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The Marketer’s Guide to Twitter

The Marketer’s Guide to Twitter

If you are wondering where to start from as far as marketing on Twitter is concerned, worry no more. Twitter marketing has taken roots ever since the hay days of organic marketing, to these days of paid marketing on Twitter. The primary goal of Twitter marketing is to enable your content or products to reach as many people as possible. Twitter marketing also helps you get back the value of your money, by exposing you to ways of maximizing the revenue-generating routes available on the website. But seeing that Twitter has grown to be the most widely used social website in the world, it might be time for you to start thinking of investing in marketing on Twitter; even more, because the youth and young adults spend endless hours each day on Twitter.

The Marketer’s Guide to Twitter

Top Tips to Make the Most out of Twitter Marketing

Marketing is more beneficial when you put in better and stronger strategies to boost those already in place. So, how exactly are you going to go about it to ensure you reap the maximum benefits?

Grow your brand first. The first step for any Twitter marketing newbie is to spread the word about their products and services widely. It can be tricky without a plan in hand, but you are advised to use hashtags, reply to relevant tweets, and retweet content that is related to your products. The more your tweets spread, the more your brand gets noticed, and within no time, you will attract prospects with interest in your products. 

Plan in advance. On Twitter, you need to be on toes in all your tweets and publications. For instance, by the end of November, you need to have Christmas and New Year content already. You should not wait until the dates catch up with you and then start posting and tweeting. Other people will already be ahead of you, and this will render you redundant and irrelevant. You can use your Twitter calendar to start engaging your followers on holiday hashtags early enough to keep them active and in anticipation.

Make your tweets engaging. In short, keep your tweets conversational; that way your followers have something to reply to, retweet, and like all the time. As opposed to making your tweets more like broadcasts, announcements, or more like one-sided, make them two-sided, where both you and your followers have something to say. Try posing an engaging question and get replies from your followers. Also, as they reply, reply to their replies and post answers to their questions. Experts advise that you need to make most of your tweets replies to your followers, to the tune of forty percent. The more you respond to queries, you make your Twitter account active by being conversational and more engaging, and this wins you more followers and prospects.

A better tweeting schedule. This is just like having an early plan. But on a wider scale, having a better tweeting schedule every other week implies that you have content waiting in line to be shared. But better still, a good Twitter schedule makes all your tweets seen and addressed. It will minimize your posting tweets too close to each other that people do not see it. Spacing out your tweets depending on the activity in them makes it possible for your posts to reach many followers before resorting to posting another new one. 

Come up with goals to achieve. When you set goals and targets, it becomes a drive with a personal endeavor to accomplish the set goals. Note that, most businesses fail due to a lack of goals and objectives at the initial stages. Without them, you will appear to be working haphazardly without any specific direction. For any new marketer on Twitter, ensure that you come up with achievable goals and objectives to work towards, and keep crossing out the accomplished ones and also creating new ones to get more insight.


Follow influencers and grown brands. You will need to learn more about Twitter marketing as time goes by, and that is the reason you need to follow the relevant people. Networking has been known to grow businesses from grass to grace, and it is not a new strategy. If you follow influential people, on top of getting tips on how to build an empire, you pose to your followers, a credible look that they can look up to.

Consider paying for Twitter Ads. Sometimes, using a few dollars does push it hard. Even for successful businesses, you will learn that they had to chip in some cash at some point to cross a milestone. Research widely on the best way to go about paying for Twitter ads before engaging in it. When done correctly, paid Twitter ads to generate value and result in you earning from your marketing ventures. 

Learn essential Twitter tools. As a newbie, you will need to study widely on the tools used on Twitter for various reasons. Twitter language can be complicated for others, and some hashtags can be quite hard to grasp. Learn the basics before taking to Twitter marketing. For example, learn how to use hashtags and several buttons on Twitter. Some tools have very significant use on Twitter for any post you publish, for example, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. When used correctly, these tools save you a lot of energy and time and ensure you do everything correctly on this professional website.


If you look at big business empires on Twitter and admire them, you too can be like them. Apply the above useful tips generously and soon; you will be on your way up the ladder like them. This information is available online on various platforms, and you can always double-check wherever you are unsure. The bottom line is, becoming a Twitter marketing pro is not hard, with a few serious strategies, you will already start to earn back your invested money. Remember, these tips are applicable both to personal Twitter accounts as well as Twitter business accounts, and they can apply both to organic Twitter marketing and paid Twitter ads.

Published on: 6 September 2019
Posted by: Kam R
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