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Seven Simple Tips for Twitter Follower Success

Seven Simple Tips for Twitter Follower Success

Twitter is one of the most efficient communication tools. It is available to anyone who wishes to use the site to disseminate information as fast as possible. Twitter introduced a new medium of communication that no one knew was possible. Just like what you have in other social media sites, Twitter has its own rules and regulations, and expectedly there are consequences for disobeying those laid down ethics.
Although the goal of every Twitter user involves having followers, you can’t just have followers and not have a high engagement rate. The reason why having a high number of followers is essential is because of the high interaction that comes along. In fact, this list shows you the best sites to buy Twitter Followers from if you are new. How many of your followers find your post interesting enough to like, retweet, and favorite your post.

Seven Simple Tips for Twitter Follower Increase

“Below are seven simple tips that will guarantee you of Twitter’s success.”


1) Be yourself for Twitter Followers that are similar

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy reality TV shows? It is because it is in human nature to like people who are themself. As such, you have to take advantage of this by being yourself.
One way to do this is by following a selected category of people that will be interested in your post as they may follow you back. Although, you might feel that following everyone will make everyone follow you back. Sorry to burst your bubble. That’s not true! This is so because you may find it difficult to relate to some tweets from those you’re following, and they may not follow you back if the content of your post does not appeal to them. What this means is that you’re just shoring up their list of followers. Without both of you adding any meaningful value to each other, your just numbers. You have to focus on those that seem concerned about any matter that concerns you; only follow those that accept your ideology. And if you’re using Twitter for business, then I’ll advise that you only follow industry leaders, social media influencers, competitors, and your potential market.

2) Tweet as Social Media Twitter Giants do

Don’t limit what you’re using Twitter for to enjoyment; you should use the micro-blogging site to leverage on your professional business, educate yourself, and disseminate information that your followers will find useful. Twitter shouldn’t just be a medium for wasting your free time; you should use it to find places to spend your free time. Get the gist?

3) Stop Spamming for Twitter Followers

People hate spamming. As such, ensure that you’re never perceived by people to be spam account; this will result in people ignoring your tweets, and they’ll even unfollow you if they feel excessively disturbed. One way to come across to people as a spam account is by aggressively asking people to buy a product. Engaging in such behavior may cause you to lose the followers that you have, and they’ll even block you if you send these messages via DM.
In summary, Spamming will make you hated by many and loved by a few.

4) Respect Users More Than Twitter Following

No one is interested in the routine details of your personal life. Even celebrities hardly get a high engagement rate for posting boring stuff when compared with their previous tweets. This is so because your followers are more interested in the post that will entertain or educate them than those without any meaningful value.
Although Twitter won’t penalize you for posting junks such as your plans for the day, your favorite furniture, your diet, etc. However, you will be penalized by your followers with low engagement and unfollow. I’m yet to find a social media user who likes garbage, ensure that you’re not the one to dish it out. If you don’t have anything to tweet about, then don’t tweet. But when you get valuable information that your followers will find exciting, then dish it out unreserved.

7 Tips for Twitter Follower Success

5) Stop Blog Spam (Duh!)

Use Twitter as it should be used, don’t spam other tweets and hashtags because you want to get traffic to your blog. There are different ways to do this without being annoying. Although this method works for a short while, it won’t last long as people will begin to get weary of your brand. If you care about your brand name, then spamming is not an excellent way to increase website visitors.

6) Twitter as a Marketing tool

Twitter is a very great tool to market your product if you have the right strategy. You should have it in mind that if your followers feel that you’re over-promoting your tweets. Then, they will have a negative feeling about your business online. This alone can ruin whatever marketing strategy that you must have set in place.
Twitter can help you to develop a stable relationship with the right people. Thus, it can enable you to sell your product quickly. If you’re having a satisfactory volume of sales, then twitter can be that medium for contacting your followers and making them loyal.

7) Twitter for Networking

Twitter is probably one of the best tools out there for networking; this is the biggest strength of the micro-blogging site. You can find and contact your current business clients, your competitor’s business clients, your potential customers, and your target market. If you have the right strategy and social media tool, Twitter is an excellent marketing tool. There are Twitter tools that will help you to analyze the activities on your Twitter account, send auto-direct messages, and automate your Twitter profile to reach your marketing goals.

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Published on: 8 January 2020
Posted by: E O
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