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High Quality vs. Low Quality Twitter Followers

According to SmallBizTrends, Twitter is still the 2nd most popular social media platform to date – making it a potent pool of users just waiting to become connections. Gaining recognition on Twitter and amassing a large following seems easy for some, but for the vast majority it can be an uphill climb.

Fortunately, the dawn of the digital age has paved the way for Twitter Follower providers to help users like you expedite the entire process. If you’re beginning your journey to online infamy and you want to purchase Twitter followers, hold on. You should know that just like there are different kinds of Twitter Follower providers, you’ll also run across different kinds of Twitter followers.

Today, we will talk about high quality and low quality followers. Knowing the difference between the two now, while you’re just starting out, will help you be successful in the long run.

What are High Quality Followers?

“High quality followers” is the term industry experts use to refer to authentic, responsive, and engaged followers. They appear to be genuine, long-time Twitter users who can help drive traffic, activity, and recognition to your account. Generally speaking, high quality followers come with a much higher price tag and you won’t get as many as you would if they were low quality.

These types of followers are acquired through white-link marketing techniques that are proven safe and effective in getting those numbers up. These are the types of followers who can actually help you make a name for yourself and introduce you to an even wider web of people.

High quality providers will deliver followers to your digital doorstep (in this case, Twitter profile) in an organic manner. Although you might see an increase in numbers on a daily basis – they will vary in number – breaking any sort of pattern that can raise suspicion to your account’s reputation.

In some cases, they are even real, breathing Twitter users with whom you can actually connect. High quality followers are highly targeted either by location or by interest.

What are Low Quality Followers?

There is a lot to be said about low quality followers. First off, they are very easy to spot.

Image from Wordstream

Image from Wordstream

You don’t need to be a social media guru to spot a fake account at a glance. These accounts are notorious for having generic or no avatars at all. In the event that they do use a picture of a human being as their avatar, it is for certain it will be a photo of a celebrity or extremely good looking guys and gals – true to its Catfish nature.


To find out whether an account is low quality or fake, all it takes is a brisk walk to their profile. A generated account usually contains very little information about the user in the bio section. Instead of a description, it often contains a spam link – which can be very dubious.

As they arrive in big numbers, low quality followers can also disappear in large numbers. Low quality followers will follow people only to unfollow them shortly after so that they can go on to the next account – giving you very unstable numbers that vary day after day.

These types of followers can be bought for cheap and they come in truck-fulls. Websites such as eBay and Fiverr are known marketplaces for low quality followers sold for very low prices. Low quality providers do nothing for your Twitter account. Purchasing low quality followers can even deter your Twitter account goals and put it to a complete halt, as Twitter has policies implemented against fake engagements.


Why Go for Quality over Quantity?

To put it simply, there is little to gain and a lot to lose in choosing low quality providers. They can expose you and your “real” followers to the dangers of hacking and phishing via the spammy spammy links they send out.

As mentioned earlier, low quality followers do nothing for your online reputation. If anything, they actually hinder your campaign’s success. As much as Twitter can be a numbers game, the interaction and quality of connections matter more. You will not be able to turn a pool of 1,000,000 followers from Romania into potential customers if your business is in Chicago.

High quality followers can be potential fans, customers and industry connections who can help you make the most out of your following.

Social media plays a valuable role in your business plan for a variety of reasons:

  • Building a customer or fan base, which improves sales
  • Improving your search engine ranking
  • Brand recognition
  • Getting feedback
  • Providing customer service
  • Finding new opportunities

You wouldn’t leave such a big part of your campaign in the hands of someone who says they can increase your followers for just $5, would you?

How to Find High Quality Providers

Purchasing high quality followers is easy once you know how to choose the right provider. Screening and researching is key. Below, we have rounded up some of the most important things you should keep in mind when choosing a Twitter Follower provider.

All about reputation

You understand how much reputation matters online, so only do business with companies who also hold it in high regard. Determining a provider’s reputation is easy thanks to review sites and customer feedback which can be found by scouring the great interwebs.

Find out what the people have to say

The best way to learn about a company’s reputation is by checking the feedback they receive from customers. Check out the comments left on their website or on review sites.

Review sites such as ours put these providers to the test so you are sure to get a comprehensive overview of our experience with their services.

Get to know their website

A trustworthy provider should be upfront with all of the pertinent information a customer needs in order to make an informed purchase. If their website is full of empty promises with no facts to back it up, you better keep looking.

Get to know their support team

One of the most important things to look for in a provider is a responsive support team. Ideally, you’d want a company that has a hotline so they can provide you with speedy assistance.

live customer support

If they can only be reached through email, do not hesitate to shoot one their way and see how fast they respond. Take into account how helpful they were to your inquiry, too.

Ask about their policies and guarantees

If your Twitter Follower provider can vouch for the services they offer, they should have warranties and guarantees in place that can support that. Below are some of the different warranties and policies you should ask about:

  • Money Back Guarantee: If you are unhappy with their service, will they give you your money back?
  • Retention Guarantee: Will the followers quickly unfollow you shortly after? Do not hesitate to ask about the retention rate.
  • Follower Replacement: In an event where you see a decline in your purchased followers, will your provider be able to replace them right away?
  • Protection Against Fraud: Ask how they protect their customers from any fraudulent activity that can be done to their account.

You can also read our reviews where we have looked into their policies already for you!

Where to Buy High Quality Providers

As mentioned earlier, there are different marketplaces and providers that offer places to buy Twitter follower services. Our website is dedicated to reviewing, researching, and actively testing Twitter follower services. We buy their followers, judge them, use their customer support, and really get any idea of how they work so we can pass that on to you here.

When done right, purchasing high quality followers can provide you with the leverage you need in order to make a name for your brand or business. If you want to buy followers, look beyond just the numbers and see what else they can do to help you propel your online marketing campaign forward. While it is tempting to purchase followers for a lower price, you must be aware of the dangers they pose to you and your network.

By now, buying high quality followers should be a no-brainer. They are what your account needs in order to be more credible in the eyes of those who matter – your audience.


Published on: 1 November 2016
Posted by: Mariko
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