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The Pros and Cons of Buying Retweets

The Pros and Cons of Buying Retweets

buy retweets pros and consAttracting more attention to your tweets on Twitter is super simple. You take the time to craft each character, get a great photo to go along with it, add a few #hashtags and click TWEET. Before you know it, you’ll have millions of impressions and thousands of users loving it – retweeting it to their friends and favoriting it to come back to it later. Right? Wrong.

Twitter just doesn’t work like that. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being sent out ever single second on Twitter, even the best of tweets can go ignored or unnoticed. Sometimes tweets get picked up and shared just because of dumb luck – the right person saw it at the right time.

So how can you get your tweets to stand out? Well, aside from tweeting like a pro (which you should definitely be doing), you can do what many celebrities, professionals and businesses do – Buy Retweets and Favorites. Buying retweets and favorites for your tweets is an excellent way of standing out from the crowd, gaining more reach and attracting more engagement and clicks – instantly and guaranteed. For the past four years, we’ve tested companies that sell these services, both for regular single tweets and automatic retweets and favorites subscription services that engage all of your tweets. Our first-hand experience with these services (and our marketing background) have helped us gain a unique perspective on the pros and cons of these services. So let’s take a look at what we discovered:

The Advantages of Buying Retweets / Favorites

  • Your Tweets Standout – With more retweets and favorites, your tweets standout from the competition. They’ll look more popular, so people are more likely to read them, engage with them or click on a link.
  • You Gain More Visibility – With more retweets, your message will reach a wider audience of Twitter users beyond your own followers. Depending on how many retweets you gain, you can reach millions of new users.
  • Rank High on Twitter Search – As your tweets gain more popularity, they’ll rank higher on Twitter search results. They’ll be treated as Top Tweets and may stay on search results for hours or even days.
  • Attract More Engagements – Monkey see, donkey do. The more popular a tweet is, the more likely others will want to jump in on the action. In this case, retweeting and favoriting the tweet too.
  • Gain More Clicks and Sales – With more retweets and favorites, your tweet gains a huge bump in credibility and interest. People are much more likely to click on a link or purchase a product from you.
  • Increase Social Signals For Links – If you buy retweets for a tweet that has a link, those retweets carry over powerful social signals that helps with SEO. You can buy retweets as part of an overall SEO strategy.
  • Website Social Proof – You can help increase the social proof of a website or web page by purchasing retweets for a tweet linking to the page. This will increase the social “tweet” counter, making the page look more popular and reputable.

The Disadvantages

  • Skews Your Metrics – Buying retweets makes it almost impossible to tell what and how many retweets are organic and which ones are purchased.
  • Very Secretive  – While these services are pretty popular, they’re still very secretive and not talked about frequently. People don’t want to admit they purchased engagements, which is understandable.
  • Low-Quality Users – This really depends on what company you choose. Lots of cheap providers will sell retweets for cents on the dollar, but instead of quality retweets – you’ll get a ton of hollow egg accounts retweeting your tweets. This can hurt you more than it can help you. This is why you recommend sticking with the providers we’ve reviewed and tested.

This is what we discovered after 4+ years of using these services. To us, the pros of purchasing engagements for your tweets drastically outweigh the cons. From gaining more attention, to increasing credibility and attracting more sales – buying retweets and favorites is a highly beneficial tactic we’d recommend. Whether your launching a product, announcing a sale or trying to kickstart a new trend, having more retweets and favorites never hurts.

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