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Twitter Continues to Keep Its Platform Secure

Twitter Continues to Keep Its Platform Secure

Twitter is playing a significant role in society as well as in the dissemination of information. The social media giant said that it takes this role and responsibility seriously and will focus on empowering the public conversation. This is the reason why the platform protects the security and privacy of people who use its service. 

Moreover, Twitter is taking some steps to ensure that it is protecting its users. Some of its efforts include the settings and control features that it offers its users. However, that is not just that. There are many more steps that the platform has taken for the benefits of those who use its service.

Twitter Continues to Keep Its Platform Secure

How Twitter Secures the Privacy of Users

Improvement of the Platform’s Authentication Systems and Access Management Processes

This social media giant has teams all around the world that need to access customer data. The reason is for them to be able to provide account services and keep the platform running. For instance, team members of Twitter’s engineering department have access to build and operate the features that users rely on every day. 

Similarly, other teams use proprietary tools to help with different support issues, like reviewing content for potential violations against the platform’s policies. Twitter is working tirelessly to build products while providing the support that Twitter users need. While some of its teams have access to customer data, this access is limited to only those granted for valid reasons. 

Twitter also ensures that while some of its teams can access user data, none of those data would be used for something that is not intended for Twitter. In fact, the social media giant has strengthened its rigorous checks that team members need to undergo before they could get access to user data. Also, this helps the platform to reduce the potential of unauthorized access to its systems. Needless to say, the platform has strict principles in terms of who is and who is not allowed to access tools. It even asks its team for particular justifications before they could access customer data. 

Twitter Continues to Keep Its Platform Secure

Buying Followers on Twitter Improves Its Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

Twitter has a feature where it updates users whenever there is suspicious behavior in their accounts. The aim of this is to keep the platform secure and to ensure the privacy of users. Twitter also has internal detection and monitoring tools to alert users when there is a potential unauthorized attempt to access their accounts. 

Moreover, the platform continues to improve its tools. It expanded its response and detection efforts and included suspicious authentication as well as access activity.

It is not only the backend that Twitter improved. The platform is aware that users need to control their account’s security and privacy. As the US’s presidential election is approaching, Twitter recently implemented some security measures for a designated group of election-related and buying high-profile Twitter followers accounts in the US. It also encourages every platform users to activate their security controls like password reset protection and two-factor authentication. 

Twitter Invests in Tools and Training For Its Teams 

Newly hired twitter employees are required to undergo Security and Privacy & Data Protection training. It also introduced fresh courses and increased the frequency and availability of the existing courses for all of its employees. 

For instance, the platform introduced two new mandatory training for its employees who have access to non-public data and information. This is to ensure that those employees are aware of what they can and what they cannot do to the information. The training teaches employees how they could protect themselves whenever they are online to avoid being phishing targets for attackers and hackers. 

Ther than the training courses that employees must take, Twitter has also enhanced its training content in threat modeling, secure coding, and privacy impact assessments. There is also training for privacy by design. This training allows employees to integrate privacy into everything that they design and build by default.

Twitter Continues to Keep Its Platform Secure

Twitter Follower Scenario Planning

Furthermore, the teams on Twitter are investing in some scenario planning and penetration testing. This helps them secure the platform from different possible threats, such as the context of the upcoming elections in the US. For five months from March 1 to August 1, in particular, Twitter had a cross-functional election team that performs tabletop exercises internally on particular election scenarios. Some topics included are hacking and security incidents, leaks of hacked information, and platform manipulation. Foreign interference, coordinated campaigns for voter suppression, and the post-election day period were also discussed.

In terms of internal protection, Twitter introduced phishing-resistant security keys. It also requires its teams to uses these keys when they are authenticating to systems around the globe. This effort has already been in use back then. However, the social media giant accelerated it in recent weeks. It aims to reduce the possible risk of unauthorized third-party access to the platform’s internal systems using compromised employee credentials.


Furthermore, the social media giant is catering to its service to millions of people. For this reason, it is just right for it to continuously improve its security measures for the benefit of the users. 

Besides, technology continuously advances. And along with these technological advances are the improvement of hacking and phishing techniques. This is why Twitter is investing more in its teams, resources, and technologies to support all of its critical works. More than that, the social media giant is aware that it can do more to make it easier for users to find and use the platform’s controls and settings. For this reason, Twitter is rolling out fresh improvements to its privacy settings’ navigation and design. Needless to say, users can ensure that their data is secured on Twitter.

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Published on: 12 November 2020
Posted by: Joy P
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