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Why Twitter Followers Are Actually Useful and How to Get More of Them

Why Twitter Followers Are Actually Useful and How to Get More of Them

Over the days, social media marketing has taken an unexpectedly taken a positive turn. It proved to be an essential tool in ensuring that a majority of people can access your goods, products, and services. One such strategy is using Twitter followers. It essentially boils down to having as many followers as possible so that as many as possible can see your posts. Imagine one person having 100 followers and another having 500. The second person is more likely to have more views than the first, just because of the number of followers they have.

But then, not just any followers can convert your posts into prospects and business. This is why so many people buy Twitter Followers for their profile. Your followers have to be active because if they are dormant, it will do you no good. In fact, dormant followers bring a more negative impact on your twitter account than you could imagine. If you landed a business prospect, they would go to your account to look at the activity. If they realize you have 5,000 followers but only a handful of views or comments, they would quickly associate your account with negative cases and back off.

So, having thought through having a twitter account to use for various marketing ideas, it is time to focus on what to do to make your twitter account strong and to grow your followers in both numbers and active status. According to the experts, here is what you can do to ensure your twitter followers actually add value and positive impact.

Growing your Twitter Followers in a Step-by-Step Approach

  • The first tip is to ensure you have a catchy twitter profile. A good profile is like a good office receptionist, and it has to be pimped in the right places to draw attention to you. Ensure you have a professional photo of you as the profile picture, followed by a professional description of your bio. The way you describe yourself will determine how serious you look to your followers; nobody likes to follow a person whose profile appears shady.
  • Your second step involves unfollowing people who are not following you back. Think of this as scratching each other’s backs. If you follow someone and they do not follow you back, it is a simple way of saying they want you to see their content but are not interested in your content. Since you are supposed to gain from each other, it is time to kick out people who are more like ‘using’ you.
  • Follow everyone who is following you. This is one of the most rewarding tips for any person who wants to create a broad base of followers on twitter. As already mentioned, twitter followers are more of a tit-for-tat setting. If you follow someone who is following you, basically all your posts can be seen by both your followers and theirs too. If their followers like your posts and begin to follow you, follow them back and before you know it, you will be growing a large follower base for yourself.
  • Always Follow as many people as you can. Twitter allows you to follow a maximum of four hundred followers in a day. Take advantage and follow as many influential people as possible. Most influential people are tough professionals, and following them will have most of them following you back. If your profile has many prominent followers, you will attract more followers because you are putting up a professional face on your profile.
  • It is time to kick out all dormant followers. Any regular twitter follower should be able to either like or comment on your posts. If they cannot, they should be able to retweet your posts at least. If they cannot do any of the above, they are classified as dormant followers. Dormant followers leave a negative outlook on your overall profile. As already said, there is no use having five thousand followers, with only one thousand ones active. If they are fewer and active, they are a lot better than many and dormant. So, take the huge step today and clear out the dormant followers from your profile. 
  • Post great content. Posting useful and relatable content puts you close to your followers in many ways. Most importantly, the more useful it is, the easier it is to be shared and retweeted. Ensure your content is catchy and involving and not flat, dull, or boring. Apart from having many reads, it will also help to keep your followers active in more ways than you can imagine. Avoid posting abusive, sensitive, or vulgar content. Apart from painting a poor image of you, such posts will make you lose credibility from your followers. You will be back to where you began; trying to grow the number of your followers.

More Twitter Followers, Less Problems

Note: according to social media experts, twitter may not be the perfect marketing tool. For some people, twitter marketing has worked and earned them conversions and prospecting business opportunities. The percentage, though, may not be that high, as there are better ways to use twitter than marketing. Again, twitter is one of the most professional platforms in the world today, and you do not want to transform it into the likes of snap chat and Facebook, or any other platform that is casual and free-style.

Use twitter to study the people and the target market for your business ideas. Use your posts to gather as much information as possible as to what may or may not work if you had to try out your idea. Use twitter to also study the trends and steps of the twitter pros and other influential people; if you learn from the best, you will be the best too. Ask people questions, ask for pieces of advice, and post content that helps you to unravel the in-depth knowledge in people.

Most importantly, do not look at twitter as a tool to use in marketing your goods, products, and services one hundred percent; the higher chances are that it may never work for you. 

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Published on: 24 September 2019
Posted by: mich
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