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Why You Need to Buy Retweets


If you are trying to build up a following on Twitter and drive traffic to your social networking profiles or website, you have probably seen companies promising that they can get more Twitter retweets for you, generally for a modest fee.  Is it worth it to buy retweets cheap?  Can you really buy Twitter followers and take a shortcut to viral success?  Or is this all a gimmick?

Odds are if you have done some research, you have seen advice in both directions.  Detractors of companies that allow you to buy retweets daily tell you that these are all “hollow” retweets since they are probably generated by bots, or else by people being paid to take an interest in sharing your material.

But here is what these detractors are not taking into consideration:

  • You can buy real retweets, not just retweets generated by bots!  These retweets are generated by actual human beings.  They may even be targeted, and users in the network may actually take a direct interest in what you are selling.  Those users and their friends may convert.
  • This isn’t just about generating visibility on Twitter.  This is also about boosting your search engine results rankings for your website and social networking profiles.  Retweets that contain links can be particularly valuable.  You don’t want to spam them, obviously, but if your links are carefully and thoughtfully retweeted, Google will account for them, and raise your ranking.
  • Google is typically pretty guarded when remarking on issues like this one.  When they are asked whether Twitter really impacts SEO, they usually give a reply which is pretty hard to interpret.  This shouldn’t discourage you!  If Google ever gave a clear “yes” on anything, it would result in every SEO company on the planet immediately taking advantage.  This is why their statements sometimes seem to contradict.
  • If you have been looking for other ideas on how to get more retweets on Twitter, you probably have figured out by now there really are no other shortcuts!  Either you spend years struggling to build up your own network, or you take the same shortcut as your competitors, and buy retweets and likes!

So does buying retweets work?  If you choose to buy retweets through a quality service that follows smart practices, then yes!  Make sure you are buying from a company that uses real, aged accounts and drip-feeding techniques.  That way neither Twitter nor Google will see what you are doing as spam.  You will get even better results if your retweets go through a network which is highly targeted toward the same demographic as your target market.

If you have enough money to spend, and you choose the right service for retweeting, you can build up tremendous social buzz around your website, products, or services.  This is how you go viral!  And if you manage to do that, not only will you make a lot of conversions through Twitter itself, but you will also boost your search engine rankings, driving traffic to your website as well as your other social networking profiles.  This will result in even more visibility and sales.  So do your research, pick a reputable company which follows smart practices, and you should see outstanding results!

Published on: 26 November 2015
Posted by: Rich Drees
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