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Will People Still Like Twitter with Paul Singers Takeover

Will People Still Like Twitter with Paul Singer’s Takeover?

Amidst the spread of the COVID-19 infection, there are some aspects and information that people take little to no attention to. Although the spread of the dreaded coronavirus is prevalent, knowing the possibilities of prevention is necessarily relevant. And, one way to do this is consulting the web. With most people browsing the internet all around the clock, you are sure to find a post, comment, or link concerning coronavirus. However, these posts can bury more urgent news and content. 

Today, the social media platform, Twitter, is facing an existential crisis. With the possibility of the company’s CEO being dethroned, Twitter is on the edge of having a massive change under its belt. Since his return as the fourth CEO, Twitter has suffered in both shares and profitability. This, in turn, drove Dorsey to the back seat and was forced out of a job. Reasons including spending too much time in fashion design classes and yoga, Twitter was forced to succumb to a deliberate halt, as mentioned in Nick Bilton’s history of Twitter’s early years. 

Will People Still Like Twitter with Paul Singers Takeover 2

History of Twitter’s Early Days

Last 2015, Jack Dorsey returned as the spearhead of Twitter once again, replacing the previous 2014 CEO, Dick Costolo. Although many thought that Jack would be just a full-time employee that would steadfastly run the company, the exact opposite happened. After a long search on Twitter’s board of directors, Jack was settled as the CEO of Twitter, who was once the Chairman of the said board. Within the same timeline, Jack Dorsey founded another business. Square Inc, a payments company, absorbed Jack and made him CEO. For this reason, Dorsey was seen and has been noted as one of the more unconventional leaders in the business. 

Recently, Jack Dorsey, the company’s co-founder, first CEO, and the fourth returning CEO on the year 2015, is being challenged by a well-known Investor. Fund activist, Paul Singer, allegedly bought a vast amount of stocks on Twitter’s accord. Voicing out the concern for the falling shares and profit of the company, this billion-dollar investor made an appeal to take over Twitter as its new CEO. The post that Paul Singer has posted circumvents the lack of production on the said social media platform and the failure to acquire a definitive user growth.

Twitters Business of Business

Last week, Bloomberg made a statement that Twitter shares decreased at a 6% margin. This analysis produced a conclusion that the question of who to blame is no other than the CEO, Jack Dorsey. As compared to other social media powerhouses, Twitter has been in the latter end of the rope. With the current CEO managing other businesses across the globe, Twitter’s future becomes dimmer by the day. 

With the numerous accounts of failure as the CEO of Twitter – from shares to non-profitable marketing innovations, Jack Dorsey is now facing a case of letting go of the head chair of Twitter. Currently, the billionaire investor and founder of Elliot Management Corp., has taken the first step to provide the change needed by Twitter. Paul Singer has put forth four nominees on Twitter’s board with the objective of replacing Dorsey as the Chief Executive Officer.

The Possibilities of Innovation for Twitter’s Platform

In the beginning, Twitter started as an online messaging platform. With the governance of instant messaging, Twitter has utilized this aspect and grew into one of the biggest social media networks online. With more than 48 million monthly users as of 2020, Twitter offers a diverse place for people to interact, communicate, and share.

Alongside with the vast majority of people using Twitter and their smartphones to check on daily updates, marketers have also begun to catch the drift. With more than half of the global businesses use Twitter as an advertising platform, companies are making Twitter’s environment a steady community for market competition. 

And, with the introduction of a new innovative possibility, Twitter can now reach a higher status as a leading social media platform. Not only that, but the opportunities your business get with a profitable platform provides you with a boost in advertising and marketing strategies.

Twitter Followers may Acquire Better Connections

Users can accommodate different social media platforms all at once. Most people exchange different information on a myriad of platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, and many more, including Twitter. However, the issue from the past governance of Jack Dorsey made Twitter into a stale platform, which leads to a drop in the company’s shares. But, with the chances of a challenger ousting the current CEO, Twitter users may again enjoy the proliferating community in the platform. 

With the changes nearing development, marketers would have increased chances to connect with potential influencers and industry heads. Innovations like better engagement probabilities, personalized content, and increase profile visibility on the same community niche, would become possible. Moreover, Twitter uses conciseness to hand out material. This makes Twitter a vital tool that condenses brevity as its forte. 

Twitter Followers Audience Change?

When you compare Twitter posts and Facebook posts, you will find that Twitter posts are short, brief, and discreet. On the other hand, Facebook posts, often have long-winding content, which can lead readers and views, losing their attention. But with Twitter’s 140 character limit tweets, users can deliver the necessary material to their Twitter followers and never miss the reader’s attention. 

Furthermore, community management makes branding easier for marketers. The innovative step to create a better Twitter platform gives users a better experience in handling their profile. Since hashtags have been used all around the internet, often on social media platforms like Twitter, you can create a diverse line of audiences. Moreover, branded hashtags encompass 70% of any given hashtag landscape, and most of them generate potential leads for the marketer.

The Bottom Line: Will Twitter Experience be the Same For Its Users?

Marketing channels are in high demand, especially for influencers and companies garnering online presence. Since Twitter is embarking on a new venture with a new CEO in mind, it offers vast opportunities for users to connect with other people. Plus, adding a sustainable and dedicated user base, the company can let users experience the same field of Twitter with an inarguably better interface.

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Published on: 20 March 2020
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