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Twitter Branding: How Brands Can Build A Strong Personality On Twitter

Today’s social media landscape is best used with a casual form of communication. What this means is that brands are supposed to look for ways to establish human-to-human interactions, rather than the brand-to-human communications which were prevalent on TV. Proper Twitter branding now requires a strong personality, which will be looked at in this guide.

Twitter branding: Develop a voice

Although influencers do it best, brands can also grow a tightly engaged community. To look at their examples, they’re regular people tallking like…regular people. This is what Twitter users want. Proper Twitter branding requires strategies for proper communication. This comes down to developing a voice on Twitter which appeals to the targeted audience. Be cause, talk to people the way Wendy’s does:

It’s easy to establish a personal and casual voice on Twitter for accounts with a smaller number of followers. Managing an account with millions of followers, and trying to make connections with all of those people, is tricky. Dozens of the top brands still manage to do it.

Here are some of the top examples of Twitter branding from companies around the world:

  • Company culture: What a company presents of its own culture, right in their offices and stores, this can be its strongest weapon. The strategy can also be about what the company stands for, such as its motto and mission statement, and what truly makes it unique.

  • Target audience: Studying the target audience for the account is crucial for growth on Twitter. Not all audiences use the same lingo and references. Speaking the wrong language with an audience can ruin a brand’s personality. Companies which learn the quirks of their target audience also benefit from learning about the trends going on within it.

  • Authenticity: Everything which a brand does on Twitter must come across as genuine. It never pays off to copy another account. Twitter users are very in tune with the platform, using it dozens of times in a day, and can sense when someone is coming across as disingenuous, or copying someone.

These are the three points that any Twitter branding push should look at as a personal voice is established. When a branded account will be managed by several people, putting all of this in writing is essential. For those who just bought followers, establishing a brand voice will help put those numbers to work as an established voice adds even more credibility to the account.

Twitter branding: Create a consistent presence

Consistency is the second-biggest key in establishing a strong personality on Twitter. Look at the biggest brands in the world, such as Starbucks. Their social media presence is built on their culture as a company. What they do, in all of their social media posts, is casually include their product in an enticing fashion.

The key point to take here is that they use the same strategy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Why? Because consistency builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust. It’s important that Twitter users see a strong brand identity that is consistent. Here’s how to achieve a consistent Twitter presence:

  • Consistent topics: Posts need to be recognizable. This is all about picking a niche and sticking to it, rather than posting whatever trend comes along even if it has no relation to the brand. Look at how McDonald’s combines the World Cup and their McDonald’s meals to create one engaging tweet.

  • Post regularly: Posting six times on Twitter one day, and then not posting for another week, is a sure way to alienate an audience. Losing momentum is the worst thing that could happen to any brand, and a great way to avoid that is to post quality content regularly. That is why the biggest brands plan ahead and take important events into account in order to add more value to their posts. Hootsuite is a great tool for this as it allows for scheduling in advance. We have also reviewed Hootsuite, so check that out as well! 
  • Visual branding: Brands are usually on many social networks. To make an even more impactful presence on Twitter, find a unique visual branding strategy and practice it on all social networks. For instance, PlayStation uses a similar visual branding on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. This adds a layer of consistency to the brand, and can easily be edited at any time.

social media branding example facebook playstation

twitter branding example playstation

social media branding example instagram playstation

In order to keep things simple and consistent with visual branding, the smartest brands use the same logo and avatar for every social network. Looking above, PlayStation uses their classic symbol on a blue background as a consistent visual for their brand. In addition, choosing a consistent coloring scheme will help Internet users across social media build up a personality for the brand in their mind, which will apply to Twitter.

Twitter branding: Partner with influencers

Brands like Starbucks receive a lot of engagement on their posts from the moment they upload them. They don’t need external help to increase the visibility of their posts. They are definitely an account of influence. Partnering with relevant Twitter influencers is a major part of Twitter branding. Influencers have a connection to a large audience which can be used by brands. Some of the qualities an influencer should have are:

  • Authentic and original content
  • Engaged audience
  • Regular posting
  • Brand-friendly voice

When an influencer gives a stamp of approval to a brand it can pay off in huge dividends. Here is an influencer tweeting about, resulting in over 90 retweets and 385 likes for the brand:

Crafting an influencer marketing strategy allows brands to piggyback off the audience that successful influencers have already built on Twitter. This allows them to expand their visibility on the platform, promote their content, and find a new audience. As long as influencers are in line with the brand’s voice, they will be beneficial.

Twitter branding: Plan ahead

Another important aspect of Twitter branding includes the content strategy. This is all about considering the context of the tweets being sent out by the account. These are among the most popular content strategies used by some of the most popular brands on Twitter:

  • Offer value: Everything which a brand does on Twitter should provide value to the followers of the account. This means that Twitter cannot be used for traditional one-way broadcasting. It can be used for promotion, but that promotion must be offered in a way which is not overt. A common example is to get followers to visit a website using content which is not overly promotional, but still gets them on the website. The example below gets people to read a blog post, then that blog post can lead to purchases on the website.

  • Exclusive offers: Twitter users love to pay attention to accounts which tweet out offers and contests that are exclusive to Twitter. When doing this, it would also be wise to follow the Twitter Guidelines on promotions. These types of tweets, an example of which can be seen below, will be an excellent addition to any Twitter branding strategy. They establish a brand with a personality that wants to help their Twitter followers.

  • Schedule strategy: Analytics will help any brand find out when most of their followers are online. There are a number of Twitter tools which can help determine when these times are. Make sure that the voice of the brand is heard by tweeting when the most followers are around.
  • Engage: Twitter users love getting attention from brands. As brands engage with more of their followers, other Twitter users will see this and want to engage with the brand. Having lots of followers is useful, but having followers which actively pay attention to a brand, and interact with it, is what really matters.

Twitter branding doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s actually better when it’s casual. With a firm plan, and everyone using the branded account on board with how to speak to people, proper Twitter branding is well within the reach of any business.

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