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Which Twitter Video Format Should I Use?

Which Twitter Video Format Should I Use?

Only a few social media applications can be compared to Twitter in terms of popularity, viability for business, and engagement ability. Ever since its creation in March 2006, it has become the application of choice for community engagement, marketing, and a host of other functions.

Once thought to be a predominantly text-based media, Twitter has taken several steps forward by introducing its video features. This has also transformed the way advertising and marketing on Twitter are done.

Twitter Video

The Twitter video has been on a steady rise ever since its introduction. Today, it stands as the fastest-growing ad format on the world’s best microblogging app. Because figures don’t lie, about 1.3 billion views daily are enough proof of its efficacy. Recent studies revealed that contents with videos get more engagement than others. This is why advertisers, marketers, and users always insist on videos or materials that contain videos.

Do all these advertisers marketers, businesses, and random users know all the “right buttons to press”? Well, the answer is a “no” as a matter of fact, many areas clueless as you are . they have lots of questions, but they haven’t gotten the corresponding answers.

The truth is, Twitter video is here to stay, and it offers a lot of options for engagement, conversions, and clicks, the marketer and advertiser. In this post, you will certainly learn all you need to know about the best Twitter video format that you don’t know anything about.

Understanding Video Format

video uploads are not an entirely new thing, especially on social media platforms. On other platforms, users can upload their videos through any video type. Interestingly, some platforms, including Twitter, are only compatible with these different types of these files, known as “video formats.”

With Twitter, the kind of video file used does not count. Here is where it gets tricky, although, videos file doesn’t matter, Twitter rejects other forms or formats of videos that are different from the format it supports. ThereforeTherefore, to have that video file uploaded, you must ensure that it is converted to another format. Does this happen in the snap of the fingers? Not exactly. Video conversion usually takes a few minutes, but it works eventually.

There are many reasons why a wrong video format is a poor choice for you, the first was stated above, and the second is equally important as the first. The second reason is that with Twitter, using invalid video formats will produce videos with low-quality. In a visual world especially the world of social media, poor quality videos have adverse effects on your brand, affect your engagement, and overall prevent you from achieving your goals.

Having the approved video format is very important. It does more than get you in Twitter’s “good books,” it also ensures that you get the best value for every video posted.

Is There Such a Thing as the Best Format?

There are several video formats.

but the best video format is MP4 format. Why is this called the best type? The first reason is that this is the original format that Twitter recommends. Another reason that this video format stands out is that it is a format that is supported on all platforms. The video format is supported on mobile and desktop platforms. To answer the question that this section poses? Yes, there is the best format, and this format is MP4.

Are There Twitter Video Alternatives?

There are several alternative video formats, and they include the MOV, WEBM, OGG, FLV, AVI, and AVCHD formats.

No matter how many of these formats exist, only a few of these formats can be uploaded. A typical example of this is the MOV files. Others, like the MOV video format, can be uploaded but only using the mobile app. If you want flexibility and excellent video quality, Mp4 format is the best.

Other Information You Should Know About

If you got an mp4 format, then you got the best deal. However, there is a little more information you need to note.

  • The video size. The video size ranges from 0- 512MB. Always note more massive videos won’t be uploaded. If your video isn’t uploading, it must be because of its size.
  • The video length. Videos can be from a few seconds to 2 minutes and 15 seconds. longer videos won’t be uploaded
  • The video resolution: The regulated video resolution for Twitter is often between 32 x 32- 1920 x 1200. These are the minimum and maximum ) values. It is essential to note that the higher the resolution, the better quality the picture. You must so aim for high resolution.
  • Another information to note is the video frame time in seconds. The recommended rate is 40fps.
  • Finally, the last report is the range ratio. The range ratio ranges from 1:2.39 to 2.39:1. range ratios are very much like resolutions. The higher they are, the better the video quality. The better the picture quality, the more your video will be viewed.


When using videos, it is essential to know that you can deploy any means to post it, depending on what you want. You can choose to upload single videos. You can create video campaigns or organize interactive sessions or live Twitter webcasts or tutorials.

There is so much fun, and potential from using Twitter video holds, especially if you know what you are doing. Whatever you choose to do, ensure you follow all the information listed above. You will be glad that you did.

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Published on: 17 April 2020
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