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Best Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for Getting Twitter Followers

Best Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for Getting Twitter Followers

Over 170 million active users play different roles on various social media platforms today, and Twitter has emerged the best when it comes to getting real-time updates and gathering tidbits of relevant information. Why most people may beat their chest and boast of knowing how to put tweets together and respond to fellow users, most of us are not yet exposed to the advanced features such as the shortcuts, SEO, and others. This post helps to bring to your doorstep the most relevant features and tricks you have never heard before; it is an eye-opener you don’t want to miss. These tricks are great ways of getting more Twitter Followers for your special Twitter account!

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

We should take note of keyboard shortcuts just as most of us write tons of words consistently, to enable quick and fast typing. We should allow our keyboard to save words we use often. We should also make sure to use keyboards that are shortcut-friendly like Grammarly, Keyboards like Grammarly will not only make for a fast typing but also help to suggest right words, synonyms, etc. Keyboard shortcuts provide a quicker way to use the desktop interface.

Explore to Twitter and press ‘?’ (Shift +/) button to see the complete list of keyboard alternate routes on Twitter. You can likewise tap on your profile symbol on Twitter’s web platform and pick the “keyboard shortcuts” option starting from the Twitter menu.

Best Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for Getting Twitter Followers and Likes

2. Sensitive Tweets

You should adhere to tweeting content that can be consumed by the public while refraining from negative tweets. To get this done, activate this particular option by going to your ‘settings,’. There you will see “display sensitive contents,” (I.e., those other users have marked as such) or you can mark yours; marking yours suggests that other users would be notified about your content before they commence.

3. App Security

This is an essential thing to take note of; we must have at one point in time, or the other permitted some apps to access our account. All the apps may be decent, but you must not resist checking the list of Apps you’ve permitted to verify if they’re essential or not, this helps you to deal with the applications that have access to your account.

4. Tweet scheduling access

Tweetdeck or Buffer are great tools to help with this function as most times, an idea that popped in may not meet the right time to put it in the airspace, what you do is to use Apps that will allow you to schedule it for later.

5. Embed this Tweet

We don’t always need to take screenshots anymore as there is a feature that can now embed it into your blog post, allowing visitors to discuss it peradventure they were viewing it on Twitter. Should in case you don’t know how to go about it, it is easy, ‘Locate the tweet you want,’ expand it or zoom out and click details; what comes up in the new screen is the option “Embed this tweet.”

Best Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for Getting Twitter Likes

6. Simplify your Social Life

If you are like me that follow a host of people and corporations on Twitter, then your page could be one shop for lots of information, which may bring along consequences such as losing track of essential stuff with it. However, you can create topics, interests, or well marshaled Twitter list. All you have to do is:

There is a button dedicated by Twitter to the creation of new lists. Input a name and brief description for the list, then select a privacy option.

It must be noted all Twitter Lists are public data, but you have total control over that. You can toggle between Public and Private or Hidden Twitter Lists if you choose. Don’t let your secretive Twitter Lists be in the public eye, you should create a private list for them instead.

You can discover and find people as well as add them to your private or public Twitter Lists. Adding to Twitter Lists is as easy as choosing the dots adjacent to their profile on Twitter!

If you make lots of lists for Twitter, there is a list of Twitter Lists you can see from the tab adjacent to the Followers and Likes tab on your Profile!

7. Save Tweets to Links

Twitter has made things easy with the introduction of the “Bookmark” feature. This revolutionary feature gives you unlimited potential for saving those Tweets for future reference! If you can’t understand the complex user interface, there is a dedicated button that will bookmark a specific tweet from any individual.

8. Add Attractive Stickers to Your Photos

Twitter is all fun only if you can get to collect interactive and attractive stickers. Here is a brief and non-necessary summary of how we find ourselves smacking stickers across everything we tweet:

When you are about to add that amazing picture and post stickers on it, follow the next common sense button.

As you look at that amazing tweet before it goes live, it will naturally have the buttons on the bottom with the picture and world-famous emoji symbol to add stickers – or even more photos!

Funny enough, you can rearrange and adjust every sticker on every photo. Twitter is still nothing compared to PhotoShop, but it is easy. Adding stickers is easy with the cool tool found on every tweet!

9. SMS Sleep Settings

You should not be woken up at night to twitter messages and notifications, what you need to prevent this is to visit the settings and switch off updates during certain times, choose the time in the settings.

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Published on: 2 February 2020
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