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UFC Fight Night’s Surprises and the Takeaways from the Overeem-Harris Fight

UFC Fight Night’s Surprises and the Twitter Takeaways

May 16, Saturday, was an emotional night in Jacksonville as the UFC finished its three-card stay in Florida. The main event showed Walt Harris coming out and nearly picking out the victory against his opponent Alistair Overeem. However, Overeem, who is already a veteran in the field came back and took over the match. Overeem scored a TKO in the second round and he embraced Harris after, who was fighting again for the first time after the death of his stepdaughter in late 2019.  Share the latest scoops about these UFC surprises to more people by buying twitter followers.

Much of the rest of the night’s theme was mainly a tight decision. Claudia Gadelha won against Angella Hill via split decision and the same decision let Dan Ige win against Edson Barboza. On the other hand, Song Yadong won over Marlon Vera via unanimous decision, but the result was equally tight with all the three judges giving the fight a 29-28 score in his favor.

Moreover, a lot of things have to be unpacked after the UFC Fight Night. And the panel from ESPN– Brett Okamoto, Ariel Helwani, Jeff Wagenheim, and Marc Raimondi– have broken down the biggest takeaways during the Saturday night’s action.

The Takeaways of the Overeem-Harris Fight

According to Helwani, Walt Harris has handled the situation with grace despite the fact that his family was still mourning over the loss of a loved one. On the other hand, Alistair Overeem would have shown a four-fight winning streak if only his match against Jairzinho Rozenstruik lasted for four more seconds. Moreover, Overeem was able to prove that his decision to move into the Elevation Fight Team was a huge success. Gain online success just like these people by buying twitter followers.

UFC Fight Night’s Surprises and the Takeaways from the Overeem-Harris Fight

Moreover, Raimondi said that MMA can be considered as the most unforgiving sport in the world. This is because fairytale endings on MMA fights are hard to come by.  On top of that, the price that MMA fighters have to pay for every competition is steep and life-altering injuries are possible. 

Raimondi also added that Harris almost had the biggest win of his career. However, the tables have turned and in just a snap, Overeem finished him on the second round with a  head kick. Overeem is considered an MMA legend and he is also the top heavyweight. However, Harris showed a very close fight during the first round, making people think that he would be able to get the fairytale ending, which unfortunately did not happen. 

The Gandelha-Hill Fight Takeaways

According to Okamoto, he had perceived the 29-28 score for in favor of Gandelha. So, winning against Hill cannot be considered as a total robbery. Still, Okamoto disagrees with the outcome of the fight because Hill lost a lot there. The difference between the match going as a win or loss has a significant impact on his record, especially when the immediate future is considered. If Hill was able to win her last match, she was supposed to be looking at a straight four victories in only a span of eight months, with the latest fight coming against a former title challenger. If she had won her last fight, Hill would have been looking at a top-5 opponent on her next fight. However, a single loss made the momentum of a three-fight winning streak disappear in a single snap– a pill that is definitely hard to swallow. Still, Okamoto thinks that if there is any good news, he thinks that the UFC will give Hill a meaningful fight on her next fight. This is because it is clear that Hill is a real contender even if the recent match resulted in a loss. 

UFC Fight Night’s Surprises and the Takeaways from the Overeem-Harris Fight

Moreover, Raimondi thought that it was Hil who won the fight. True enough, Gandelha won in the first round. However, Hill got her momentum on the second round and dropped Gandelha. On the other hand, the third round was tight but Raimondi thinks that Hill inflicted more damage than Gandelha.

Edson Barboza’s Future in the Featherweight Division

ESPN’s Wagenheim personally thinks that Barboza looked good at his current weight of 145 pounds. He also thinks that the judges made the wrong decision. However, a loss is a loss, so nothing else can be done. For this reason, Barboza must be honest with himself and carefully think whether his decision to stay in the featherweight division will bring back the life in his career.

Similarly, Okamoto thinks that Barboza is a good MMA fighter. He fought a good fight during the last UFC Fight Night. However, he was never a title contender when it comes to the lightweight division. And to think that he will join the featherweight division, which is as stacked as the lightweight division as of the moment, the road it will lead him to is not clear. But what is clear is that Barboza stull has some bad matchups to overcome in order to create a serious run on the title. Still, Okamoto thinks that Barboza would be a good addition to the weight class. In addition, he believes that the said MMA fighter would have his fair share of wins.

The Night’s Most Impressing Takeaways

Helwani, who had a hard time picking which fight is the most impressive chose Kevin Holland’s fight in the end. Holland had the quickest match during the UFC Fight Night’s undercard when he won over Anthony Hernandez via technical knockout at Round 1’s 1:39. Helwani’s second choice as to who had put up the most impressive fight was Cortney Casey, who scored an amazing armbar in the guard position of her back. In addition, Helwani thinks that the biggest surprise of the night as the match between Song Yadong and Marlon Vera. It was clear for Helwani that Vera was the underdog, so losing against Yadong is no longer a surprise. Still, he thought Vera won the fight 29-28, so the final result surprised her a little.

UFC Fight Night’s Surprises and the Takeaways from the Overeem-Harris Fight

On the other hand, Okamoto considers the judging in general as the most surprising takeaway of the night. All the matches were close fights and he thought Barboza, Vera, and Hill would win, yet they went home with an L.

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