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Will Buying Twitter Followers Get Me Banned or Suspended?


A lot of people are scared to boost any of their social media accounts with followers, subscribers, views, likes, or whatever it is that the platform in question is using. There’s good reason to be scared of this, but not good reason to write off the idea altogether. You’ve likely seen the news articles about Twitter and Facebook cracking down on fake accounts, but there is a little more to the story than what you see in the news.


The Bad Apples – 100% Stay Away

One of the biggest fears of purchasing followers is obviously getting banned. But can you really get banned from purchasing followers? The answer is NO – you can’t get banned from purchasing followers alone, specifically if you don’t give out your password. The ban waves that are commonly referred to on news outlets and blogs usually come from a websites or providers that ask for your login credentials (username and password). These providers will direct message, reply and follow other users to try to get them to follow you back. While this sounds great, many providers will do this aggressively and caused Twitter to consider your account SPAM, giving you the boot.  These service and methods, known as the Follow-Back, Favorite-First, or Mass DM are not recommended

The Good Apples – Not All What It May Seem

Buying followers isn’t all dangerous. In fact, getting banned on Twitter for buying followers is typically one of the least common things to expect in recent years because most providers no longer ask for login details. Over 95% of providers selling followers do so using exclusively external techniques that have ZERO RISK for getting your account removed. These safe methods range from bot followers (yes, this is actually safe) to influencer marketing and Ad management.

Bot Followers are the most popular type of followers you can buy and this ranges from low-quality followers with egg profile photos, weird names and no tweets. These providers will typically deliver followers quickly at an unnatural pace, and while it won’t get your account banned, it can hurt your reputation a bit if people notice it.  


Bot followers also come in the form of high-quality followers, which sometimes can’t be distinguished from real people. These followers have unique profile photos, real names, legible bios and frequent tweets (usually automate by an AI-style system) and followers of their own. This can get real intricate, but the point of buying these followers is to give you a boost in popularity, credibility, engagement, ranking and traffic, which high-quality followers accomplish really well.


Now a new question arises and I’m sure it popped up behind your head, “Why can’t buying bot followers get you banned?” The answer is, because buying bot followers is completely external.  You only have to give companies your username / account link so you can buy followers for yourself or buy followers for others, or just have random followers follow you. The fact of the matter is, we don’t really control who follows us so you can’t get banned for getting a bunch of shitty followers.

Reputation is Key

Finding the right provider then is less about the fear of getting banned, and more towards the fear of getting stuck with low-quality followers. If you stick with our top ten, that will be good enough. We’ve got full reviews for each of our recommended vendors, so take the time to learn about each one in detail so you can make the decision about which would be best for you.

Obviously there are plenty of other vendors out there as well, so if you happen to find one that you really like or meets your needs – don’t count them out. Just make sure to research the website and make sure they have a solid track record before buying a bunch of followers. If you’re really in doubt but want to take advantage of a good deal, you can order a small inexpensive follower package on a fresh Twitter account to get an idea of the quality of the followers.


What to take from this article?

Well, hopefully you’ve got an answer to the initial question of whether or not buying followers can get you banned. The short answer is no. As long as you don’t give out your password, you can’t get banned and most providers don’t ask for your password anyway. 

Of course buying followers isn’t going to get you a mega popular Twitter account by itself, but it’s a good start. Make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to get more Followers while you’re here for more tips on making your Twitter better, tweeting right and ways of getting even more followers.

Published on: 1 January 2016
Posted by: Rich Drees
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