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How to make Twitter friends and keep them

Twitter is an awesome platform for people to voice their opinions, keep themselves up to date on current issues, promote their brands and advertise their products and services. Everyone wants to amass a huge following on Twitter, but it takes a lot of work and time to make your account popular. The good thing is that with a clear plan and steady diligence it can be done. Below are tips that will help you gain and maintain popularity on Twitter.

Spruce up your profile

To have people follow you, you have to make sure your account stands out by optimizing it. Your profile is what gives people a summary or preview of what your account is about. No one wants to follow a Twitter account without understanding it. Also, make it snappy. People are coming to your account to be entertained in some way and so you need to entertain them!

Tell people about your Twitter account

Stuart Henderson Britt once said that doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark: you know what you are doing but no one else does. The same applies for your Twitter account. You need to tell people about your Twitter profile or else they won’t find it and they won’t follow you. To get the word out, go to your other social media pages and ask your friends and followers to follow you on Twitter. If you have a website, add a Twitter follow button. If you regularly use email, add your Twitter handle to your email signature and ask people to follow you that way.  Don’t forget to share your Twitter handle on your business cards and business banners and posters as well.

Impress your audience with killer tweets

The number one reason people follow a Twitter account is because they either want to be entertained or to learn something. Ensure you post snappy tweets that are both witty and interesting. Skip the obvious sales pitch and don’t post the mundane unless it’s funny. And always make sure that your tweets are either entertaining or informative for the audience.

Promote with Twitter ads

Twitter ads are another great way of letting people know about your account, increasing your exposure and getting more followers. There are three ways you can use to advertise and promote your account with paid Twitter ads. You can choose to promote your tweets, you can promote your account or use crowd marketing. The downside of this form of paid advertising is that it is costly.

Buy followers

Buying followers is an overnight method to boost a Twitter account’s popularity. When you buy followers, you end up with a higher follower count pretty much right away. With a high follower count, you account will have the social credibility required to attract more followers. When your account seems popular, users will naturally want to know more about you and your business, thereby making your other promotion efforts more productive, and getting more people to follow you organically as well.

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How to maintain your Twitter popularity

Now that you have made your Twitter account popular and gotten a number of followers, how do you ensure that they stick around?

Keep on tweeting

You should never let your account become inactive. Remember, people follow you because of your tweets. Once you stop tweeting, there will be no value in following you, and therefore, you are going to lose a number of followers. Keep on tweeting the great opinions and ideas that made you popular in the first place. For long-term success, it’s important to have a regular posting routine and stick to it.

Keep your focus

Stick to your niche. People followed you because they are interested in the topic or industry you tweet about. Don’t throw a 180 and drastically change your focus once you have built a solid following. For instance, if your account is about cars, do not wake up one morning and decide to start tweeting about fashion. Because nobody has got time for that.

Keep engaging your followers

Don’t forget about your friends and followers once your account becomes popular. Maintain your Twitter relationships by interacting your peers. If someone you follow has just posted a killer tweet, share, favorite or retweet it! Also, respond to questions from your followers and fans. This will help you maintain a loyal following.

Take a careful stance on controversial issues

Twitter may be perfect for sharing opinions, but you should be careful taking strong stances on controversial issues that may enrage your followers, especially for business accounts. You should also avoid senseless and offensive tweets, for instance tweets that could be construed as racist or sexist. However, in certain cases, depending on your audience, it may be alright to take a political stance on social rights issues such as supporting same-sex marriage or condemning racial bigotry, but be careful you do so in such a way that doesn’t offend people who hold different viewpoints.  

Avoid long conversations with specific individuals

When you converse with someone on Twitter using their handle, the conversation is visible to all your followers. Having long conversations of this manner with one individual will flood your followers’ timelines with posts that are irrelevant to their interests. This is rude and annoying, and may lead to some people hitting the unfollow button. To avoid this, you should send Direct Messages whenever you need to have such conversations.


Standing out and gaining the attention of tweeps amidst the millions of competing Twitter accounts is difficult. Luckily, we just gave you a road map that can help you set yourself apart and get you more followers. Remember it takes time and you’ll need to keep applying these tactics, reviewing what works better for you and tweaking your strategies to ensure you make the most of Twitter.


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