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How To Leverage New Hashtags With Creative Businesses

How To Leverage New Hashtags With Creative Businesses

Twitter hashtags are no longer new trends on Twitter anymore unless you are a new user. The pound sign (#) is used by users to find all posts around a particular event, mood, occasion, etc. This tool is also very important for marketers to gather ideas and join in on wide-ranging interaction. The addition of trending and famous Twitter hashtags in your social media posts is a great way to boost your messages to go beyond just your own followers.
However, not all hashtags will work for you, you will learn in this post:

  • How hashtags work
  • What you should and not do
  • How you can find twitter hashtags and
  • Why hashtags are important
  • How Twitter Hashtags work

Hashtagging on Twitter can have considerable influence when it comes to the issue of follower’s count by using general and non-specific hashtags. What we are talking about is that if you hashtag general words, like #motivation, or events, like #TGIF. Your tweet may go beyond your follower list.

How To Leverage New Hashtags With Creative Businesses in 2020

Twitter hashtags encourage people to take part in discussions that have a unique topic. It also makes people engage with one another, even though they don’t follow each other. You must watch out against the use of long and wordy hashtags. However, as it can cause damage to your presence, instead, short and precise hashtags are preferable. You must also kick against the use of too many hashtags in one post as it may come up and appear as sheer desperation before your followers.

How to Effectively Use Hashtags

You must make it easy to remember and spell: Errors and typos will render your hashtags useless and being unable to find; as such, you must make sure you watch out for errors.

You must be realistic:

Don’t expect people to use your hashtags that in no way helps them or that does not fit naturally into what they are searching for.

Do extensive research:

When choosing a hashtag, you must ensure that it is one that is already popular in relation to your brand. However, if your desired hashtag is being used, you must come to a decision on whether to continue using it or not.

The benefit of your hashtag:

People should be persuaded to use your hashtag either by mentioning them in your post or by making them reciprocate a retweet gesture.


Influencers are those with an already established market space in relation to your brand, retweeting them can make you gain the visibility you crave for.

Use hashtags only on Tweets relating to the topic:

Don’t abuse other hashtags, it’s not good! It will look so fake and will cause most readers and viewers to search for real information on the topic to be discouraged. After dismissing your post, they will stay away from your account. Now, we’ve discussed what you should take note of and do but what must you not do, read on to find out:

  • Too many hashtags: You must not overdo your posts with hashtags, one or two hashtags at a go should do the work.
  • People will use your hashtags: You should expect that people will use your hashtags. Without incentive or rather be grateful that your hashtag is fit enough to be spread around by other users.
  • Don’t neglect to clarify your hashtags: Always make sure you explain the reason behind your hashtag so people won’t misuse it.
  • Never use all CAPS LOCK: Well, the exception is only that of acronyms, but besides that, use small lettered words.
  • Don’t underrate the leverage of cool hashtags inside conversations, such as:
  • Holidays and vacations (#WorldPeaceDay)
  • Cultural celebration (#RagDay)
  • World Events and fiesta (#Christmas)

Even though going into and joining trending interactions is recommended, you must be very careful to reply to a crisis. Everyone hates when businesses or brands try to profit from their solidarity and sympathy for victims of circumstances.

How You Can Find Trending Twitter Hashtags

To capture the most reach and the widest range, you will need to find out what is trending at that particular time and create a relevant hashtag for that content. The following tools will give you a description of how you can create appropriate content.

  1. Twitter Native: This is the natural place to find out trending hashtags because it is the actual Twitter website, and it is home to relevant information on the subject.
  2. RiteTag: This tool will not only suggest trends for you but also gives important feedback on your hashtags as you type, which denotes the strength of your twitter Hashtag.
  3. This is another tool that brings uptrend and helps to increase the clicks and conversion on your posts.
Why Hashtags Are Important For Creative People

Why Hashtags Are Important For Creative People

  1. Your profile shows up in Twitter search results
    Including hashtags in your twitter bio helps to increase the “search power” of your profile. By including attractive and inviting hashtags in your bio, you stand a chance of your account appearing among the Top searches and Accounts results in the phases related to your brand.
  2. Hashtags may share your interests
    The most interesting part about being professional on twitter is being able to share what you love about life, your job, your passion, etc. whatever your interest lies in, be it #GGMU. #AmericaIran, #petrabbit, etc. using hashtags in your bio sparks conversation with fellow users.
  3. Straight connection with other professionals
    Including a hashtag in your bio can connect you with others in your related brand and motivates others that follow your brand to share experiences and feelings that concern your business.
    Tip: Include hashtags that are relevant to your brand so you can appear in the top results for Twitter accounts that used those hashtags in their bios.

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