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Tweet Ideas For Beginners

Tweet Ideas For Beginners

Starting on Twitter is a fun experience. Even if you’re active on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you will discover that Twitter is a different Ball game entirely. Hence, you need to relearn the rules.

Sorry for thinking this is another platform where images get you more likes, that only works on Instagram. Twitter is more complicated, and if you’re not doing the write things, you may never reach the right audience. Generating engagement on Twitter depends on how exciting and relevant your post is. A good tweet is appreciated by your followers plus, it can be retweeted, getting you more followers.

If you’re new on twitter, you will struggle to separate what works from what doesn’t. When it comes to writing a perfect tweet, it goes beyond stringing words together to form a sentence. Unless your sentence follows the rules that say it must be engaging, clickable, informative, and relevant.

While the Twitter algorithm is ever-revolving, For now, some tricks will help you write a perfect tweet on Twitter. However, before revealing those tricks, it’s essential to know what a good tweet should contain.

  • First and foremost, every tweet should be personable. It should communicate to humans and not for an algorithm. Even though it’s essential to Optimize your tweet, you should know that your followers are human beings, and the best way to keep them engaged is to write something that appeals to their interest.
  • Focus on the audience rather than yourself. As much as possible, try to avoid excessive use of “I” and use words like you, we, and us. It helps you build a quality relationship with your audience, and it feels like a person is talking to them.
  • Write a tweet that asks questions to draw comments from your audience. Don’t make it personal, and it shouldn’t be one that begs a Yes or No Answer.

Make It Simple And Precise

The sentence must be easy to understand. Make accurate statements so that your followers know right away what the topic is. This implies that your audience should be able to predict what the tweet is all about by reading the header.

Furthermore, you should pay special attention to spelling and grammar. Always double-check for typos before tweeting. Mistakes may make you look less educated or careless. This includes your language and the use of punctuation.

Another tip to perfect your tweets is Call to Action phrases. These are action requests that should encourage your user to take action. For example, it feels weird asking Alexa users to visit your website without creating any form an urgency. But when you add actionable words like “Click here”, “Visit Now”, followers are encouraged to take action.

Use pictures and videos in the post

Images and videos in a tweet can greatly generate a lot of engagement within a short time frame. These attract attention and give users a first look at the content. The optimal image size plays an essential role here. 

Furthermore, you should be careful to use high-resolution images. Pictures that are blurry or pixelated are exhausting to looking at. They should never be used in a tweet unless the content requires it. When choosing images, ensure your color and the background matches the content of you want to post. Discern the colors as well as the emotions they draw. In essence, the right choice of color can draw more attention, thereby generating more traffic to your profile.

In addition to images, you can also use videos. They can be embedded in a tweet to explain the idea behind the content if the topic seems too complicated for users to understand.

 Use relevant hashtags and matching keywords

One to two sets of hashtags are considered enough to rank a post. They should be integrated into the text and not isolated at the end. Hashtags should be used in the middle of a text, as it’s easier for users to understand. 

For your texts to be found and to be listed as high as possible in the search engines, you should use suitable keywords. interested readers of a specific topic will then find your tweet with the help of keywords and then follow you in the best case.

Find the right time to tweet

Post your tweets at a time when many potential readers are active to get as many responses as possible. Good times are in the morning between 9 and 10 o’clock, at noon against 13 o’clock and in the evening between 20 and 21 o’clock.

One thing is for sure: you should regularly interact to meet the expectations of your followers. They have finally decided to become your follower to learn something new. But you should not be nervous. Even if you miss a day, so do not send a tweet, none of your followers will complain.

The right length for your tweet

A tweet is limited by 280 characters anyway. According to various studies, A tweet that’s too short is quickly lost. The average length for a tweet is between 100 and 150 characters. This is certainly less compared to the number allowed for Facebook posts. Also, note that you will have fewer characters if you want to include a picture in your tweet or if you write to other users in your tweet.


In general, it is not that difficult to write a high-quality tweet. The next time you tweet and use our tips, you may get more attention in the form of likes and retweets. That you should always attach importance to quality and precision is paramount. 

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Published on: 14 November 2019
Posted by: mich
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