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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Accidentally Got Banned from Twitter for 12 Hours

The Pattern of “Accidental Bans” on Twitter is a Good Thing

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) got locked out of her personal Twitter account for some reason. Twitter says that this incident was caused by an error in its system.

Not the First Time?

This occurrence was not the first time the controversial representative got locked out of the social media site in recent months. She was also temporarily banned from Twitter last January. Her banishment at that time was because she committed multiple violations against Twitter’s civic integrity policy. It was after she expressed her belief that the 2020’s election was stolen. She also called Georgia election administrator Gabriel Sterling a moron. In the past, Greene has also supported other wild conspiracy theories. These reasons led to her exile from the network.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Accidentally Got Banned from Twitter for 12 Hours

Twitter’s Statement on the Accidental Ban

The action performed against Greene was a mistake by the system, Twitter says. Furthermore, the social media network disclosed the way they decide if an account is worthy of a ban or not. The statement said that the site uses a combination of manual and automatic reviews to enforce its rules. The Twitter camp claims that in this event, it was their system that took enforcement action.

Rep. Greene’s Statement Regarding the Matter

Of course, when Rep. Marjorie Greene found out that she was locked out of her Twitter account, she was shocked. The fact that the site did not explain why or how she violated its policies also added to Greene’s frustration. Then they claimed that it was the system’s fault. Greene does not buy this. She believes that it was on purpose. So, once Greene got her account back, the first thing she did was ask. In a tweet she posted, she expressed her disappointment and disbelief. Greene criticized how slow Twitter was in fixing this “little” error. To her, it implies that, after all, it was intentional. In the same post, she asked Twitter’s chief executive officer Jack Dorsey for who was the employee that is responsible for her exile. The tweet also revealed that she had sent an email to the CEO asking about this. However, now many are wondering if Rep Greene was buying Twitter Followers that would account for the growth once the ban was expired. Clearly, nobody really cares about political representatives being banned on Twitter. Many assume this growth of Twitter followers is a result of her purchasing them, but it’s impossible to prove either way.

Greene’s disbelief mainly comes from the time the incident has happened. On the same day this happened, the Democrats raised a petition to revoke her position in Congress. Therefore, Greene believes they are behind this, and Twitter is siding with them.

Behind the Movement to Expel Rep. Greene From the Congress

As stated above, Greene had a history of supporting conspiracy theories. For example, she once supported the QAnon movement. This theory claims that US ex-president Donald Trump was waging war against “evil people” in the government, businesses, and media. They have confidence that Trump will win this war, and the “Satan-worshipping pedophiles” will be arrested and punished. 

This conspiracy theory started in 2017 when an anonymous user made several posts on the message board 4chan. The user claimed to have “Q clearance,” which gave him a level of US security approval. Donal Trump does not endorse this theory, but he described the movement’s followers as true lovers of the country. 

The Pattern of Accidental Bans on Twitter Followers

During the riot in the US Capitol, supporters of the QAnon Theory are among those who stormed the building. Though Greene was not one of them, she was a supporter of the movement.

Aside from this, Greene has stated that school shootings were staged. In an old video found by the NBS News, she mocked a school shooting survivor. Greene repeatedly said that David Hogg, the survivor, is skillfully trained to talk only when there is a script. She also stated that she had various encounters with Hogg, who became a gun safety advocate. She wants him to realize that if the guards at Hogg’s school at that time had guns, none of the unfortunate events would have happened. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Accidentally Got Banned from Twitter for 12 Hours

Perhaps the biggest reason why the Democrats want her removed as a congresswoman is because of her showing approval for political violence. Before taking office, she signaled approval to the execution of top Democrats. This is proven by found Facebook posts and comments. One comment on Facebook asked how they can “hang” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. To which, Greene was seen to reply that the stage is being set. She said it would soon happen, but it would require lots of patience. According to her, the issue is being approached carefully, or else the Dems are likely to avoid punishment. 

For these reasons, Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.) raised a petition to expel Greene out of Congress. 70 other Democrats backed this movement.

A Possible Reason Why Twitter’s System Erroneously Suspended Green’s Account

Twitter is not new to banning what they consider are problematic accounts. For instance, it is not uncommon knowledge that former US President Donald Trump is permanently not allowed on the platform. This action was done after the attack on the US Capitol. Twitter deemed that Trump’s tweets are harmful and could lead to more violence. 

As mentioned earlier, Twitter’s policies are enforced by humans and computer systems. In Rep. Marjorie Greene’s recent case, it was the system that took action. Being part of several controversies in the past has probably affected how the system sees her, especially when she is a hot topic among discussions. This could be how the system made a mistake. However, this is just speculation. Only the Twitter team knows the truth behind their action, and they claim it is purely an accident.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Accidentally Got Banned from Twitter for 12 Hours

Takeaway – It’s A Good Thing

This incident has highlighted some problems in social media regarding their regulations. With this accident, one would ask, in truth, how reliable are social media systems? How prone are they to making mistakes? People who had the same experience with Greene would wonder, how transparent are these companies with their decisions? How honest are they to their users? When making decisions like this, do they consider ethics and safety as their only standards? Or do they factor in personal bias as well? These are just some of the questions tech companies are yet to answer. After all, it’s just Twitter – there is no conceivable way this trend getting bigger could pose a problem to people with anti-government views in the far-off future. Twitter is a private corporation, and corporations are people too, my friend!

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Published on: 22 April 2021
Posted by: Joy P
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