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How To Increase Twitter Engagement

How To Increase Twitter Engagement for Christmas

Even though Facebook is considered to be the most popular social media platform, Twitter isn’t far behind either. With over 300 million daily users, Twitter is a useful tool for building an online presence and getting noticed by those who matter.

Even though Twitter is considered to be a Social Media web, it Operates differently to the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Here, you won’t see your 13-year-old cousin in high school, sending you a friend request, and neither will you see your neighbor next door going by a funny username.

On Twitter, it seems like everyone is on a mission which minimizes the need for mediocrity. Its all about professionalism. Starting from your username to your bio and finally your profile photo. Hence, you might struggle to figure out how things work if you’re just getting started. On Twitter, the number one rule is: unlearn all that you’ve been told about social media because Twitter is a different ball game entirely.

To make your experience worthwhile, Here are Tips to help you increase engagement on Twitter.

Study Your Christmas Audience

After setting up your profile, you’re ready to start posting and tweeting. However, before you do that, take a step backward to study your audience. If you’re just starting, ensure you have an objective, and outline the demand of your ideal audience.

The reason is that if you want your audience to engage with you, you need to bring out content that appeals to them. For Instance, if your audience is interested in digital marketing, then posting content about web design may not appeal to them.

The best way to know the kind of topics that will appeal to your audience is to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself questions like things they will like to learn about, challenges they’re facing, and topics they’re likely searching about on Twitter or Google. Would your audience prefer a post with videos or images?

Most times, it takes a lot of experimenting to find out what really appeals to your audience. Hence, don’t be deterred if you aren’t getting the desired results at the initial stage. 

Be The News Breaker For Engagement

BBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera all have one thing in common: they’re always the first to break the news. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should be a rumor monger, take your time to choose the topic of interest and strive to provide valuable information. This will position you as an expert in the eyes of your audience and will rely on you to provide information that will keep them pinned to their news feed.

If you’re always on the net, try to break the news to your community as soon as it gets to your desk. This will increase the number of retweets as well as engagement on your page. For Instance, if you’re passionate about smartphones, always take it as your responsibility to inform your audience whenever a new phone hits the market.

However, the information provided should go beyond tweeting ” iPhone 11 is set to hit the market on September 20. Go beyond the point of using clickable headlines. Because you will be fished out if that’s all you do, go extra miles to provide information about the newly released device: this should include price, Storage Capacity, battery life, and even camera.

Ask Questions On Twitter For Huge Engagement

To those getting started on Twitter, asking questions may seem like showcasing your ignorance to the whole world, but that’s not the case. Asking a question is actually one of the best ways of generating engagement on Twitter. Human being has a penchant for displaying their worth of knowledge when they’re asked a question and taking advantage of a platform like Twitter will do their personality no harm.

Engage your community with a question, ask interesting questions more often. These can be questions other followers can learn from, e.g. ( what’s the skill needed to become a web developer) or targeted questions like ( what was your biggest challenge when getting started with blogging). Also, reduce the use of “I” and use more of you, we, and us.

If you’re struggling with what kind of questions to ask, use text optimizers. These tools provide an analysis of text queries on different topics and will help you come up with questions on several search terms.

Tweet At The Right Time

Tweeting every hour may not get you the kind of engagement you want. To get the best results, identify the right time to tweet. This will no doubt coincide with the time your ideal audience is likely to be active.

For Instance, you can schedule your tweet into three different times a day: morning, afternoon, and evening. Your morning tweet should be between 7 am -10 am, while that of the afternoon should be between 11 am and 1 Pm.

After that, take a short break and make the last tweet between 5 – 8 Pm. Ensure you stick with this schedule if you want to increase your engagement. Every day, post nothing less than three times, doing this week in week out Will make it easy to keep your community engaged. 

After the end of the week, you will be averaging 20 tweets and 80 monthly. Recording 500 engagement per tweet isn’t a bad one, and if you’re consistent, the numbers will accumulate slowly.

How To Increase Twitter Engagement

Image: A Sample of A Twitter Account with a Day Interval Tweet.

Don’t Forget Hashtags.

Hashtags are seen as a means of boosting your visibility. They work like keywords on Google but ensure you use only relevant hashtags. According to Twitter analysis, tweets with hashtags generate 21% higher engagement than those without. Finally, ensure the Hashtags aren’t stuffed.

Finally, when it comes to Twitter engagement, you won’t get everything perfectly at the first time of trying. But it’s important not to depend on luck. Try to follow what works and ditch what doesn’t. However, if you don’t want to spend most of your time experimenting, carry out A/B testing to see what your audience is interested in.


If you follow all the tips listed above, I can promise that your engagement level will slowly increase, but don’t expect it to increase to 1,000 if your previous record was 100. Try as much as possible to be more realistic with your expectations. Lastly, don’t expect others to engage with your tweet if you aren’t engaging with theirs.

Take some time to retweet other people’s posts and contribute conversations you feel will get you more attention.

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Published on: 20 November 2019
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