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Why you should promote your business on Twitter

Why you should promote your business on Twitter

If you are an entrepreneur, it is of immense importance that you find which social media suits your enterprise. Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms that attract a lot of potential customers to it because of its massive user base. If you are a business owner with an interest in using Twitter to increase your brand awareness, then it is sacrosanct that you actively promote your business on twitter. Before you commit your time into promoting your business on twitter, you will struggle with one or all of these questions in your mind:

  • How useful is twitter for my business?
  • What goal can I achieve with promoting my business on twitter

If you can’t answer those questions, the chances are high that you won’t be committed to advertising your business on Twitter. As such, we decided to write five reasons why you should be promoting your business on Twitter. But before we discuss these reasons, let’s try to answer these questions.

Why you should promote your business on Twitter

How useful is Twitter for my business?

With over 340 million monthly users, Twitter is an effective platform to connect with potential customers, and some businesses have seen the usefulness of this platform. This platform is handy in communicating with customers, and as such, companies, whether small or large,  use twitter to get feedback from their customers. Also, the cost of promoting your business is low, giving a substantial return on investment.

What goals can I achieve by promoting my business on Twitter?

Before you proceed in promoting your business on Twitter, you must decide on the goals you want to achieve from taking this step. Some common goals are;

  • Leads and sales generation
  • Increase in Brand awareness
  • A more effective customer support channel
  • Building community
  • Creating a positive opinion

You must determine your objective to measure your performance on this micro-blogging site.  

Five reasons to promote your business on Twitter

1. It drives traffic to your Website:

Statistically, half of the people that visit a Twitter profile also visit the website displayed on that profile. Isn’t that Amazing?

Apart from the links on your profile, you can also share links to your blogs when your tweet, it will drive traffic to your website. If your followers find your content engaging, you will position yourself as a credible source of information, which will make the readers of your website content loyal to you. You can make use of some social media management tools like Buffer, SproutSocial, etc. to schedule your tweet.

2. You can expand your market reach with ease:

With every new product you release, you will need a new set of customers to buy it, and you can easily find those customers on Twitter. You can connect with them easily without having to wait for them to notice your product. If you consistently post good content, you can increase the reach of your content, and that will get more eyes on your product, you can convert those eyes into loyal customers if you consistently interact with them.

One way to get noticed is by interacting with Influencers; however, be careful about how you approach an influencer as there’s a lot that goes into that.

3. It is open:

Twitter’s aim has always been to promote easy access to connect and open communication with fellow community members on Twitter. Except you send a DM, every conversation that you or your competitor have with a prospect is open, every conversation between two users is open. With this ability to see discussions that are going on, you can find a client that needs your product and check what your customers are saying about your brand. When you promote your business on Twitter, it helps you in finding the pain points that your customers have, and you can share solutions with them.

Another advantage of Twitter being open is that other prospects can discover your brand and make a decision to contact you

Since the purpose of your Twitter account is business, then I’ll assume that you already have a target market, and to find your target market, you should know some specific keywords that are unique to the niche in focus. To optimize this process and save time, you can use some Twitter-based tools such as Statusbrew (for hashtags), Hootsuite (for keywords), Sproutsocial (for mentions), and TweetDeck (for profiles, keywords, hashtags, and specific conversations)

4. Real-time conversation between you and your customer:

Twitter allows you to have open communication with your leads and prospects; this feature is probably one of the most notable benefits of promoting your business on Twitter. You can have a conversation with your customers in real-time.

In context to customer care and support, it is conducive for your customer when he/she want to contact you for clarification. You can solve issues for your customers with ease; this will significantly increase customer satisfaction as you can quickly answer their questions and solve their problems in a jiffy as opposed to taking days and weeks to send Mails back and forth.

5. You can identify and target customers:

If you are still contemplating on why you should use Twitter for your business, this is the point that will further convince you.

Because Twitter is open, it is easy to identify and target a potential customer;  this is so because you have access to user’s interests, profile bios, and websites. It helps you to understand a potential customer before approaching or targeting the customers. If your target is a specific persona, you can search for any information that your persona has on Twitter.

Twitter ads will provide you a variety of demographics so that your ad can effectively target a persona.

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