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Twitter What Makes You Special new users guide

Twitter: What Makes You Special? (New Users Guide)

Twitter is not just a social network; it is also a microblogging service. Twitter allows users to write, post, transact, and interact with short messages called “tweets.” Just like every social media service, only registered users can use functions like posting, retweeting, and liking “tweets.” Everybody uses Twitter. From young adults to companies and from governments to government heads. Twitter might not be the playground for pre-teens and teens like other apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, but it still is one of the most popular apps.

We have made a comprehensive list of rules in this guide, and it is expected that this guide should help the new user or even an old-timer user. Check them out.

Twitter What Makes You Special new users guide 2020

Think About “What Makes You Special” on Twitter!

If you are set to join the Twitterverse, follow these steps, and in no time, you will begin tweeting and getting the attention that you need. This is the long term strategy involved with getting the most retweets on Twitter. In fact, businesses buy retweets on Twitter to boost their impact on everything they post!

Step 1: Start with Your Profile Setup

It is only social media “greenhorns” that are ignorant of the role that a profile plays when setting up your social media account. If you are not a neophyte, you will know that a profile is what gives you an identity on social media. The first step is to start with setting up your profile. Twitter has a web version that can be accessed on any device from PC to mobile. You can also begin registration on the mobile app or on a PC.

What Else Do You Need To Get On Twitter?

Everyone on Twitter

When setting up a Twitter profile, you will need a valid email account, and you will also need to provide a profile name. There are no hard rules about what names to use; however, ensure that the names are short and catchy. After the setup of the profile name, you will also need to set up a Twitter handle. A Twitter handle is that part of your profile that is preceded by @. It can be the same as your profile name; it could be something else also.

Step 2: Provide the Appropriate Images

If you have ever been on Twitter, you will notice some accounts that have eggheads on their profile pictures. These users haven’t submitted suitable pictures for their profile pictures. After setting up a Twitter profile name and handle, the next thing to do is to upload your headshot on the profile space. If the account is an individual account, ensure that you post a personal picture; if it is a company account, you can, and you should upload the appropriate logo. Twitter allows two spaces to upload images. The first (which has been mentioned) is the profile picture, the next (which is larger) is the cover picture. The cover picture gives you the chance to express more about yourself or your business in images (or sometimes using graphics). The dimension for a profile picture is 400×400. For the header/cover photo, the recommended sizes are 1500×500.

Step 3: Write An Exciting Bio

Your picture might tell a lot about you or your business. However, there is still more critical information you will want potential followers to know. The ‘bio’ area of your profile is that area where you get to tell about yourself with as much as the 160 characters can describe. Other vital information to fill after completing your bio includes your website, your date of birth, location, and selecting a color theme. Once these processes are completed, you are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Follow People You Want to Follow You

Setting up your Twitter profile is excellent, but several steps must be covered before you enjoy Twitter like a pro. After the profile setup, the next step is to look for followers. If you want a level of access to other people’s accounts, then you must follow them. If you’re going to see what your favorite celebrities or business models are tweeting about, then you have to follow them. You can follow an account by clicking on the follow button, which is located in front of the profile name. Following other accounts is the best way to have different accounts follow you.

Step 5: Create and Share Content (And Plan Ahead)

Will you be using Twitter to promote your goods and services, or will you be using it to comment on the happenings in pop culture? This is when you will decide. Your first tweet and the other tweets that follow will reflect the kind of contents that you want to be known for. You can pin any tweet of your choice to your followers or the general public to see on the pinned tweet section.

Step 6: Explore The Use of Hashtags

You can stand out in a matter of days if you know what to do. On Twitter, you will see specific trending topics (topics people are talking about) hourly and daily. These are the hashtags that you can help you or your services go viral. By using these trending hashtags, you can join in on conversations, introduce your business to others, and even connect with people/companies from other parts of the world.

Basic Twitter Features To Make You Stand Out

Hashtags: a hashtag is a social media feature or symbol that looks like a pound symbol. Hashtags on Twitter often start with (#), and they are vital for you, especially if you want to start a trending conversation.

Mentions: when you start using Twitter, you will have someone reach out to you. This is known as Twitter mention. Mentions often show in your notifications. You can also mention others by including their handles in a tweet (it is a perfect way to get anyone’s attention).

Direct messaging: Twitter allows users to send direct messages to each other. You can only send direct messages to an account that you are following.

We believe that with this comprehensive guide, it is expected that you already know your way around Twitter.

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