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Why You Should Track Your Twitter Followers

Twitter has become so powerful that even the president can’t get enough of it. Tweeting has become second nature to many of us, so much so that we may fail to see the deeper value the platform has to offer.

Aside from providing us with the hottest news and the latest updates in pop culture, Twitter also gives brands an opportunity to get to know their audience on a more personal level.

If you’re a brand who’s trying to make a name for yourself on Twitter, you might want to consider tracking your followers a bit to learn more about them. Getting to know your target audience through Twitter gives you a chance to gain valuable insights about the people you’ve successfully attracted, which will help you attract even more followers.

Track Your Growth

When you launch a Twitter marketing campaign, you need to have a system in place that can help you track your progress.

One good way to you can track your account’s growth is by tracking stats about your followers. Tracking your followers gives you an opportunity to evaluate your campaign’s current pace and compare it at other times.

Knowing more about your followers can help you identify what’s preventing your campaign from achieving your predetermined goals. You can also get an in-depth understanding of people’s reception of your efforts by tracking down their reactions to your posts.

If your campaign is at a standstill, you might want to give your followers a close look to determine what’s slowing it down.

You should also consider purchasing high-quality Twitter Followers from a provider you can trust. An impressive number of bought followers can help you gain massive attention from authentic users who are easily impressed by this kind of strong social proof.

Combined with your brand new insights, your newly bought followers can help you become a more prominent name on Twitter.

Know What They’re Talking About

Twitter is the home of trending news. If there’s a new trend in any niche at all, you can learn all about it by doing a quick search on Twitter.

If you want your marketing efforts to deliver the results you hoped for, you need to get your finger on the pulse of the people.

One way to identify trending topics that are relevant to you is by taking a look at your followers’ feed. You can easily see what topics they care about most by checking out some of their tweets.

Image credit: Social Media Today

You can use Twitter’s Advanced Keyword tool to analyze tweets and see which among the trending topics are most relevant and important to your followers. Check out the advanced filters that give you more control over the type of results you receive.

Find Depth Data on Your Target Demographic

No brand demographic stays the same for an extended amount of time. If you want your brand to grow with your target audience, you have to keep track of how it changes over time.

You need to become an agile brand that remains relevant to your chosen audience even as they progress in life. By keeping tabs on your followers, you’ll have a much easier time determining how their views and opinions change over time.

These are valuable insights that can help you change your brand’s angle in a way that’s still relevant to the people you want to attract – just in a different time frame.

Learn the Best Times to Post

Gaining the right kind of attention from Twitter users can be a challenge. You will constantly be in competition with thousands of other companies all vying for attention in 140 characters or less.

Standing out on Twitter becomes much easier if you know when the best times to post are. You need to find those times in the day or night when your followers’ feeds are not as cluttered, so your post can stand out.

You don’t need to compete during Twitter’s global prime time hour because not all of those people are relevant to your niche anyway.

You just need to find out when your target audience is most active so you can post without having to worry about competing with every brand out there.

Image credit: Buffer

You can either run an experiment on Twitter and see when your target audience is most active or you can use third-party analytics tools like Buffer to get your answers.

Monitor Your Following to Follower Ratio

Your following to follower ratio is an important metric that determines how credible you are as a brand. Twitter users and social media managers can take one quick look at your following to follower ratio and form their opinion about your brand.

In this way, your following to follower ratio can have a heavy effect on your reputation on Twitter.

To gain the respect of Twitter users, you need to get your follower count up and keep your following count on the low side.

One way to achieve an impressive following to follower ratio is by purchasing a few thousand high-quality followers from a reputable provider.

High-quality Twitter Followers are delivered to your account almost overnight, or over a few days depending on how many you buy. That means you don’t have to worry about balancing the numbers organically.

A few thousand artificial social signals can help you appear more credible without overly exhausting all of your marketing energy and resources. When you purchase high-quality followers from a tried and tested provider like the ones on our Top Provider List, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to focus on more important aspects of your campaign.

Track Your Twitter Success

If you want your Twitter marketing campaign to become more relevant, you need to get to know your followers. Tracking your followers can help you gain valuable insights that are crucial to your campaign’s success.

There are plenty of tools out there that can help you gain insights about your followers, all it takes is a bit of trial and error to find out which ones work for the best for you. Do the research, and you might be surprised at what you find.

Tracking your followers on Twitter isn’t creepy – it’s a must if you want your marketing efforts to really kick ass!

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