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Performance Advertising On Twitter: What It is and How It Works

Performance Advertising On Twitter: What It Is and How It Works

Twitter is a beneficial platform for businesses. The social media giant knows this fact, so it creates tools that brands can utilize. In fact, the platform even said that it is aware that there is an opportunity to equip businesses on Twitter better. For this reason, it developed various tools that help businesses in running campaigns, drive people to their websites, and maximize conversations. 

Moreover, the social media giant is working hard to create a roadmap that will deliver more excellent performance at a greater scale. Also, it aims to establish a more efficient advertising business that is driven by performance on Twitter. 

Performance Advertising On Twitter: What It is and How It Works

Indeed, the efforts that Twitter exerted has made a lot of progress, especially for brands buying Twitter followers. Some of the progress that it was able to achieve are:

Ad Platform Architecture Rebuild

Twitter rebuilt its ad platform architecture. This improved the state of the platform’s systems. In addition, it reinforced the foundation of its ad business.

Advance Mobile Measurement (AMM) Program

Last year, the social media giant launched its Advance Mobile Measurement or AMM program. This tool aims to provide advertisers with enhanced measurement of lifetime value. 

New Twitter Composer

The social media giant has also released its new Twitter Composer to help enable faster creative development and iteration.

SKAdNetwork Support

To provide campaign reporting for iOS 14 and attribute installs, Twitter added support of SKAdNetwork to its services. Notable, SKAdNetwork is Apple’s attribution service. 

Performance Advertising On Twitter: What It is and How It Works

Improvement of the Platform’s Advertising Algorithm

Twitter has taken several steps to improve its algorithm. One of these is the launch of the Learning Period, allowing the platform’s prediction models to learn and optimize campaigns’ delivery.

Moreover, the platform’s investment in performance advertising also includes expanding its ad format’s capabilities. This provides advertisers with more options to show and tell people about their brand’s story. What is even better is that these brands can do that while providing a more engaging and intuitive experience for their target audiences. Also, Twitter has recently redesigned its Video Website Cards’’ video controls. This made it easier for people to navigate and launch improvements to Twitter’s App Cards.

Twitter Released Its Improved Carousel Ads Globally

Carousel ads are made to help drive better performance for brands. Such is done by providing these brands with a more immersive and interactive experience that consumers can engage with. Besides, it enables future opportunities for performance objectives within the mobile app and website. Now, Twitter is making this ad format available for all advertisers around the globe. 

Moreover, carousel ads are composed of two to six horizontally swipeable videos or images that prompt people to a website or app. Advertisers can make their own Carousel ads by going to the Tweet Composer located in the Ads Manager. Alternatively, they can also create ads using the said format via the Ads API. In addition, they can use the ads they created either organically or prompted. 

The Carousel ad format has an edge to edge design, accessibility support, and third-party measurement reporting. It also has new reporting features, including breakdowns to measure individual Carousel ad performance, as well as swipes within the Carousel. 

The beta testing results of this new development are worth noting. On average, for Website Carousels, Twitter saw an approximately 15 percent increase in installs per impression relative to single-asset formats.

On the other hand, there is an estimated 24 percent increase in install per impression relative to single-asset formats for App Carousels on average.

Furthermore, the social media giant expects these results to change depending on the region, general availability, and industries and platforms. 

The Benefits of Carousel Ads

The first and probably one of the best benefits you can get from Carousel Ads is that it helps you engage your audience. This is because the said ad format features an edge to edge design, allowing people to jump from one card to another seamlessly.

Performance Advertising On Twitter: What It is and How It Works

Also, Carousel Ads drive the right actions. It is available on all Website and App objectives. It is also accessible in Videos Views when using Video Carousels. Carousels can even be used in Engagement and Awareness campaigns, making it a good tool to utilize if you want to build your brand’s personality.

Another good thing about Carousel ads is that they are easy to create. They also follow  Twitter’s image and video format’s creative specifications. For this reason, you will be able to focus on your own story.

Lastly, the said ad format has relevant analytics and strong metric coverage. These are available to help you understand things about Carousel performance, such as swipe reporting and card level.

Moreover, the Carousel Ad format is indeed beneficial for businesses and brands. It allows them to use visuals to tell a story that could attract these brands’ target audiences’ attention. With Carousel Ad, brands can create a visual narrative that could keep viewers engaged and informed, from the beginning to the end. 

What is Next For Twitter

The social media giant is indeed providing various ways for businesses to advertise on the platform easily. Twitter also noted that its developments are only an early step in its journey. It added that it plans to build a more effective performance advertising business. For this reason, it is increasing its investment across different initiatives. 

For instance, the platform updated its Mobile App objectives, like stronger optimization and bidding options. It also enhanced the Twitter Website Tag that aims to increase the accuracy of key advertiser campaign metrics like return on ad spend. Finally, Twitter also improved its creative advertising formats. 

Furthermore, the social media giant said that it is aware that there is still a lot to develop and do. However, the things that it has accomplished so far encourage Twitter’s team to do better.

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Published on: 3 December 2020
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