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The Best Tips On How To Keep Your Followers On Twitter

The Best Tips On How To Keep Your Followers On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps in our world today. It has become an essential source of information on events as they occur around the world. Sometimes twitter even conveys information before official news agencies. So not only does twitter reflect personal views or interests. It has become a mainstay for information dissemination.

Twitter communicates information in a personalized manner. Hence maintaining followership can be more delicate. It doesn’t just require flash and bling. A bit of subtlety and craft is needed.

Tips On How To Keep Your Followers On Twitter

Tweet Regularly

One of the best ways of maintaining your followership on Twitter is tweeting regularly. Not just tweeting per se, but engaging your audience with compelling, captivating posts without posting too frequently or annoying them. To maintain or increase your followership on Twitter, you need to apply an aggressive content model. Recent studies have shown that you might need to take three to seven tweets per day.

You can equally adopt what researchers call the super tweet method. Adopting this tweeting strategy might require tweeting less frequently, but tweets have to be more impactful; The idea being to make maximum impact with fewer tweets. However, both models require well thought out tweets, and whichever tweet model you choose, tweeting regularly is the right way of maintaining and even increasing your Twitter followership.

Post At The Right Time

Target making tweets when followers are most likely online. On weekdays, early afternoons are the best time to tweet. Although after work and weekends are great periods to post, work hours and workdays are equally suitable periods to make a post. You can stay in the minds of your followers throughout the week.

Generally, the target is to make tweets when followers are active and more likely to reply or communicate. This is why early afternoons are suitable for making impact tweets. Most working-class followers would most likely be on their lunch-break at this time. Research has shown that people(especially working class) see early afternoons as an excellent time to relax and check social media.

Increasing Visual Contents

Attaching images to your tweets is the right way of drawing attention. Pictures can whet people’s appetites. Research has shown that tweets with visual content get more likes and re-tweets than those without images or photographs.

Attaching pictures and images to your tweet is a good way of halting serial scrollers. It is equally an excellent way to have fun. Photos can make your followers relate better to your emotions, ideas, and feelings. Infographics are not left out. Showing stats visually increases impact and understanding.

So when next you want to tweet, you should consider adding pictures or images.

Trying The HashTag Wonder

Hashtags are a compelling and useful way of increasing your tweet impacts. Consider hashtags as a type of SEO for your tweets. Hashtags make your tweets searchable, thus expanding its reach. Research has shown that tweets with hashtags receive 12.6 percent more engagement than those without. Adopting hashtags is a smart way to make your tweets readily accessible to your followers and even beyond your current followers.

Interact With Your Followers

Interacting with your followers doesn’t imply that you should be online all day. You simply have to try to maximize your time online. Scheduled tweets are quite useful. However, it requires a delicate blend with actual tweets( unscheduled tweets). Tweets planned, when used exclusively, can make you lose touch with your followers.

Nothing beats communicating and replying to your followers directly. It makes them feel important and relevant. You can achieve this by trying to respond to tweets immediately. For brands, this is very important and helps to increase authenticity. Try being kind to other brands on your account. This can be very rewarding, as most times, they return the favor. After all, they say one right turn deserves another.

Another tip is to tag others when making a tweet. Especially those you find relevant/important. Most times, they equally return the favor.

Being tagged in a tweet is the right way of keeping and increasing relevance. You can equally get new followers when people/other brands tag you.

Keep an Interesting Profile

Keeping an impressive profile is pretty simple.

Firstly you need to have a good profile photo. For brands, you can use a high definition logo. If you don’t have a quality or convincing logo, a clear picture might be the best choice.

Secondly, use relevant tags, industry keywords, and a precise location.

Lastly, try to give a brief description of your brand, brand personality, and uniqueness.

Syncing Your Contacts

Having a strong base allows stability and growth. Your contacts are more attached to and are more likely to show loyalty. Syncing your contacts with your twitter account gives you a strong foundation to grow and maintain followership.

Increasing Followers

When you aim for the sky, your target should at least land on a tree. Adopt aggressive and strategic growth tips. This includes linking your social media handles, e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This exposes you to more people or business opportunities. When your followership steadily increases, your followers feel privileged to be associated with a growing brand or a famous personality. Ensuring you keep getting new Twitter followers will at least replace the few that you do lose.

Make Your Content Personal(Brand identity)

Choose the content that reflects your profile personality. People followed you for a reason, hence the need to stay in touch. Let your tweets reflect this personality. Your followers or subscribers then find you to be real and consistent for brands trying to share content or products that are in inline or in tune with your brand’s goals.

Avoid Controversial Issues

To maintain or keep your Twitter followers, you should always try to avoid controversial issues. This is equally very important for brands too. Try to stay neutral and avoid taking a strong stance on controversial issues (e.g., race, politics, religion) to avoid losing or enraging followers.

This doesn’t mean you can’t take a stand on issues. Expressing your self is equally important. In fact, self-expression is part of what makes Twitter unique. Not everyone might agree or share your views. However, if disagreements are done peacefully and cordially, mutual respect is created and maintained. Try always to strike a balance( between your opinions and hurting/angering others )

By rule, you should always ensure that your tweets are not offensive. Reigning insults on people or followers and making racist comments should not even be considered. Actions like this can make you lose hundreds of followers.

Avoid using harsh words and statements that could incite or cause violence.

Always Avoid Arguments

Remember, Avoid having arguments or unnecessary conversations with people on Twitter. Your tweets are visible to your followers/subscribers. This makes it wise to avoid discussions that might anger or provoke you, as this might lead to unnecessary and regrettable tweets.

Avoid trolls that reply or attack you to get publicity. They gain everything, and you lose a lot.

Avoid Sending Auto DMs

People see auto DMs as spam and find them irritating. Some might think that your account has been hacked and might unfollow you.

Do Not Radically Alter Your Content

Avoid changing the content on your Twitter at once. It should be a gradual process, especially when you’ve already established strong followership. Consistency is an attractive trait to show or exhibit on Twitter.


Twitter has arguably become the most important social media app/platform. It might not be the most popular or flamboyant but certainly plays a massive role in our society.
Keeping your followers on Twitter requires dedication and a good plan. The above tips would no doubt set you on the right course. These tips would not only help you keep your twitter followers, but can equally help to increase them. Get ready to dominate the world of Twitter.

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Published on: 18 March 2020
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