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How to really get more Followers

An Ultimate (Quick) Guide written by the BTFR Team

Getting more followers is never a bad thing – on Twitter or otherwise. We’ve been doing Social Media Marketing for over six years (and aside from the easy “Buy Twitter Followers” approach), there are tons of ways that anyone (individuals and businesses) can get more real followers, quickly!


Here are some of the most effective and easy Twitter Marketing techniques we’ve used for clients, and that are proven to work. Also, don’t forget to share!

1. Clean Up Your Profile & Tweet Like a Pro

This is the most important thing on this list: How you perceive yourself on Twitter and what you tweet. Remember, you’re up against millions of other people on Twitter, so it’s important that your potential followers (who ever they may be) absolutely love you and jump on top of one another just to click that “Follow” button. How, you ask?

Clean Up and Optimize your profile. This includes your Profile Picture, Background and Cover Photo, as well as your Biography (aka “Bio”). Your profile gives visitors (potential followers) a preview of yourself or your company. Show the world what you’re made of, and why they should follow you.

Your Profile Picture tells your followers who you are, so it is very important. Generally, we recommend individuals have a photo of their face, whereas companies should have a photo of their brand, logo or something unique and identifying.

Your Bio tells people what you’re all about, in 160 characters or less. There’s a lot of ways of doing this, but it’s always a good idea to be direct and have a clear message that tells people what you’re about and why they should follow you.

Your Background and Cover Photo is your playground. Be creative and have something that symbolizes you or your Business. You can checkout Twitter Covers or Twitter Background Gallery for ideas.


Tweet like a pro. By this we mean: Tweet daily. Tweet stuff that your followers would like. Interact with people around Twitter with @Reply’s and @Mentions. Don’t be the person that tweets EVERYTHING about their life every 5 seconds, or that company that has a Twitter Account, but doesn’t tweet anything useful… or when they do, it’s all about “BUY THIS!” or “BUY THAT”. Tweet others, how you’d like to be tweeted. Checkout our full guide on How to Tweeting like a Pro.

Check out some of these popular Twitter Accounts – both in design and how they tweet:

The New YorkerPixarRedbullSchuhUNICEF


2. Tell Your Friends, Clients, Visitors & Stalkers

Now that you’ve cleaned up your Twitter profile and started tweeting like a pro, it’s time to tell everyone you know all about it and have them follow you. These are different ways of spreading the word. Here are a few of our favorites:

Do you have a Facebook Account? Of course you do. Share it with your friends or fans on Facebook, and let them know you have a Twitter Account. Statistically speaking, more than half of your friends or fans should be on Twitter as well.

You have a website!? That’s perfect! Add a Twitter link, icon or even a widget on your website. Most of your website visitors or customers want to be taken advantage of, so do it! Let them know that you’ll keep them up to date with new products, promotions, discounts, news, funny pictures, or whatever you’re into.

You have an email list?! Well… aren’t you Mr/Mrs Perfect. You should add a link to your Twitter Account to the bottom of every email you send. That lets your subscribers know you actually have a Twitter account (Surprise!), and lets them know where they can find you. You can always add a little incentive as well, which we’ll get into later.

You own a Store?! Why didn’t you tell us sooner?! If you’re trying to get started with a Company Twitter account, then simply print out a “Follow Us on Twitter” Vinyl Decal with your Twitter Username and a convenient QR (Quick Response) code. Stick it to your front door, next to a cash register or even in the bathroom, and watch as your everyday customers now become your followers on Twitter.

You drive a CAR?! You’ve got to be kidding! Throw a bumper sticker on that bad boy, with your Twitter Username and a big ol’ sign that screams “Follow Me”. It should work, right? People Tweet and Drive all the time… PSA: Drive Safe – Don’t Text Tweet and Drive.

You’re a nudist?! Well…. tough luck. But if you don’t enjoy walking around naked in public, then you most likely wear clothes. Use that to your advantage! Wear a custom “Follow Me on Twitter” T-Shirt and rock it out like you just don’t care.

You have a Business Card? Great! Once you run out, you should order new ones with your Twitter Handle (@YourUsername) alongside your email and phone number. This way, you can help peers and business associates stay connected with you through Twitter.

These are just a few fun ways of getting more attention and followers to your Twitter Account, by taking advantage of your current friends, family, visitors, customers, and even strangers stalkers you might not have noticed before. Now, here is when it starts getting interesting.

3. Boost Your Social Credibility

Twitter Boost

Now that you’ve gained some quality followers, it’s time to boost your social credibility through the roof. One of the most popular ways to do it, is buying Twitter followers.

What?! …Buy? …Followers? Yes, you heard right. Buying Twitter Followers (while controversial) can be a very effective strategy if approached correctly and moderately. Purchasing a few hundred to a few thousand followers is perfectly reasonable, and while the followers are usually untargeted, it will give your Twitter Account the allure of popularity and strengthen your reputation fairly quickly. This will make your advertising and marketing campaigns much more effective, and essentially become another driving force that gets people following you. Remember, moderation is key.

We’ve reviewed the top Buy Twitter Follower providers, so be sure to checkout our list.

4. Advertise and Promote

Now, you’ve got an awesome profile. You’re still tweeting like a pro (hopefully). You’ve gain tons of followers organically (and maybe artificially). Finally, it’s time to expand to new frontiers – It’s time to Advertise your Twitter Account!

Do you have to? – If you want more followers, more exposure and more money – than, YES! Advertising your Twitter Account is great way of reaching and gaining more followers, more customers, more clients, more subscribers, and more stalkers (if you’re into that). There are different ways of marketing your Twitter Account, so let’s go through them:


Twitter Advertising (Official)
Twitter recently introduced two new ways to advertise your account and tweets. While occasionally pricey, they are great ways to reach your audience and gain traffic to both your account and website.

Promoted Tweets is the first. It allows you to promote your regular tweets to a large, targeted audience (your potential followers). This Pay-per-click method lets you target potential followers using Keywords, Interest, Gender, Location and Following. It’s best used for extremely good tweets. (Hint: 3 things that always grabs attention: Free Stuff, A Sale, and Sex… but not all at once)

Promoted Accounts is Twitter’s second advertising method. It lets you promote your Twitter Account in the “Who to Follow” section on the left sidebar. You can target potential followers via Interest, Gender and/or Location and it’s Pay-Per-Follow. Though, pricing is usually pretty steep. Worth trying out though!

Sponsored Tweets
Another great way of advertising your Twitter Account is paying popular Twitter Users to tweet about you and @mention your account. This helps build your brand & credibility, as well as help you get clicks, more followers and even some sales. Devumi, BuySellAds and SponsoredTweets and are websites we’ve used for Sponsored Tweets & Mentions.

5. Keep On Tweeting

It’s not Deja Vu. Tweets are what makes Twitter go round. You can advertise all you want, but at the end of the day, if you don’t tweet or if you’re tweets aren’t up to par – it’s all pointless. So tweet well and tweet regularly.

Tweech Me!Don’t know what to tweet about? Here are some ideas on things to tweet:

1. Help customers with their business problems via ideas and tips

2. Every audience has some real-life problems; offer some input to help!

3. Found something online that sounds like a good way to improve your life? Share it with friends, clients, and the general audience.

4. Be emotional. Be real. Be human. People generally like humans, especially on Twitter.

5. There is always something new in every industry. Stay on top of it, and share it first!

6. Serve a local market? Try sharing relevant news and issues about that area.

7. Use humor and sadness as tools at your disposal. Share content that brings your audience “the feels”.

8. Share those inspirational podcast your found, or the YouTube video that just makes you want to connect with people.

9. This should be #1, as it’s the #1 most retweeted content on Twitter! SHARE INSPIRATION QUOTES!>/b>

10. Every author, actor, and leader has great quotes to share. Apply them to your industry.

11. While everyone loves a coupon, share other tricks to help people save money, time, and other resources.

12. Showcase your humanity by advocating for a charity that brings you “the feels”.

13. Selfishly help your community while taking selfies for your Twitter! Everyone knows why you’re helping anyway. Capitalize on it!

14. This isn’t a digital selfie-stick! Share pictures of other people! You can’t buy real-life friends!

15. Share lessons you learned from starting your business venture!

16. Surely you’ve heard things that helped you with your business, share them to your colleges. A rising tide lifts all boats!

17. Are you a professional with a specific type of software or hardware? Share your tips and help people! Remember, you’re only helping yourself!

18. Actually “funny”, as in 7/10 people laugh jokes. You know if you can deliver. If you can’t, that’s cool – just go to Reddit for an endless supply of funny pictures.

19. Is a local store doing something cool or offering a limited time discount on their wares? Definitely share that!

20. Have a crazy neighbor or friend? Go document the experience and spend some time with them. Really, any adventure can be interesting.

21. Remind everyone of the upcoming holidays! People don’t have the time to monitor those dates anymore.

22. Send your most sincere Holiday wishes and prayers! While you are dominating your competition on Twitter, it will still show them that you are still a mere mortal.

23. Sometimes, something as simple as “Goooood Mooorning Sunshine!” or an equally appealing “Nighty Night” will do the trick.

24. When other people use, share, or provide something really high quality or inspirational: let them know by thanking them publicly!

25. Offer people a direct form of anonymous interaction with a Twitter Poll! Everyone loves taking them.


Remember, some ideas are meant for businesses, some for regular people and others for both. Don’t be that company tweeting bad jokes… it won’t end well. Checkout our dedicated guide for Tweeting.
Managing Multiple Twitter Account or Don’t have enough time?
Well, aren’t you lucky! If you’re struggling to keep up by managing multiple Twitter Accounts or just don’t have enough time in the day, you can take advantage of Twitter Management Tools. These tools can help you keep track and manage things on Twitter (one or multiple accounts), including Scheduling Tweets, Notifications when users mention you, or talk about something related to you, monitoring statistics, and a lot more. It really makes things easier, more effective and it’s ideal for professionals.

ManageFlitter is the best Twitter Management Tool we’ve used.
Tweepi is pretty good as well, but limited in features.

Hopefully, you’ll be on your way to tweeting better, getting more followers and maybe making some money on Twitter. We’ll be periodically updating this Ultimate Guide with more ideas and info. Be sure to bookmark!