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Twitter Addresses Concerns to Its Algorithmic Biases in its Responsible Machine Learning Initiative

Twitter Followers Are Scared of Algorithmic Biases

“Being aware of one’s weakness is a chance to grow better than before.”

Twitter’s power to engage people and communities with one another is undeniable. The credit goes to its algorithm made to comply with its new Responsible Machine Learning Initiative. The algorithm is designed to center around conversation and engagements in the form of re-tweets and overall follower count. It is also efficient in keeping the users entertained with its social media feeds and engagement. Hence users spend so much time using the platform. Twitter is an answer to its users’ attempts to leave their problems for a while. Moreover, it can be used as a chance to ease boredom or simply a way to connect on online platforms. 

However, Twitter’s algorithm seems to cause potential societal harm to its user. Many users expressed their concerns about how the algorithm can create division among people. The algorithm is useful in filtering information to maximize the engagement of users. Unfortunately, the ambitious approach of feeding the users content can trigger emotional response backfires on Twitter’s reputation. 

Twitter Addresses Concerns to Its Algorithmic Biases in its Responsible Machine Learning Initiative

Also, the algorithm contains bias that fuels division which increases the splitting of connections between people and the community. The algorithm’s quick way of filtering user’s information and interest is a source of dissatisfying online engagement. One weakness can destroy all the hard work and success if it is not carefully handled.

Twitter Is Taking A Step On Solving Algorithmic Concerns

The increasing negative feedback about the impact of the algorithmic-defined system in triggering a negative response in users led Twitter to rethink its algorithms. The network did not hesitate to act and plan in making moves to stop user’s dissatisfying experiences. 

Here are some of the actions explained by Twitter:

Instituting Specific Guidance to users

At some point, being misinformed contributes hugely to the problem. Twitter is instituting specific guidance through development and learning to avoid such issues. Twitter also aims for inclusive and beneficial platforms by having such a guide.

Analyzing Algorithmic Elements

According to Twitter, its team works hard on finding ways to improve the user’s experience to get more Twitter followers. Analyzing algorithmic elements can result in Twitter changing its product to give more control over tweeted images to people. 

Creating New Standards in Design and Policies 

In line with the analysis of the algorithm, with the possibility of Twitter giving more control to its user, Twitter is dedicated to building new standards into how they will come up with new designs and policies that will create an impact in the community. 

Attempt Of Twitter In Maximizing Its User Engagement By Addressing Pillars To Changes In Algorithm

Twitter stated that its algorithm is designed to help in building connections and engagements. However, sometimes the algorithm does not behave as intended. This is due to the impact of various factors. Thus, Twitter announced the four pillars of action in its attempt to create a better product. 

  • Twitter will be taking responsibility for its algorithmic decisions.
  • They are studying changes for the site’s equity and fairness of outcomes.
  • Twitter will be transparent to the users about how they made their decision.
  • They will enable agency and algorithmic choice.

Twitter’s Ambitious Goal In Growth And Product Target

With Twitter’s increasing growth and popularity, it is still unsatisfied and does not plan to back down in developing its feature for its users’ benefit. Twitter has lots of ideas and new features to offer to different kinds of users. 

Twitter Addresses Concerns to Its Algorithmic Biases in its Responsible Machine Learning Initiative

Listed below are some of the developing projects of Twitter:

Integrate Revenue for a better Twitter experience

In this project, users can create their newsletter that can be beneficial in monetizing their platform. It will be an exciting way to broaden the experiences of audience groupings for users of Twitter. 

Creation of Super Follower Option

This option is beneficial for Twitter users with content that attracts paying members. With the presence of this option, content can be monetized. Super follow allows paying members to access exclusive content. Inevitably, this will result in influencers buying even more Twitter followers to attract these Super Follower types.

Boosting of Platform

Elevating every user’s experience can be done by boosting the whole platform. So, Twitter is having new variations of groups and communities. Twitter communities can expand content to be widely seen by viewers. Thus, it is beneficial for the individual user and the platform.

Business Profiles

Twitter is not for fun and personal content only, but it is a platform for business opportunities. Users and Followers on Twitter want to prove that it can also facilitate business information and exposure. Twitter uses business profiles in promoting business and connecting to consumers. It can reach thousands of audiences, and that is how it helps in business growth.  

BlueSky Initiative

BlueSky is an email-inspired project that is designed to give control to users. It is a new developing decentralized social media system. BlueSky will allow users to select what algorithms will control their feeds. This feature will let them transform Twitter into how they envision it to be. Although BlueSky is still in the developing phase, it is showing great potential already. 

Will Twitter Be Successful In Improving Its Algorithm?

The development of every online platform is based on the user’s approval. The actions are dependent on their insights, opinions, and experiences. Twitter is one of the online platforms working according to its user’s preferences. 

Twitter Addresses Concerns to Its Algorithmic Biases in its Responsible Machine Learning Initiative

The Twitter developers might be bombarded by the conflicting user’s demands and opinions. It could affect the development of each feature. A lot of information also needs consideration before planning the next step of action.  

Twitter needs to be careful in handling its user’s concerns. The team needs to work hard in its intensive planning and research. Twitter is making moves to prove its reputation as a social platform. The network is addressing all of the concerning issues in the service. Users can only trust the capability and motivation of Twitter in addressing aspects of its feature. One can only hope that Twitter can successfully build a better serving system. After all, the motive behind this initiative is to make its users happy.

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Published on: 12 May 2021
Posted by: Joy P
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