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The 12 Most Popular Tweets of All Time

Thanks to Twitter and the internet, achieving worldwide popularity is right at our fingertips – literally. We’ve seen tons of people become overnight sensations with just a single picture, a few words, and even less effort.

If you’ve been on Twitter for quite some time but still haven’t seen any significant growth in your Followers, don’t get discouraged – keep looking for innovative, even unconventional ways to grow your fame.

For instance, you can buy Twitter Followers from reputable companies that can help build your online credibility. As you know, on Twitter, popularity is measured by the number of Followers you have. The more popular you are, the more credible you’ll seem, and vice versa.

Of course, if you’re popular, you won’t have a hard time getting a lot of attention on your tweets. If you craft them carefully, your well-liked tweets could be a gateway to even more popularity.

Let’s take a look at the most popular tweets ever, that received the most Likes in the Twitterverse as per Favstar, a tweet-tracking website. They are from people already famous, but you can bet the farm these tweets have further cemented these tweeters’ celebrity status and awareness around the world.

The Top 12 Most Popular Tweets of All Time


Humor, especially the self-deprecating kind, can be disarming. So, it’s easy to see why brands are using it in their marketing campaigns. In Christine Teigen’s case though, it isn’t just because she’s hilarious but also that she’s hilariously honest and genuine in her tweets.

You’ll find this is just one of her many popular tweets where she was funny and unpretentious – the John she mentions is John Legend, who does look a bit like Arthur. This is one killer combination, proof that humor works and that nothing beats real.


Amidst speculation that he may have instigated this Delta flight incident, Adam Saleh, a YouTuber who makes prank videos, stated that the video accompanying his tweet was real and not a hoax.

Delta, on the other hand, asserted that they were kicked out of the plane for inappropriate behavior and not for speaking Arabic.

These differing statements sparked a controversy, at the center of which is racism – a hot topic in itself. It’s not surprising why the tweet gained not just social media but also a lot of mainstream media interest.

You don’t have to tweet controversial topics to get a following but some marketers recommend speaking your mind in social media because doing so will make you more authentic.


The hashtag #WelcomeToCanada began trending following this tweet from Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. This was after President Donald Trump issued an order halting US refugee resettlement.

So, controversies and current news do trend on Twitter, and if you’re an influencer then your tweets can often become viral.



Yes, this birthday greeting made the list. Celebrities get a big chunk of the social-media-action and any news about them is gobbled up by the adoring public. It’s a fact.

In this tweet, however, even though there’s nothing remarkable about the greeting, the video that accompanied it drips with sentiment and affection. In the video, which is a collection of video clips from when Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife, was growing up, you’ll feel the sincerity and devotion that went into its creation.

Emotions elicit a response from us and they drive us to action. In this case, it made people want to share it, retweet it, and like it. They felt emotionally connected to the post.


Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are members of the famous band One Direction. From an outsider, it’s hard to understand how this tweet would gain lots of attention, but from the point of view of their fans, it serves as an online admission of their romantic relationship.

Their fandom, some opposed to the idea of love between the two males and some thrilled by it, were responsible for the surge of Retweets and Likes this tweet saw. Add all the LGBT groups and all others whose curiosity led them to the post, and it’s clear why it’s become one of the most popular tweets of all time.


President Trump is making waves in the political scene, and Twitter being the somewhat direct line of communication from American politicians to each other and the rest of the world, it seems anything said about him – and to him by any major political figure – has a good chance of going viral.

Many of this government’s new policies are not popular among the majority of American people, and it’s obvious that the many Twitter users who Retweeted and Liked this post – which evoked positive and patriotic feelings – wholeheartedly, with hands on hearts, agreed with the Senator.


On his 22nd birthday, Harry Styles of One Direction quoted part of the lyrics of a song by his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Fans of both, who want them to be together again, approved en masse and it gave way to #Haylor (Harry and Taylor) trending soon after.

People are fascinated by celebrity relationships and this seems to be the driving force behind the thousands of engagements this tweet got.


Former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most well-liked public figures in the US. People genuinely like her: from her stirring speeches to her kind advocacies, she inspires people with her sincerity. So as she leaves that legacy behind, her post nostalgically appealed to the many people who admire her.

Obviously, Michelle didn’t Tweet this for promotional purposes, but in the world of marketing, nostalgia can be a powerful tool. That powerful force is at work here and is mostly the reason why this post is the 5th most popular tweet as of writing.


During her concession speech, Clinton addressed young girls with a line that would become the third most popular political tweet of 2016.

After her speech, it was posted to her official Twitter account by her staff and it immediately became viral.

The Tweet speaks of hope, especially to women and young girls in particular. It connected with the world because it happened amidst the controversy over demeaning speech about women, done openly and without remorse by no less than the incoming leader of the country.


As with Michelle’s last tweet as FLOTUS, this tweet also triggered nostalgic emotions. The message was also powerfully inspiring and it resonated with many in the US and elsewhere, if the number of Retweets it got is any indication.

From haters to supporters, the tweet also attracted all kinds of replies. However, as the third tweet with the most Likes, it’s clear the former POTUS has more supporters than detractors. Indeed, he still had a high approval rating of 60% when he left the White House.


This was former President Barack Obama’s first post-presidency tweet on his personal handle, and the levity with which it was delivered was evidently appreciated by many. His loyal Followers have clearly followed him even after he was out of office.

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People follow the crowd. Psychologist call that social proof, and many experiments have proven that it’s almost always at work when we’re trying to decide which course of action to take. That is why expert marketers leverage social proof in their marketing campaigns.


The most Retweeted and most Liked tweet to date belongs to Ellen DeGeneres. The iconic selfie that included Hollywood’s A-list actors broke Twitter during the Oscars ceremony. Ellen herself shared the news, and Twitter confirmed, that her selfie caused a technical glitch in the system for over 20 minutes.

It seems even the internet couldn’t handle so many popular stars packed into one photo.

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