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Ten Examples of Fun Content That You Can Post on Twitter

Ten Examples of Fun Content That You Can Post on Twitter

Twitter has increased her capacity in the visual form and encourages users to follow suit. People want to log into their Twitter account to catch fun at its utmost. Fun, in terms of entertainment, getting exposed to reliable information, and of course, to shop for some goods. Likewise, they want a conversation they can flow with and contribute their say. Do not exempt your account from the fun. You need to keep up with surprising content.

Before dropping a post, look before you leap! Understand your followers quite right, and have a reason or rather say, an objective in mind. Answer questions like knowing what your post is meant to achieve, is your post going to teach, gist, entertain, or inform? Apart from creating fantastic content, you should also learn to combine them with interacting characters like GIFs, emojis, and appropriate pictures. You can even use these special characters to tell a story or unveil your new arrivals. It is one such way to say so much in few words. Remember, whatever your post is, keep it short and sweet.

Bearing in mind that fun means different things to different people, highlighted below are few contents you can engage yourself in.

1. Video-like Contents

Do you know your content can be related to amazing short video clips? Now you know. It is more relaxing to watch videos these days as people now prefer motion than static graphics. Make page lively by getting your followers to watch some exciting video clips. With this, you make them laugh while passing a message at the same time. You might decide to go for a funny video clip, product advert clip, and interview sessions. Some applications can help in creating an excellent video clip.

2. Outdoor Gist

Well, like they say, ‘there is time for everything.’ As time changes, events unveil…work, play, holidays, trips, name it! Posting updates of these moments is not a bad idea at all. Good content can comprise of your traveling experiences, game outing, and the likes. That apart, did you get to meet a celebrity during the day? Did your child act funny? Drop a short post about it, while the gist is still hot!

3. Conversation on what you do

I can go on to list one million and one activities people engage in, both professional and non-professionals ones. Become the role model people seek by coming up with content evolving around that you do. Ranging from the latest information and news, all to the new inventions. You can also decide to write about outstanding leaders in your field. Well, to do this, you have to stay conversant in your field.

4. Do-It-Yourself Talks

How-tos are as relevant today as it uses to be. People are out there yearning for information. You can be one of the sources of the information on request. Examples of these include dressing tips for both sexes, how to make a type of dish, hair styling ideas, styles for clothes, DIYs, etc.


Quotes have deeper meanings than what it appears to mean on the surface. In fact, different meanings can be drawn out from a single quote. Intelligent folks tend to relate whatever quote they come across to their present situation.

Therefore, consistent quotes from great people around the world are undoubtedly a fantastic way to show you care. Go ahead to motivate your Twitter followers with those beautiful quotes. Give them some dosage in the morning to brighten up their day and yet another to make them dream a brighter future.

6. Jokes

Paraphrasing from Wikipedia’s definition, jokes are funny words structured in a way to make people laugh. I agree with the fact that there are ‘dry jokes,’ however, let’s concentrate on the funny ones.

A hilarious joke is a good one for night and weekend posts. You ask why? People want to relax after a hectic day at work, and weekends are anticipated days of the week. Bring TGIF real to your followers by posting a joke originated by you or reposting from a known comedian.

7. Q&A

Test your follower’s intelligence by presenting a Question and Answer. These questions may cause across all sectors – Politics, the entertainment world, general questions, and What-do-you-think questions as well. Ignite the inquisitive mood of your readers. You can ask a question like ‘Can you describe a world without Twitter?’ Talking about a movie series isn’t that bad too. Ask people about what they think will happen in the next episode. The participation of followers is high through this method.

8. Throwbacks

Keep your friend’s memory fresh by bringing up the good old times. The music and movies of the ’80s and 90’s, comparison between the when- it- use- to -be and the way it is now and other inventions. Make it more fun by including pictures of comparing. You can also tag an old friend who can relate well with your throwbacks.

9. Live Event updates

As an event is ongoing, be it your event or the one you are attending, posting interesting phrases mentioned by a panelist on the platform will educate, at the same time, make people who miss out in the event follow accordingly. You can add flavor to it by including pictures of the experience. Do well to tag the speaker, forgetting not to put the right hashtag as well.

10. Tell a story

Stories do not have to be long before they make meaning. Fiction and non-fiction stories are some of the useful contents to subscribe to. Make your stories bring a smile to your reader’s face. After all, everyone deserves some kind of pet, such as good bedtime stories. Go ahead and put up some emotion-filled stories.

Published on: 6 November 2019
Posted by: Kam R
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