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Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

The modern world for the last two decades has seen a rise in the use of social media platforms. These platforms have made social networking easier. A multitude of people around the world use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It is easy to think that these platforms are only used for entertainment and fun.

These platforms have become a great tool in the hands of marketers and advertisers. The reason behind this is that social media reaches millions of people around the world. It is hard to see a person who is not on one or two social media platforms. Therefore the chances of reaching a wider audience are possible through the use of social media.

Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

What is Direct Message?

Direct messages refer to the private part of Twitter. They are employed to have conversations you don’t want the public to see or participate in. It is a vital tool for social media marketers. Through the use of direct messages, you can send private messages to your followers. The applications of direct messages include:

Product launch and awareness: Through the use of direct messages, your followers will know about your new products. You can run a promotion before the start of a new product through DMs. This is a great way to increase your Twitter Followers.

You can run competitions and contests: This is a beneficial strategy for engaging your audience. Conducting contests through Twitter’s direct message. You can use it to keep your audience informed about the creation of new contests.

Having spoken about the uses of a direct message on Twitter, we shall now look at tools that can help you send an automated direct message on Twitter. Here they are:


This is regarded as the most effective tool for sending a direct automated message on Twitter. Previously known as ‘just follow’ is a social media engagement tool. The application is vital to core creators. It allows you to schedule posts on Instagram as well as send automated direct messages on Twitter. One advantage of this app is that you can add several welcome direct messages, and they will all be sent out randomly. This is helpful because it will show creativity and won’t make your messages sound monotonous.

Tweet Manager

This tool performs a similar function with a personal assistant on Twitter. The role of sending automated direct messages is carried out correctly. Besides sending messages, it can show other vital tasks such as schedule tweets, post messages in bulk, set up automated retweets. Also, the app is user- friendly when compared to other tools used for automated direct messages. With these tools, you can track Twitter users by entering the desired keywords with the tweet manager. You can make use of multiple Twitter accounts through the use of a secure managing facility.


This tool is entirely free. It is a management that is very useful for sending an automated direct message. It is user – friendly and straightforward to make and manage twitter accounts very securely. Essential features of this tool include;

  • Remove people who refuse to follow you back.
  • It makes it easier to remove users who are not active.
  • It can be used on Mobile phones since it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. These include Nokia, Apple.
  • It makes it easy to track people who are following you with their social media accounts through real-time reports.

App Unfollowers

When placed side by side with other tools mentioned here, this app seems less effective. However, it seems to have a lot of hidden reasons behind its success with marketers, business owners, and brand promoters around the world.

This tool does things other tools don’t do. These include;

  • Access to Information about new followers
  • Tracking non-followers is easy with the app.
  • Removing new followers that are not following you can be done easily with this app.
  • You can easily remove fake users as well. These are referred to as EGGS. They usually have fake Twitter accounts.
  • You can view trending topics such as global or national issues with this app.

Social Oomph

Here is another popular tool for sending automated direct messages on Twitter. Sending personal messages to all your followers is a difficult task to undertake. It takes a lot of time to get done manually. This problem can be solved through this app. However, it is not free, but it is worth the price. Feature of this tool include:

  • Save and reuse drafts saved
  • Track keywords
  • It makes it possible to use multiple accounts on Twitter. However, a maximum of five is what is allowed
  • Filter profiles to know who is real or not.
  • Schedule tweets
  • Secure your Twitter access.


This is one of the oldest tools for social media users to send automated direct messages on Twitter. However, it can’t send an automated message. It can allow you to send the message to anybody as long as you don’t leave its interface.

The tool can be used to manage social media pages as well as promote these pages. However, it is not a free tool, especially if you want to make use of the pro version and all its benefits. One advantage is that it allows you to synchronize multiple social media profiles.


This tool can be used for both Instagram and Twitter. The automated messages sent through this tool will get mentioned with the tool name after the period of a free trial. Users can send messages to everyone at once. To send messages to all followers, select “All Followers.” A critical feature of this app is that it won’t allow your data to leak anywhere online.

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Published on: 20 April 2020
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