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Top Trending Misspelled Twitter Hashtags for the Coronavirus

Top Trending Misspelled Twitter Hashtags for the Coronavirus

Social media has far helped people in different scenarios in life. With the ever-growing threat of the Coronavirus, people used social media networks to lay-in ideas and information to the masses. More and more tips, advice, and further suggestions have filled the internet to fight the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Several social media platforms have made it possible for people who are currently quarantined, to voice-out their situation. Even nation-wide governments have utilized platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and particularly Twitter to announce that COVID-19 has reached critical levels and has turned to a pandemic on a global scale. 

With more people engaging on social media posts every day, government bodies used these platforms to inform the mass with the increasing dangers of COVID-19 at a faster pace. However, information on the internet may cause severe panic, especially without the necessary resource. Irreterating phrases, words, and sentences often give new meanings to current situations. With people growing in fear, misleading information abruptly rose, which lead to further confusion. 

How Many Twitter Misspellings Are There?

Twitter is noted as one of the most aggressive social media networks when it comes to posting. Often, if not always, Twitter users post, or tweet, 5-7 times a day. Although, some of you can say that this is a relatively low number. However, if you stack it up with  145 million daily users, then you get a network filled with different niches, diversities, and community on a grand scale. And, with the coalition of COVID-19, Twitter has become a prime place for meaningful and reliable information for the containment of the current virus.

twitter coronavirus misspellings

Furthermore, the vast majority of people in the US alone, almost 92%, are familiar with Twitter. When compared to other social media powerhouses like YouTube and Facebook, Twitter may fall short in recommendations. However, Twitter has played a massive role in media and culture. Several journalists, celebrities, politicians, activists, and poets use Twitter as a vital part of their field. This makes the platform a crucial existence for the audience. What’s more, newscasters have utilized the endless supply of data within Twitter’s wall.

Twitter also enabled faster searches for the current news of COVID-19 on its platform. Using different terms and phrases or keywords, tweets are more accessible per search volume on Twitter. The only downside to this is the inability of people to provide the correct and specific search terms or hashtags for their tweets. 

CORVID-19 or COVID-19?

With the rise of the Coronavirus, people have created different names for it. Starting from NCoV down to the official COVID-19, the name of the virus has changed with time. However, this made it possible for people to create different terminologies of the virus. The misleading names often bring confusion to the mass, names including coronavirius, coronoviruous, coronoravirus, coronowirus, coronarvirus and the alleged CORVID-19. Whether it’s caused by a misclick or an autocorrect problem on the device, names such as these can create turmoil if left unchecked.

Most importantly, people have used the words mentioned above as keywords and hashtags for their posts on social media platforms. These posts have created a long list of confused users and permitted such keywords to exist on different social media platforms. 

Importance of Hashtags and Keywords on Twitter’s Platform

Starting a new Twitter profile is easy. Following specific steps and verifications, you can have your Twitter account running in minutes. Although, whether you’re going to use it for personal use or business, having a steady fan base to act as a foundation for your profile is essential. To support this, you need a powerful method to drive large engagement and traffic to your content. For this reason, deploying relevant hashtags to your tweets is important.

Keywords and relevant hashtags have been a vital tool within Twitter to help its users to organize and pan-out their tweets. Moreover, hashtags are mostly necessary for you to indicate the relevance of your content on a specific niche. Also, you can attract more people to your tweets, especially if the hashtags you implemented are searched. 

Problems Encountered By Twitter Hashtags

Although regarded as a powerful tool in driving traffic into your profile, hashtags still face several issues making it unpopular for many users. 

Overusing Hashtags on Tweets

If you could notice, several tweets may have three to four hashtags on end. This poses a problem, especially when you want to have your text to be readable. Since hashtags stand out like links, adding more than hashtags to your tweets render them unreadable. What’s more, overusing hashtags on one post can decrease the probability of your audience to take an interest in your tweets.

People Perceive them as Annoying

Hashtags must contain relevance, and if you put one too many, you’ll end up with a dead tweet.  Even if hashtags are essential for your posts to be visible on Twitter’s fanbase, adding irrelevant hashtags can be off-putting and annoying for your audience. Also, hashtags can promote confusion if you add misleading hashtags to your tweets. For instance, location is a big no-no when it comes to hashtags. Several countries may have the same area and can bring up a huge problem if your audience has mistaken it for a place different.

Hashtags Can Be Used against You

Using a hashtag for your business is a double-edged sword. Since social media targets a massive audience for your posts, people can bring negativity while using your hashtags. When creating a hashtag for business, always remember that you must garner positive reviews on your hashtags. Most of the time, people would be adding your hashtag to hateful tweets towards your company. 

The Bottom Line: Are Hashtags Good for Driving in Traffic for your Twitter Profile?

In most circumstances, hashtags do provide the necessary boost on your follower count. The only problem is the certainty that it will garner users and traffic. Plus, the relevance of your hashtags and keywords must be on point to increase your fanbase. However, if you are searching for a quicker way to increase your followers on Twitter, buying followers is the best solution. The boost that it gives your profile gives it a better chance of standing on top of Twitter’s extensive network. To purchase followers online, check out the Twitter Followers Review today!

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