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Twitter Dominates the Oscars

Lights, camera …Twitter. While some people thought that all of the action would be on the main stage on Oscar night, the real excitement was on Twitter. From instant reactions to fun emojis, Twitter was the place to be during the award show. Best of all, people didn’t need to be famous to make an impact during the Oscars. It was a night for everyone to shine, 140 characters at a time.

Instant Reactions

One of the greatest things about Twitter is the way that people can use it to give immediate feedback. Your do not have to wait for the 10 o’clock news to find out what the world is thinking. You can just pop onto Twitter and read the feedback in real time, as the story unfolds. No other medium does this nearly as well as Twitter does.

Stacey Dash quickly learned the power of Twitter’s instant reactions when she took the stage at the Oscars.

Dash has an interesting relationship with Hollywood. She is a conservative, which doesn’t exactly fit into the Hollywood stereotype, and some people say she has turned against her community. She tried to play that image up for laughs during the Oscars, and she failed hard.

If you have any doubt about that failure, just look at the tweets.

The Twitter universe spoke and they could do with a little less Dash. You could almost hear the groan coming off the keyboards of people all around the world. Also, thanks to the tweets, you could see the grimaces on the faces of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Chris Rock fared much better in regard to instant reactions. Twitter users took to the platform to react to his monologue, and it was mainly positive.

The end result was a very good night for Rock and a very bad night for Dash.

The Lesson

This is something that brands can learn from. If you use social media properly, you will always have an audience. People will be constantly tuned in and ready to tweet every time you do something. Make sure you are doing things they view as positive, though, or you will end up with some serious heat on your hands. With that in mind, live your life more like Chris Rock and less like Stacey Dash. Your business will thank you for it and you will get a lot more enjoyment out of reading your Twitter feed.

It’s All About Trump

When people tuned into the Oscars, they thought it was going to be a night about movies. The people on Twitter had another idea. While they used the Oscar tie-in, they couldn’t help but talk about Donald Trump.

The presidential-hopeful managed to be the punchline in a variety of Oscar-inspired Twitter jokes.

This was just business as usual for Trump, who has managed to dominate every conversation for the last several months.

Be a Conversation Piece

You don’t have to be as divisive as Donald Trump to benefit from this lesson. If you can turn your brand into a major conversation piece, you will dominate a variety of conversions, even the ones that don’t involve you directly.

Instead of being the punchline, though, dominate those conversions in a positive way. Get people excited about what you have to offer and turn them into brand advocates, whether they are watching the Oscars or cheering their favorite team on to victory. If you can make your marketing message interesting enough, you can turn this into a reality.

Branded Emojis Decorate Twitter Feeds

The Oscar’s branded emojis were the hit of Twitter all night long. Every time someone typed the Oscars hashtag, the site posted an Oscar statue next to the tweet.

This was a fun way to bring users together. It also made Oscar tweets instantly identifiable, which helped them get more exposure.

Emoji for Brands

It’s hard to look at the branded tweets and not want a piece of the action. Branded emojis cost $1 million, so they probably aren’t in your advertising budget. While you might not be able to buy an emoji, you can use some branded hashtags. That might not be quite as powerful as branded emojis are, but they can still unite your followers, which is helpful when you’re sending out tweets that you want to go viral.

Twitter always shows its power during a live event, and the Oscars did not disappoint. Whether you were cheering for Leo to win his first Oscar or just cruising through social media, you probably stopped for a bit to read the commentary. If you did, you had to notice that Twitter is the driving force behind live events. It brings people together, whether they want to make jokes or cheer on the participants.

Published on: 1 March 2016
Posted by: Vivi
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