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How To Use Twitter To Get Business Leads During The Quarantine

How To Use Twitter To Get Business Leads During The Quarantine

Twitter is one of the most famous platform business marketers use for generating leads for their companies. Known for its extensive array of audience, Twitter is an immersive platform to create and make engagements possible in business. But before you utilize Twitter as your primary way of gathering leads, you must always have a plan ready. However, if you lack the expertise in using Twitter, here are some strategies to use when getting business leads through Twitter.

Recommendation-Related Tweets

Searching for reliable tweets on Twitter’s platform can be a tedious job. Yes, it does require patience and effort. However, if you want to increase your leads for your business, searching for tweets that would help is essential. One way of searching for useful tweets that point towards possible edges is through recommendation. Twitter has an integrated and advanced search function. You can utilize this by searching for relevant keywords like “recommendations.”

You may also input the field of your business. For instance, if your business circumvents graphic design, you may type in “graphic designer recommendation.” This will help narrow down your potential clients and generate possible leads. Also, you may include your location or your business address to target your audience correctly.

Industry-Related Question

One more way of increasing your leads is by responding to industry-related questions. Search for keywords and find issues that are relevant to the services your business is offering. This will build trust among your potential customers and clients. Also, it will help you brandish your company better in the competitive market, especially if you’re answering questions truthfully. Also, you can help with suggesting ideas and introduce potential trends to generate genuine leads.

Use Your Competitors

Another way to generate leads and find relevant tweets under your niche is through your competitors. Try and search for your competitors to see what steps they are doing to create a massive flow of leads and engagement. Moreover, you can search for conversations your competitors have with their customers and check to see if there are any negative comments. See why it has resulted in that way. You could then offer helpful advice to the customer and provide a better experience for them. Connect your business to potential customers using your competitors as a building block.

Use Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most useful ways of increasing your lead count for your business. And one of the most notable features of Twitter is its vast network of hashtags. Keep in mind that you are not the only one utilizing such methods; competitors also use relevant hashtags to search for possible leads. For this reason, try linking relevant keywords and hashtags to your posts and links. This will help your post gain better visibility scores on the platform. Moreover, remember that 1-2 hashtags are the ideal number of tags you can apply to your tweets. Too many hashtags are unsightly and can drive away potential customers.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page

It is all too common that some links can redirect to your money site or the homepage of your services. Although perceived as an excellent method to drive in customers, this should be best avoided, especially when the redirect links came from Twitter. If you want to generate genuine leads, create a dedicated landing page for your prospective Twitter followers. This will help you funnel those leads to your market and successfully convert them to clients. The main goal of creating a landing page for your Twitter leads is to connect with them and enable you to gather their email address.

Collaborate on Twitter Chats

You should also use the direct messaging feature of Twitter. Direct messaging enables you to connect and form a better personal relationship with existing customers and clients. Another approach is to participate in Twitter chats. These chatting applications are developed around Twitter’s community, which can help you find your needed target market, and exponentially generate leads for your business. Also, once you have gathered potential leads, try and take the conversation off of Twitter and use emails or personal calls and messages to develop trust.

Follower Your Potential Customers

Becoming persistent is one of the main factors of a successful business. Do not expect your potential customers to take an interest in your products or services immediately. Branching your services out through your existing customers to potential customers is one way to have genuine leads. To do so, make sure that you are following them, and you are always engaging them. One way of making an engagement is through newsletters subscriptions. This ties with having a dedicated landing page for your Twitter leads. Once you have garnered their email addresses, ask them if they want to subscribe to monthly newsletters.

Increase Your Twitter’s Fanbase

Another way to increase your leads is by growing your overall fanbase. Once you have enough followers on your Twitter account, your profile has a better chance of appearing on the recommendation list for other users to see. Pair this up with your posts with relevant hashtags, then you get an opportunity to create a better credibility status for your profile. However, the problem with increasing your followers on Twitter’s platform is the time it takes to reach a sufficient amount. You’ll be needing time and effort to crawl your way to an increased count of the fanbase.

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Published on: 30 April 2020
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