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Company: CoinCrack (USA)
Founded: 2014
Service Reviewed: Twitter Followers, Daily Followers, Retweets, Daily Retweets
Methods: Internal Network
Price: $9 and up
Overall Rating:4 Stars



Review Summary (Short & Sweet)

coincrack-logoCoinCrack represents a high-quality, dependable entry-level provider of Twitter followers and additional services. Their services aren’t perfect, but unless you’re a public figure or influential businessman under scrutiny, their followers will provide affordable value for what they offer. Combine their inherent value with some rock-solid customer service, industry leading security measures and a unique Bitcoin-focused discount, CoinCrack lands solidly as our #4 Recommended company to buy Twitter followers from.


CoinCrack – Our Detailed Review

Website Experience – 5/5

Despite the fact that their site lacks some aesthetic appeal, Coincrack actually has very professional, well thought out website, stocked with everything a potential buyer needs to make an informed decision. Their product pages are well separated while still remaining informative and educational, though their FAQ page seems limited to a few topical questions in their “About Us” section. They’ve done their research however, with TWO complete, well-documented case studies and analyses on the effects of social proof – something only Devumi had explored previously.
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Plans and Pricing – 4.5/5

coincrack pricesCoinCrack’s true strength begins to shine when you look at their prices – at $9 for an initial 1000 Twitter followers, CoinCrack is one of the most affordable sources of Twitter followers that we’ve reviewed to date (followed closely by TwitterBoost). Their maximum package size (50k followers) is smaller than we’d like to see, and unlike some of the other industry leading companies, CoinCrack offers no option to purchase favorites or Influencer Marketing (check out the reviews for Devumi and FastFollowerz’ if these options interest you.)
The lack of favorites is particularly disconcerting, as customizing the ratio between favorites and retweets offers an additional layer of customizability that we’ve become accustomed to. Instead, CoinCrack offers a “complimentary” favorites service where 10% of the retweets you receive will also favorite you. With all of that said, however, CoinCrack offers a robust automatic follower and automatic retweet service along with a $2 “Twitter follower starter pack” – redeeming them in our eyes and bringing them to an even 4 out of 5 stars.

Order Process – 4/5

coincrack full checkoutAnother strong point for CoinCrack is their streamlined checkout process. Once you select a package, you get a single modal pop-up that walks you through the entire process. They collect only your email and Twitter username before sending you off to Paypal or Coinbase for payment processing. (Coinbase is the Bitcoin equivalent of Paypal) The entire checkout process took less than a minute to complete, no headaches or issues of any kind – with one exception. CoinCrack offers no “cart” prior to checkout, which means each individual service will have to be ordered separately. That’s not a terrible failure though, and the total ease and security of checkout, combined with their intriguing 5% discount for purchases made using Bitcoin are enough to secure CoinCrack a 4/5 star rating for this portion.

Turnaround Time – 5/5

CoinCrack advertises their “Lightning Fast Twitter Follower Delivery Times” openly on their sales page, and for good reason. When we put them to the test, our entire order of 1,000 Twitter followers were delivered within a day. CoinCrack certainly lived up to their word – earning a perfect 5/5 stars for Turnaround Time.


Service Quality – 3.5/5

Arguably, CoinCrack’s single pain point is in the quality of their followers – which are of acceptable quality. In fact, the vast majority of the accounts that CoinCrack has at its disposal seem to be very high-caliber – complete with fully fleshed out profiles, a human-readable tweet history and a series of previous social interactions that look perfectly natural. Unfortunately, somewhere around 10% of the total accounts we were followed by were lacking one or more of these vital requirements. If you’re not very worried about a visual inspection, then CoinCrack still holds tremendous value, but if you’re a politician, realtor, or even buying Twitter followers for your business, you might want to opt for one of the higher-quality providers available on our Top 5 List. With some work, CoinCrack could drastically improve the quality of their services, but as it stands, we can’t give them higher than a 3.5/5 star rating.

Retention Rate – 4/5

Almost perfectly contradictorily to the overall quality of their Twitter followers, we were surprised with the “stickiness” that CoinCrack’s services displayed. Over the last month, we’ve lost only 4 followers (0.4% of the total) – and CoinCrack over-delivered by almost 100 followers! While this helps make up for the holes in their service quality, it’s prudent to bear in mind that low-quality accounts are far more susceptible to purges in the long run. Including these factors leaves CoinCrack at a respectable 4/5 star rating for retention rate.

Customer Support – 4/5

CoinCrack Support IconMuch like their “lightning fast Twitter follower delivery service”, CoinCrack’s customer support is quite timely. While they only offer support via e-mail, any time we had a question or concern, it was answered almost as fast as a Live Chat. One downside encountered in our assessment of CoinCrack’s service was their distinct lack of a FAQ page, knowledgebase or other un-invasive support page. If your question wasn’t answered by the sales page (which are admittedly thorough), your only option would be to reach out directly for answers. The slight downsides amount to a 4/5 star rating for CoinCrack’s customer service.

Policies, Guarantees and Warranties – 5/5

As is the case with all of the recommended providers on the Top 5 List – CoinCrack offers comprehensive money-back and replacement guarantees as disclosed on both their product and checkout pages. They also product customers with a strict privacy policy to ensure that customers remain anonymous.
Their customer-first approach, combined with a demonstrated commitment to consumer privacy garner CoinCrack a 5/5 star rating in our analysis of industry standard requirements.

Closing Thoughts

Through out the course of this CoinCrack review, we were consistently impressed with the commitment to quality and customer service that CoinCrack represents. With some minor quibbles over the quality of a portion of their followers, and some missed opportunities to engage customers quickly and easily with solutions and information – CoinCrack excels across the board. With some work on their service quality, they’re well-positioned to become a top-tier company, but until then, they represent a consistent, passionate, reliable service provider that we’re confident in recommending to you.


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