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The 12 Most Popular Tweets of All Time

Thanks to Twitter and the Internet, achieving worldwide popularity is literally right at our fingertips. We’ve seen tons of people become overnight sensations with just a single picture, a few words, or even less effort.

If you’ve been on Twitter for quite some time, but still haven’t seen any significant growth in your followers, don’t get discouraged. You need to keep looking for innovative, even unconventional ways, to grow your fame. For instance, you can buy Twitter Followers from reputable companies that can help build your online credibility. On Twitter, popularity is measured by the number of Followers you have. The more popular you are, the more credible you’ll seem, and vice versa.

Let’s take a look at the most popular tweets ever, that received the most Likes in the Twitterverse as per Favstar, a tweet-tracking website. They are from people already famous, but you can bet the farm these tweets have further cemented these tweeters’ celebrity status and awareness around the world.

12. J. K. Rowling celebrating Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary

Over the course of two decades, the Harry Potter franchise has become one of the most popular pop culture phenomena. The book series’ creator J. K. Rowling commemorated the milestone by tweeting a Thank You message to all her fans. Potterheads loved the simple gesture, earning the tweet 1 million likes.

Rowling’s tweet is an example of how to connect with your fans the right way. By making them feel that they are part of your journey, you earn their loyalty. Even a simple Thank You message like this one will encourage them to engage with you, generating more likes for your tweets.

11. Hillary Clinton conceding after the 2016 Presidential elections

The tweet is part of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech after the 2016 elections. It was posted by her staff online and immediately became the most popular political tweet of 2016. The encouraging message for women and girls attracted 1.3 million likes.

Clinton’s tweet has a well-defined message of hope for her target audience. They easily connected with it because it came amidst the controversy over demeaning speech against women and gave them inspiration.

10. BTS’ video tweet

BTS is a South Korean boy band that has gained international attention in 2017. The group has a large following on Twitter from both sides of the globe, generating plenty of engagement. The above tweet alone, featuring band member Kim Tae-Hyung, attracted 1.3 million likes.

Because of the large amount of fan engagement they receive, Twitter recognized one of BTS’ tweets as Asia’s “golden tweet” for 2017. The band’s success on the platform shows that Twitter isn’t just the realm of Western celebrities anymore. This is a good cue if you are looking to become popular on the platform. Actively interacting with your followers, like what BTS does, will further build that popularity.

9. Linkin Park’s tribute to Chester Bennington

The death of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington in July of 2017 came as a shock to both the band’s fans and fellow artists. Band members confirmed the news on Twitter and paid tribute to Bennington with a captionless photo taken from one of his last performances. The photo got 1.4 million likes and an outpouring of messages from fans and non-fans alike.

8. Bailey Sellers’ commemoration of her father

Most of the tweets in this list come from famous celebrities and personalities, which contributes to their popularity. But Bailey Sellers showed that even regular users can draw a lot of attention. In her tweet, Sellers talked about her dad’s loving gesture of having flowers delivered to her even after he died. The endearing story garnered nearly 1.5 million likes on Twitter.

While it was not her intent, Sellers demonstrated that you don’t need to be famous for your tweet to become popular. Simply talking about an interesting or heartwarming story can get your audience moved and drive the popularity of your tweets.

7. Lebron James’ message of support for Stephen Curry

Twitter has also become a channel for celebrities to express their opinions on certain matters. In the case of Lebron James’ above tweet in support of Stephen Curry, this opinion could become controversial. James made the tweet after US President Donald Trump said Curry was no longer welcomed to the White House.

The strong statement from James resulted in a hot debate. But it also attracted more 1;4 million likes. This showed that even such statements can have a positive impact on one’s Twitter popularity.

6. Barack Obama supporting March of Our Lives

Even after he stepped down from office in 2016, former US President Barack Obama is still considered as one of the most influential figures on Twitter. His words are considered as a source of wisdom by many, such that three of the most liked tweets of all time are from him.

The first of these tweets is a message from him and wife Michelle to the people who joined the March for Our Lives demonstrations in March of 2018. Obama’s message was specifically for the younger participants of the march, encouraging them to continue leading the cause. The inspiring message attracted nearly 1.7 million likes on Twitter.

5. Barack Obama on the Barcelona terror attacks

Another popular tweet made by Obama was for the victims of the Barcelona terror attacks in August of 2017. In it, he proclaimed the support of the American public for their Spanish friends. The tweet went on to receive 1.6 million likes. Obama also made similar statements following the Las Vegas shooting incident in October of that year.

4. Barack Obama’s first tweet as a regular citizen

While Obama is often seen as a serious person when it comes to important issues, his candid moments have also endeared him to the public. That candidness is regularly seen in the lighthearted tweets he posts, like his first one after returning to private life. He was warmly welcomed by followers, getting 1.8 million likes.

This is another excellent lesson you should learn from the former president when it comes to engaging Twitter followers. By showcasing a lighter side of your online persona, you make yourself more relatable to your followers. This encourages them to interact with you more, boosting your popularity.

3. Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar tweet

Being one of the most popular celebrities on Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres’ tweets receive a lot of attention from followers and the larger public. Her most popular tweet is this selfie with other Hollywood A-listers during the 2014 Oscars. The tweet has received 2.4 million likes and reportedly crashed Twitter’s servers due to the amount of traffic it created.

While the tweet was a planned one, it still demonstrated the impact of having a large following on the popularity of your tweets. If you want to make your tweets go viral but don’t have that following yet, buying followers from legitimate providers is a good tactic. These high-quality followers will boost the social proof of your Twitter profile, drawing more attention to it and your tweets.

2. Ariana Grande’s teary message

Following the tragic bombing incident during her 2017 concert in Manchester, Ariana Grande tweeted this message to her fans, apologizing for what happened. She would go on a temporary hiatus afterward to recover from the trauma. Her fans remained supportive, showering her tweet with 2.6 million likes.

1. Obama’s tweet after the Charlottesville incident

With his tweets featuring prominently in the list, it is no surprise that Obama has the most popular tweet of all time. The post was in response to the tragic Charlottesville riots in 2017. The quote, which is from Nelson Mandela’s historic autobiography Long Walk to Freedom, attracted 4.5 million likes. The full quote from Tata Madiba reads:

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

This tweet is a great example of why Obama is one of the most popular personalities on Twitter. It highlights his ability to inspire people during times of crises. By following his example and inspiring your followers in your own way, you can boost your popularity and attract more people to your side.

Ready to become a Twitter celebrity?

These 12 most popular tweets offer an important lesson on how you can become famous on Twitter. It all boils down to providing engaging content for your audience. Whether it’s a heartwarming story or an inspiring message, if they can connect with your tweets, they are bound to engage with you more.

This strategy useful for attracting new followers and keeping you ahead of the pack, increasing your visibility. Study these tweets further and use them as a guide on how to start making waves on Twitter yourself.

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