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A Sneak Peek to the New Look of Twitter: How the Social Media Giant Got There

A Sneak Peek to the New Look of Twitter: How Social Followers Evolved

Buying real followers on Twitter has been around for some time now. It has changed the way it looks several times already. In fact, the social media platform’s aesthetic look today is far different from the simple look that it had when it was first launched.

But this 2021’s change in Twitter’s look is quite different. This is because the team behind the update wanted the art-first approach to the brand identity. This approach is something that encompassed emotion and expression. For this reason, this time, Twitter did not build up the system from each component part nor built around a particular element. Rather, it embarked upon an intentionally imperfect creative design system. 

A Sneak Peek to the New Look of Twitter: How the Social Media Giant Got There

This time, Twitter did not work with huge and well-known companies. Instead, it contacted Atelier Irradie in Paris. This company had a global perspective and a portfolio filled with things about fashion and beauty. In addition, it has a design aesthetic that Twitter knew would be just right for what it wanted to do. 

According to Twitter, Atelier Irradie were great partners. They were also able to capture the vibe, attitude, and energy of the social media platform.

Moreover, emotion and expression differ depending on the mood, topic, locale, or just the tilt of the sun. Twitter’s system lets users express whatever they feel.

The Work For the New Twitter Design 

Twitter wanted the work to be ripped, torn, bold, digital, and layered. On top of that, it wanted it to be courageous along with having energy and motion.

The social media giant said that it used tears to reveal information or to put the focus on a particular thing. Textures and layers, on the other hand, represent the continuous stream of intersecting and overlapping conversation. 

It also used colors that pop in order to convey intensity, humor, as well as authenticity. In addition, it grounded everything to the iconic logo, the Twitter shade of blue, and tweets. 

Twitter Introduced Chirp

Moreover, the social media giant b  worked with @grillitype in Switzerland. The aim is to develop, the platform’s very first proprietary typeface — Chirp. 

Chirp is a balance of messy and sharp. This way, it is able to amplify the fun and irreverence of a tweet. Apart from that, it can also carry any amount of seriousness when needed.

To be able to do such, Twitter mixed European Grotesque and American Gothic Styles. It also added particular handmade quirks of early woodcut specimens. As a result, it gives the platform a versatile and contemporary family along with international sensibilities. As of now, Twitter is in the process of extending Chirp to other languages other than the Latin alphabet.   

Furthermore, the core of Twitter remains the same. What only changed is the way it shows up. The social media platform feels like Twitter’s new look is the truest form and reflection of who it is as a company as well as what its service represents. 

A Sneak Peek to the New Look of Twitter: How the Social Media Giant Got There

Twitter Embraced Imperfection

Five years have passed ever since Twitter last updated its branding. But after assessing the current state of its creative expression, the marketing team felt as if it was time for some changes. 

The aforementioned look of the brand is inspired by the complexity of daily interactions in the Twitter community. 

During the past few years, the social media giant faced hard scrutiny for the way it has enforced its policies. This is because the platform is a collection of every sort of thought that came and is still coming from all around the world. Combine all these thoughts together and it forms a dialogue that is impossible to moderate and control. 

Rather than having a clean-cut and corporate approach, the social media giant seems to have adopted an entirely different direction. It embraced its imperfection and gave the floor to the people in every aspect of its brand. This new look seems to level the platform down to an individual contributor feel. It was announced barely one day after the company announced Tweet Deck Upgrades as well as Birdwatch. 

As mentioned, the new Twitter look has lots of textures, layering, mixing media, expressions, and messages. Needless to say, the creative process behind this is like creating a scrapbook. These were all combined with the aim to capture the essence of imperfect, unpredictable, and powerful, conversations that happen on the platform every day. 

Even Chirp has a new and bold look that can reflect emotion and imperfection better.  

Moreover, although the details about how the new look will present itself entirely remain to be seen, users will already be able to take a peek at the examples of it in Leslie Berland’s — the CMO of Twitter — account. It is also available on Twitter’s Brand Team profiles. 

A Sneak Peek to the New Look of Twitter: How the Social Media Giant Got There

Final Thoughts

Imperfection is something that everyone has. Twitter is aware of this fact. This is the reason why it is now embracing imperfections through the new look that its brand managers and two other collaborators are working with. 

Probably, more people will be able to relate to the new look that the social media platform has. Leslie Berland even said on her Twitter trend that they felt as if the brand expression that they launched half a decade ago was not able to entirely reflect on the fluidity, complexity, and power of conversations that people have today. This is the reason why their team accepted the unique challenge of building a creative system for an iconic brand that is complex and imperfect. 

She added that the conversations on Twitter are all sorts of emotions. They are messy, intense, complex, hilarious, inspiring, and weird and all the other emotions you can think of. But if there are two words that describe these conversations, they are raw and real. 

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Published on: 15 April 2021
Posted by: Joy P
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