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Using Promoted Tweets to Get Conversions, Followers, and #TwitterCred

Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the most valuable social media platforms for business. This network has 336 million active users sending over 500 million tweets per day, representing an incredible pool of potential customers you can use to grow your business.

Twitter’s great for driving traffic to your website, building your brand, reaching out to your customers, and attracting new ones. This can be your primary platform to present your new products, create brand awareness, and provide customer support.

To do all of this, many brands choose to give their account a kickstart by using Twitter’s Promoted Tweets advertising. There’s lots of hard work to get where you want to be on Twitter, but spending a little on the right services will push you towards your goals faster. Keep reading as I show you how to use Promoted Tweets!

Promoted Tweets are The Ultimate Twitter Ad

Promoted tweets are tweets that advertisers pay to have reach an untapped market, or create more engagement with their current followers. You can easily spot a promoted tweet as it is labeled as “Promoted.” You can still reply to it, retweet it, and like it, just like an ordinary tweet. Take a look below, the only difference is the text along the bottom next to the yellow arrow box:

twitter promoted tweet example

Promoted tweets show up on timelines, profile pages, and on tweet detail pages, so they have quite a substantial reach. You can get started using them at

Why use Promoted Tweets?

Over 80% of marketers in the US use promoted tweets in their advertising campaigns. Not only that, according to a Nielsen Study on promoted tweets, exposure to a Promoted Tweet impression drove a 22% average increase in message association compared to users not exposed to Promoted Tweets. Marketers use them because they know that Promoted tweets can work.

The evidence is in: Twitter ads can clearly help you encourage engagement with your consumers, and raise your brand’s awareness to new heights.

How Twitter Ads can Drive a Call-To-Action

Use your Twitter ads as an ideal platform for delivering calls-to-action (CTAs). In the copy of your tweets, you can offer coupons, deals, whatever’s appropriate for your business. A great example of this was McDonald’s offering a dollar off on their large fries if you purchase through their app:

Twitter ads are one of your best promotional tools to inform your customers of your next sale, or to ask them to participate in your giveaways. This doesn’t only encourage strong online engagement – it also translates to new customers and sales, both online and offline.

Website Cards

Twitter Website Cards display an image, Twitter text which should have a call to action, and some text from the article (usually the meta description).

Their main purpose is to drive more traffic to a landing page, a blog post, or a specific product web page. A successful website card includes catchy copy that gives people a reason to visit your website, a brief idea of what you do, and a relevant image.

There are different website cards that you can use for driving traffic to your site, like:

  • Summary cards: This contains a short description of the attached linked and a prominent image to catch the attention of the audience.
  • Player card: This card is used to share your site videos directly on Twitter ads. You can include a short caption and a link back to your site in the tweeted video.
  • App card: The app card has a description and a direct download link to the featured app. This lets customers get your app without leaving Twitter.

By choosing the type of card that suits the specific item you are advertising with your Promoted Tweet, you can better catch the attention of the viewer and get them to respond to your call to action.

How Twitter Ads can Raise Awareness

Twitter ads can be used to promote awareness around events and product launches. In this example, Best Buy not only promotes their products and gift cards but taps into the hype around a new Star Wars release:

twitter ad example tweet

Ask for retweets on your Twitter ads to reach an even broader audience for your messages. It’s amazing, but simply asking for retweets will get people to do it.
Add in an image, a hashtag, and your link to make your tweet more attractive and more re-tweetable. When asking people to retweet, you can just put “Please RT” in your promoted tweet. It’s polite and to the point.

Even for a small social media budget, your paid campaign can get your blog posts or product pages in front of thousands of targeted users. Twitter Ads can greatly expand the reach of your content, and you never know who might get your message.

Tips for Writing Kick-Ass Promoted Tweets

1. Create interesting ad copy

Grab the attention of customers by using a unique headline. Emphasize the unique aspect of what you’re offering in the headline. Encourage more engagement by directly asking audiences a question or sharing an interesting statistic related to your ad.

Adding a sense of urgency also works to draw the interest of audiences to your ads. Use words like “now,” “hurry,” and “fast” to tap into people’s natural urge to respond to something immediate. Try even setting end dates, such as ‘Discount code valid for 3 days only!’ to really push people. This can increase your click rate by 10%.

Including the word “new” in your promoted tweet is another effective way of piquing the interest of your audience. Use it to draw attention to your latest products and services and encourage them to check out the included website link for more details.

2. Know your customers

When researching your target audience, go beyond their basic demographic information. Since each demographic speaks differently, you should be familiar with their language. This way, you can create promoted tweets that speak directly to them. You can also do further research on the bloggers, influencers, and trends in your market segment so you can create better tweets that include their terminology.

You need relevant followers that can potentially be your future clients. Create and define the profile of your target market. Research the kind of content they are interested in. Craft your tweets with all this in mind, and you’ll have the best chance of making an impact.

The Twitter Insights dashboard is handy for learning more about your audience/customers. It presents all the demographic information about your followers in an easy to browse format.

twitter audience insights

The tool even lets you compare your audience against average Twitter users. This is useful for discovering additional audiences outside your current customer groups that can be targeted in your promoted tweets.

Add more credibility to your brand or to your business by buying Twitter retweets. Having many retweets on a Promoted Tweet is your way of maximizing the amount you’ve spent on the Promoted Tweet by bring even more attention to it. If someone sees a Promoted Tweet with little engagement they will ignore it as they’ll see it as spam. A successful tweet, however, leaves a very different impression.

3. Keep it short and simple

Keeping your promoted tweets short and concise makes them easier for people to read and respond to. According to studies, the ideal length to aim for should be between 71 and 100 characters. This can produce an increase of 17% in engagement rates.

Speak using conversational language to for the benefit of your audience. Tailoring your tweet’s language to a specific audience also makes it better at connecting with that audience. Avoid using any buzzword or jargon that might confuse new readers that you’re reaching

4. Use images, videos, and hashtags

A picture is worth a thousand words, and they might help you gain a thousand followers too. Use eye-catching images and video with your promoted tweets. According to Twitter, paid campaigns with attached images or videos gain 52% more retweets and over 300% more engagement. Wow!

Never forget the hashtags. Promoted tweets with hashtags are replicated organically on the Twitter advertising section, and on Instagram advertising too. This is a great way for Twitter users to find the tweets you care are working to get them to notice.

Be strategic on how you use these hashtags for your tweets. Use only one hashtag to keep your audience focused. In fact, tweets with only one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than those with multiple hashtags. In the above tweet, Starbucks uses the same hashtag that it has always assigned for its annual promo.

5. Include a call-to-action

Whether you want your audience to visit your website, subscribe to your mailing list, enter your contest, or download your content, you have to be clear in your call to action. This is the most significant part of your promoted tweets. Some of the basics:

  • Click here to visit
  • Enter for a chance to win
  • Retweet and follow us for…

If your call to action is to ask them to download or fill in a form, make sure all your landing pages and links are functioning. There are many techniques to build effective CTAs in your tweets.

6. Monitor the success of your Promoted Tweets

Running ad campaigns is pretty pointless if you’re not tracking the results. Be sure to activate Twitter Analytics for your account, and learn what strategies garner the best results.
Over time you’ll be able to craft better and better tweets that bring in more and more conversions.

twitter analytics dashboard

The Road to Twitter Success

You think you’re ready to launch your Promoted Tweet campaign? I think so, but here’s a final checklist to make sure you’re prepared:

  • Objective of the Campaign: What do you want to achieve with your advertising campaign? Having clear objectives will help you with the direction of your strategies
  • Measurement of Success: Measuring your success will help you see what is working well so you can use it for your next campaign.
  • Target Audience: What is the profile of your target market? Speak their language and craft the tweets that will connect to them.
  • Content Design: What will your tweet look like? Are there images, videos, links, landing pages, and other design factors you can add?
  • Diverse Tweets: Draft different types of tweets, even try A/B testing different ideas. Some can promote your content and your products, some can have lead generation cards, and some can be just for fun.
  • Launch Dates and Budget: Strategize according to your budget and plan your promotion with set dates.

If you’re having some trouble getting started and want to give your campaign a bit of a boost, consider buying high-quality Twitter followers. Buying followers, along with other signals of engagement, can give you a level of authority and credibility that is very difficult to achieve when you’re just starting.

Twitter ads become more effective if you understand your target market well. Make it fun, experiment, test, and keep learning as you go along. Make an effort, keep it up, and your Promoted Tweets will get better and better.

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