of himself as a self-made man, has taken a personal stance to back up his CEO’s actions.

The Future of Twitter Unfollowing

New biz developments and recent acquisitions may be driving some investors toward the uber-successful social media giant. To these observers, Dorsey may be a savvy and forward-thinking CEO, and several tech startups, such as Instagram, have announced they are looking to compete with Facebook to become one of the top six startups in the world.

There is a gold rush going on at the moment, and billionaires are getting into the golden social business. If Zuckerberg and Dorsey are still working together, they will be investing in the gold business. There are lots of other opportunities.

He doesn’t seem too concerned with this controversy, saying this is a poor look at Twitter’s brand. Jack does say Twitter users aren’t invested in this matter. He gives a few examples of prior Jack Dorsey tweets about Twitter owners tweeting.

Opportunity for Twitter Followers

Twitter, just like an entrepreneur in many industries, keeps an eye out for opportunities and opportunities can come from a business perspective. However, when you view it from the consumer’s perspective, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

From what I can tell, Jack Dorsey is looking to make Twitter run more efficiently and effectively. And for those new to Twitter, a world with Twitter running on a large scale in the future of the company. Especially with rising numbers of Twitter followers by the day.

Twitter is about achieving more followers. The prize for Facebook, Facebook is the company that dominated what the rest of the world thinks about and experienced. And Twitter did not compete against Facebook at a scale nearly this large.

Dorsey wrote the now-infamous piece about Twitter’s marketing strategy and we’ve seen some of that. Dorsey claimed he wanted to recruit an “inner circle” that represents the company’s most passionate fans, but Facebook rolled out a similar strategy with Fresh Post.

Jack’s Twitter Following Cult of Personality

One big difference is that the cult is a pure pleasure that brings smiles and relief. Facebook’s image for a new follower, one who doesn’t play favorites or unfriend people, is purely imaginary. Twitter is more down to earth which often results in fights and physical stores.

Both Jack Dorsey and Twitter have called the new Dorsey Square, created in Boston to be a retail store for Dorsey’s personal line, “Dorseytacles.” The company used an app to integrate with iPhone users to make the buttons easy to access. While the new Dorsey Square stores sell Dorsey products, the new Dorsey Square is also designed to work as a mobile media outlet to highlight Dorsey’s lifestyle brands.

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Published on: 21 December 2019
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