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Effective Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Effective Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Many Twitter followers translate to a considerable audience receiving your message. Many businesses and marketers choose Twitter as their go-to platform to engage their followers. Twitter is a fast-moving and straightforward social media platform to grow from scratch. However, despite the simplicity of the platform, attracting a huge following is never easy. Most people make the mistake of buying fake Twitter followers ending up with thousands of audiences who do not engage. Here are effective ways to increase your Twitter followers:

Create quality content 

Human beings are wired to embrace quality. Tweeting quality content attracts more people to like and share your posts. When your content reaches more audiences, you end up attracting more Twitter users to follow you. Different factors determine quality content. If you decide to reach more people in advertising your brand, you only offer the correct information that the target audience requires.

Leverage the power of hashtags

Twitter is widely known for the use of hashtags and trends. A hashtag is used to index topics or keywords on Twitter. The hashtag functionality allows Twitter users to follow topics they are interested in. Including hashtags in your posts helps in categorizing content for your viewers. From a user perspective, hashtags help in finding content relevant to their interests and interact with other Twitter users in discussing a specific topic.

Hashtags help in improving your social media presence since anyone who has an interest in your content can view it. Identifying the right hashtags to use in your tweets can help your content reach a broad audience. Although there are new hashtags every day, you should include the ones relevant to your content. Improper use of hashtags may attract an inappropriate audience who will not add value to your brand.

For your content to be more viewable, you should identify trendy topics inline with your content and use them in your posts. If you combine the right hashtags and quality content, you will get more followers.

Follow people who value your content

There is a simple but effective strategy to follow people who have common interests like yours. There is a significant probability that people will follow back when they realize you share similar interests.

Improve your profile

Before a Twitter user follows you, users first look at your profile. Your profile appearance, to a greater extent, determines whether someone will follow you or not. To set up an excellent profile, it is advisable to follow these guidelines.

Effective Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Image: @coopress Profile. Screenshot taken on September 2, 2019

  • Add a unique profile image

If possible, you should put your image in the profile. People associate freely with someone they have seen. However, if you are managing a brand Twitter account, you can set the brand logo.

  • Have an engaging bio

Bio description is an opportunity to tell people who you are and what you do. If you give the right information on your bio, you will attract a like-minded audience as your followers.

  • Customize colors scheme

Peculiar addition of colors gives your profile a unique flavor and attraction. You can use the color scheme as a selling point for your brand. For example, if you represent a brand that deals with decoration or design, you can showcase your art through the color scheme or profile image.

  • Create a unique header image

A header image measures approximately 1500 x 500 pixels. Your header image should be unique and represent your work or your brand.

Increase on the frequency

The more you post, the more followers you are likely to get. This strategy should, however, be approached with caution. If you continuously post uninformative and irrelevant content, you will achieve the opposite. While improving on your frequency of tweeting, you should also ensure you are supplying meaningful content. Many tweets equate to lots of activities. The more active you are on social media, the more likely you are to gather many followers, establish relationships, and build connections.

Also, as you tweet more, you will gain experience on how to make attractive posts and understanding what kind of information your followers want. The more you improve on communicating with online followers, the more you will end up gaining more followers. Better communication has a direct impact on the success of your brand.

Post visual content

Tweets with more visual content get more shares, likes, and retweets than those without. The current social media generation appreciate pictorial work. Therefore, when posting your content, remember to include a picture that helps to communicate the same information passed by the text. While there is nothing wrong with using text to give information, you can use images to capture the attention of scrollers and get them to look at your posts.

Encourage people to follow you from your blog

If you run a blog, including a Twitter button that links to your Twitter account is essential in getting more followers. Blogs provide an excellent way for people to write about a vast number of topics. When people get useful information from your blog, they might want to know you more. One way of establishing and maintaining this relationship is linking your twitter account in your blog.

Find followers within your network

Many people do not like uploading their contact lists to social media networks. However, if you need to gain more followers within a short time, synchronizing your contact list with Twitter can be of great help. 

Cross-platform advertising

Nowadays, brands have realized the importance of advertising their various social media accounts on different networking platforms. A Twitter account can be advertised from different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Also, if you have a website, you can include a Twitter icon that directs people to your account. If you have a nicely presented profile and offering quality content, you will get followers from cross-platform advertising.

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